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Results 2016-2017
Last updated Tuesday 18th April, 2017

Date Comp Home Team Score Away Team Player of the Match
08/09/2016LeagueESP A08Crucible S&S ClubChris Rice
08/09/2016LeagueMagnum Taxis53Southern ComfortsNeil Winkworth
08/09/2016LeagueNewb Cons Club53Castle AGeorge Apperley
08/09/2016LeagueShaw Raiders26Good Bad & UglyMark Dunn
08/09/2016LeagueThe OddBalls62Royal British LegionMacauley Fyffe
15/09/2016LeagueCastle A26Southern ComfortsAlex Hutchinson
15/09/2016LeagueCrucible S&S Club80Shaw RaidersCraig Marsh
15/09/2016LeagueESP B53ESP APhil Craik
15/09/2016LeagueGood Bad & Ugly71ADCJohn Collis
15/09/2016LeagueRoyal British Legion08Magnum TaxisJonjo Sharkey
15/09/2016LeagueThe OddBalls53Newb Cons ClubDuane Puttock
22/09/2016LeagueESP B71Royal British LegionGreg Neil
22/09/2016LeagueSouthern Comforts44ESP APaul Godwin
22/09/2016LeagueADC35Castle ARob East
22/09/2016LeagueCrucible S&S Club80Newb Cons ClubNeil Rampton
22/09/2016LeagueGood Bad & Ugly26Magnum TaxisDale Prout
22/09/2016LeagueShaw Raiders35The OddBallsMike Parry
29/09/2016LeagueCastle A26ESP BSim Brown
29/09/2016LeagueESP A35Good Bad & UglyMatt Colley
29/09/2016LeagueMagnum Taxis80Shaw RaidersNeil Winkworth
29/09/2016LeagueNewb Cons Club53Southern ComfortsDavid Aitken
29/09/2016LeagueRoyal British Legion08Crucible S&S ClubAndrew Bolter
29/09/2016LeagueThe OddBalls35ADCMatthew Fyffe
06/10/2016LeagueCrucible S&S Club53Magnum TaxisMark Alexander
06/10/2016LeagueGood Bad & Ugly35Newb Cons ClubDavid Aitken
06/10/2016LeagueSouthern Comforts44ADCStephen Miles
06/10/2016LeagueESP A62Royal British LegionTim Page
06/10/2016LeagueShaw Raiders26ESP BHannah Martin
06/10/2016LeagueThe OddBalls62Castle AMatthew Fyffe
13/10/2016LeagueESP B44The OddBallsRob Marks
13/10/2016LeagueGood Bad & Ugly26Crucible S&S ClubDavid Brown
13/10/2016LeagueShaw Raiders62ADCMark Dunn
13/10/2016LeagueCastle A53ESP ARoy Young
13/10/2016LeagueMagnum Taxis71Newb Cons ClubDale Prout
13/10/2016LeagueSouthern Comforts71Royal British LegionSean Moxon
20/10/2016LeagueCastle A26Good Bad & UglyDavid Brown
20/10/2016LeagueCrucible S&S Club80ADCNeil Rampton
20/10/2016LeagueRoyal British Legion35Shaw RaidersBrian Leonard
20/10/2016LeagueESP A08Magnum TaxisMark Head
20/10/2016LeagueNewb Cons Club53ESP BDavid Aitken
20/10/2016LeagueSouthern Comforts17The OddBallsMatthew Fyffe
27/10/2016LeagueGood Bad & Ugly80Royal British LegionMatt Colley
27/10/2016LeagueMagnum Taxis80Castle APhil Simmons
27/10/2016LeagueADC35Newb Cons ClubMike Paduano
27/10/2016LeagueESP B53Southern ComfortsShaun Amor
27/10/2016LeagueShaw Raiders17ESP ASteve Cobb
27/10/2016LeagueThe OddBalls53Crucible S&S ClubRob Marks
02/11/2016LeagueADC35ESP BLee Collis
10/11/2016LeagueCrucible S&S Club80Castle APaul Davis
10/11/2016LeagueESP B17Good Bad & UglyNeil Munday
10/11/2016LeagueADC35Royal British LegionJo-Ann Low
10/11/2016LeagueNewb Cons Club53ESP ADavid Aitken
10/11/2016LeagueShaw Raiders17Southern ComfortsJames Hearne
10/11/2016LeagueThe OddBalls17Magnum TaxisDale Prout
17/11/2016LeagueCastle A26Shaw RaidersJohn Apicella
17/11/2016LeagueGood Bad & Ugly26The OddBallsMatthew Fyffe
17/11/2016LeagueRoyal British Legion08Newb Cons ClubAndrew Richardson
17/11/2016LeagueESP A53ADCJohn Collis
17/11/2016LeagueMagnum Taxis53ESP BPhil Craik
17/11/2016LeagueSouthern Comforts17Crucible S&S ClubChris Rice
01/12/2016LeagueCrucible S&S Club80ESP BMark Alexander
01/12/2016LeagueESP A53The OddBallsTim Page
01/12/2016LeagueSouthern Comforts62Good Bad & UglyPaul Crutchley
01/12/2016LeagueADC17Magnum TaxisLee Collis
01/12/2016LeagueNewb Cons Club62Shaw RaidersMike Paduano
01/12/2016LeagueRoyal British Legion53Castle AStuart Alderton
15/12/2016LeagueRoyal British Legion08The OddBallsRob Marks
15/12/2016LeagueCastle A35Newb Cons ClubDavid Aitken
15/12/2016LeagueCrucible S&S Club71ESP ASteve Cobb
15/12/2016LeagueESP B62ADCSim Brown
15/12/2016LeagueGood Bad & Ugly35Shaw RaidersMark Brewin
15/12/2016LeagueSouthern Comforts26Magnum TaxisStephen Miles
12/01/2017LeagueESP A53ESP BMark Head
12/01/2017LeagueMagnum Taxis80Royal British LegionNeil Winkworth
12/01/2017LeagueNewb Cons Club44The OddBallsRob Marks
12/01/2017LeagueShaw Raiders17Crucible S&S ClubMike Ainsworth
12/01/2017LeagueSouthern Comforts71Castle ARoy Young
12/01/2017LeagueADC44Good Bad & UglyMark Brewin
19/01/2017LeagueCastle A35ADCDennis Doswell
19/01/2017LeagueESP A44Southern ComfortsPaul Crutchley
19/01/2017LeagueMagnum Taxis53Good Bad & UglyAndy Fair
19/01/2017LeagueNewb Cons Club17Crucible S&S ClubDavid Aitken
19/01/2017LeagueRoyal British Legion26ESP BGreg Neil
19/01/2017LeagueThe OddBalls53Shaw RaidersMike Ainsworth
09/02/2017LeagueESP B62Castle AHannah Martin
09/02/2017LeagueSouthern Comforts44Newb Cons ClubPaul Crutchley
09/02/2017LeagueADC35The OddBallsRob Marks
09/02/2017LeagueCrucible S&S Club71Royal British LegionStuart Alderton
09/02/2017LeagueGood Bad & Ugly35ESP ARichard Aldred
09/02/2017LeagueShaw Raiders26Magnum TaxisNeil Winkworth
16/02/2017LeagueCastle A35The OddBallsDuane Puttock
16/02/2017LeagueADC26Southern ComfortsJohn Collis
16/02/2017LeagueMagnum Taxis53Crucible S&S ClubAndy "Harry" Upton
16/02/2017LeagueNewb Cons Club35Good Bad & UglyAndrew Seymour
16/02/2017LeagueRoyal British Legion35ESP ASean Moxon
23/02/2017LeagueESP B44Shaw RaidersJohn Apicella
02/03/2017LeagueCrucible S&S Club71Good Bad & UglyChris Rice
02/03/2017LeagueESP A62Castle APaul Godwin
02/03/2017LeagueADC26Shaw RaidersMike Lucey
02/03/2017LeagueNewb Cons Club62Magnum Taxis
02/03/2017LeagueRoyal British Legion26Southern ComfortsStephen Miles
02/03/2017LeagueThe OddBalls44ESP BShaun Amor
09/03/2017LeagueGood Bad & Ugly53Castle ASam Brewin
09/03/2017LeagueMagnum Taxis62ESP ANeil Winkworth
09/03/2017LeagueADC17Crucible S&S ClubJohn Collis
09/03/2017LeagueESP B26Newb Cons ClubShaun Amor
09/03/2017LeagueShaw Raiders53Royal British LegionMike Ainsworth
09/03/2017LeagueThe OddBalls35Southern ComfortsPaul Crutchley
16/03/2017LeagueCastle A17Magnum TaxisNeil Winkworth
16/03/2017LeagueCrucible S&S Club62The OddBallsRob Marks
16/03/2017LeagueRoyal British Legion17Good Bad & UglyAndy Fair
16/03/2017LeagueESP A53Shaw RaidersJohn Apicella
16/03/2017LeagueNewb Cons Club71ADCGeorge Apperley
16/03/2017LeagueSouthern Comforts62ESP BJames Hearne
23/03/2017LeagueCastle A08Crucible S&S ClubChris Rice
23/03/2017LeagueGood Bad & Ugly53ESP BPhil Craik
23/03/2017LeagueRoyal British Legion26ADCAdrian Richardson
23/03/2017LeagueESP A35Newb Cons ClubDavid Aitken
23/03/2017LeagueMagnum Taxis53The OddBallsNeil Winkworth
23/03/2017LeagueSouthern Comforts71Shaw RaidersGarry O'Donnell
30/03/2017LeagueCrucible S&S Club62Southern ComfortsPaul Crutchley
30/03/2017LeagueESP B08Magnum TaxisPaul Thomas
30/03/2017LeagueADC26ESP AWayne Racey
30/03/2017LeagueNewb Cons Club35Royal British LegionDavid Aitken
30/03/2017LeagueThe OddBalls53Good Bad & UglyDuane Puttock
04/04/2017LeagueShaw Raiders53Castle AMark Dunn
06/04/2017LeagueESP B17Crucible S&S ClubShaun Amor
06/04/2017LeagueGood Bad & Ugly53Southern ComfortsMatt Colley
06/04/2017LeagueCastle A80Royal British LegionRob East
06/04/2017LeagueMagnum Taxis80ADCPaul Thomas
06/04/2017LeagueShaw Raiders26Newb Cons ClubMark Dunn
06/04/2017LeagueThe OddBalls53ESP ADuane Puttock

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