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Player Stats

2017-2018 - Top 25

Last updated Tuesday 20th March, 2018

Qualification: 22 frames played, 50% win ratio or better

Division 1
1Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club36258471.783494.44
2Jonjo SharkeyDocument House22142564.772090.91
3Neil WinkworthDocument House36245668.223288.89
4Dale ProutDocument House38258968.133386.84
5Andrew SeymourNewb Cons Club28164458.712382.14
6Paul DavisCrucible S&S Club26137452.852180.77
7Mark AlexanderCrucible S&S Club24147861.581979.17
8Steve CobbESP B28142951.042278.57
9Andrew BolterCrucible S&S Club36206457.332877.78
10David AitkenNewb Cons Club28156655.932175.00
11Rob MarksThe OddBalls24131254.671875.00
12Paul GodwinESP B32161550.472371.88
13George ApperleyNewb Cons Club28149253.292071.43
14Sam StoreyThe OddBalls22109649.821568.18
15Mark HeadESP B34172750.792367.65
16Andy FairGood Bad & Ugly34168149.442058.82
17Matthew FyffeThe OddBalls24100041.671354.17
18Mike PaduanoNewb Cons Club32152747.721753.13
19Mark BrewinGood Bad & Ugly34149443.941750.00
20Tony LylesThe OddBalls26111042.691350.00

Division 2
1Paul CrutchleySouthern Comforts34185954.682470.59
2Shaun AmorESP A34148643.712058.82
3Mark DunnShaw Raiders36162545.142158.33
4Rob EastCastle A32152547.661856.25
5Eric RodenShaw Savages26105740.651350.00

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