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Match Details

Last updated Sunday 15th March, 2020
Match 2
Crucible S&S Club53Betta Paving
Paul Davis4069Dale Prout
Paul Davis505Dale Prout
Andrew Bolter6243Andrew Seymour
Andrew Bolter5749Andrew Seymour
Craig Marsh5930Jonjo Sharkey
Craig Marsh6050Jonjo Sharkey
Chris Rice4559Neil Winkworth
Chris Rice2068Neil Winkworth
Player of the match: Neil Winkworth
Match 3
ESP A44Castle A
Chris Parsons5429Nick Greetham
Chris Parsons3861Nick Greetham
Greg Neil4637Roy Young
Greg Neil4925Roy Young
Nick Shadbolt2648Rob East
Nick Shadbolt4632Rob East
Shaun Amor3245Rob Thomson
Shaun Amor942Rob Thomson
Player of the match: Rob Thomson
Match 4
ESP B71Shaw Raiders
Paul Godwin6740Bob Low
Paul Godwin8919Bob Low
Richard Aldred5930John Apicella
Richard Aldred6611John Apicella
Steve Cobb6237Mark Dunn
Steve Cobb5337Mark Dunn
Mark Head7227Brian Leonard
Mark Head5381Brian Leonard
Player of the match: Brian Leonard
Match 5
Shaw Impostors53Southern Comforts
Robin Rawlings7637James Hearne
Robin Rawlings4834James Hearne
David Aitken5344Sean O Shea
David Aitken6728Sean O Shea
Mike Paduano2044Alex Hutchinson
Mike Paduano3052Alex Hutchinson
Mark Brewin1775Stephen Miles
Mark Brewin7130Stephen Miles
Player of the match: Mark Brewin
Match 6
Crucible S&S Club71Castle A
Andrew Bolter7034Rob Thomson
Andrew Bolter5364Rob Thomson
Paul Davis7710Pat Shaw
Paul Davis728Pat Shaw
Chris Rice7234Roy Young
Chris Rice1101Roy Young
Craig Marsh7310Nick Greetham
Craig Marsh8223Nick Greetham
Player of the match: Rob Thomson
Match 8
ESP B44Shaw Impostors
Mark Head4847Pat Patel
Mark Head3854Pat Patel
Richard Aldred6840David Aitken
Richard Aldred3970David Aitken
Paul Godwin3747George Apperley
Paul Godwin1762George Apperley
Steve Cobb6057Mike Paduano
Steve Cobb6521Mike Paduano
Player of the match: George Apperley
Match 9
Shaw Raiders26The OddBalls
Mark Dunn3951Tony Lyles
Mark Dunn5629Tony Lyles
John Apicella7148Macauley Fyffe
John Apicella2650Macauley Fyffe
Brian Leonard1152Jim Chen
Brian Leonard2648Jim Chen
Mike Parry3464Rob Marks
Mike Parry1077Rob Marks
Player of the match: Rob Marks
Match 10
Southern Comforts17Betta Paving
Alex Hutchinson174Andrew Seymour
Alex Hutchinson5223Andrew Seymour
Pete Hankinson1853Jonjo Sharkey
Pete Hankinson554Jonjo Sharkey
Sean O Shea2281Neil Winkworth
Sean O Shea2769Neil Winkworth
James Hearne3538Dale Prout
James Hearne19108Dale Prout
Player of the match: Alex Hutchinson
Match 11
Castle A26ESP B
Rob Thomson2242Richard Aldred
Rob Thomson5344Richard Aldred
Nick Greetham1052Paul Godwin
Nick Greetham4055Paul Godwin
Pat Shaw3865Mark Head
Pat Shaw3156Mark Head
Roy Young2865Steve Cobb
Roy Young6248Steve Cobb
Player of the match: Roy Young
Match 12
Betta Paving80Shaw Raiders
Neil Winkworth9316Mark Dunn
Neil Winkworth5117Mark Dunn
Andrew Seymour917Bob Low
Andrew Seymour584Bob Low
Dale Prout562John Apicella
Dale Prout6540John Apicella
Rob Cleaver466Brian Leonard
Rob Cleaver5912Brian Leonard
Player of the match: John Apicella
Match 13
Shaw Impostors17Crucible S&S Club
Robin Rawlings1243Paul Davis
Robin Rawlings2350Paul Davis
Pat Patel4053Chris Rice
Pat Patel863Chris Rice
George Apperley156Andrew Bolter
George Apperley656Andrew Bolter
David Aitken2857Craig Marsh
David Aitken5532Craig Marsh
Player of the match: David Aitken
Match 15
The OddBalls44ESP A
Tony Lyles6242Phil Craik
Tony Lyles4228Phil Craik
Macauley Fyffe498Nick Shadbolt
Macauley Fyffe3334Nick Shadbolt
Duane Puttock2756Greg Neil
Duane Puttock3344Greg Neil
Rob Marks4956Shaun Amor
Rob Marks6625Shaun Amor
Player of the match: Greg Neil
Match 17
ESP A35Crucible S&S Club
Shaun Amor5635Andrew Bolter
Shaun Amor2149Andrew Bolter
Greg Neil4052Lyndon Paxford
Greg Neil2755Lyndon Paxford
Tim Page5438Craig Marsh
Tim Page2759Craig Marsh
Phil Craik5243Chris Rice
Phil Craik2850Chris Rice
Player of the match: Phil Craik
Match 18
Shaw Raiders44Castle A
Mark Dunn5546Nick Greetham
Mark Dunn5750Nick Greetham
Mike Parry3058Roy Young
Mike Parry3042Roy Young
Bob Low2762Rob Thomson
Bob Low5020Rob Thomson
John Apicella444Rob East
John Apicella3028Rob East
Player of the match: Bob Low
Match 19
Southern Comforts44ESP B
James Hearne4255Steve Cobb
James Hearne7438Steve Cobb
Stephen Miles4057Mark Head
Stephen Miles5026Mark Head
Sean O Shea5857Paul Godwin
Sean O Shea4353Paul Godwin
Alex Hutchinson3342Richard Aldred
Alex Hutchinson6640Richard Aldred
Player of the match: James Hearne
Match 20
The OddBalls44Shaw Impostors
Matthew Fyffe2449George Apperley
Matthew Fyffe4342George Apperley
Jim Chen5420Pat Patel
Jim Chen2356Pat Patel
Rob Marks6538Mike Paduano
Rob Marks6732Mike Paduano
Macauley Fyffe5675David Aitken
Macauley Fyffe756David Aitken
Player of the match: Rob Marks
Match 23
ESP B35Crucible S&S Club
Steve Cobb4754Andrew Bolter
Steve Cobb5441Andrew Bolter
Mark Head1763Craig Marsh
Mark Head5021Craig Marsh
Paul Godwin6535Chris Rice
Paul Godwin2061Chris Rice
Ian Nesbit2069Paul Davis
Ian Nesbit2758Paul Davis
Player of the match: Paul Godwin
Match 24
Shaw Impostors44ESP A
David Aitken3852Phil Craik
David Aitken5024Phil Craik
Mark Brewin5334Nick Shadbolt
Mark Brewin5619Nick Shadbolt
Pat Patel4356Shaun Amor
Pat Patel2764Shaun Amor
George Apperley5626Tim Page
George Apperley3152Tim Page
Player of the match: Mark Brewin
Match 25
The OddBalls53Southern Comforts
Jim Chen4052Pete Hankinson
Jim Chen3152Pete Hankinson
Macauley Fyffe7248James Hearne
Macauley Fyffe7232James Hearne
Matthew Fyffe4937Stephen Miles
Matthew Fyffe3746Stephen Miles
Rob Marks4716Sean O Shea
Rob Marks5731Sean O Shea
Player of the match: Macauley Fyffe
Match 27
Greg Neil4256Steve Cobb
Greg Neil754Steve Cobb
Nick Shadbolt1761Mark Head
Nick Shadbolt3155Mark Head
Phil Craik4149Paul Godwin
Phil Craik1766Paul Godwin
Shaun Amor3554Richard Aldred
Shaun Amor6139Richard Aldred
Player of the match: Paul Godwin
Match 28
Shaw Raiders26Shaw Impostors
Brian Leonard1053George Apperley
Brian Leonard1160George Apperley
Mark Dunn5847Mark Brewin
Mark Dunn5957Mark Brewin
Bob Low446Pat Patel
Bob Low4681Pat Patel
John Apicella278David Aitken
John Apicella2244David Aitken
Player of the match: Mark Dunn
Match 29
Southern Comforts35Crucible S&S Club
Alex Hutchinson4728Craig Marsh
Alex Hutchinson1553Craig Marsh
Sean O Shea3358Andrew Bolter
Sean O Shea6336Andrew Bolter
Stephen Miles5843Paul Davis
Stephen Miles4264Paul Davis
Pete Hankinson871Chris Rice
Pete Hankinson1965Chris Rice
Player of the match: Sean O Shea
Match 30
The OddBalls08Betta Paving
Matthew Fyffe1947Neil Winkworth
Matthew Fyffe4042Neil Winkworth
Tony Lyles1091Dale Prout
Tony Lyles4457Dale Prout
Rob Marks2452Andrew Seymour
Rob Marks1062Andrew Seymour
Macauley Fyffe1374Jonjo Sharkey
Macauley Fyffe086Jonjo Sharkey
Player of the match: Jonjo Sharkey
Match 32
ESP A44Shaw Raiders
Greg Neil3661Bob Low
Greg Neil1654Bob Low
Tim Page4745Brian Leonard
Tim Page425Brian Leonard
Shaun Amor5416Mike Parry
Shaun Amor5328Mike Parry
Josh Bosley2745Mark Dunn
Josh Bosley2353Mark Dunn
Player of the match: Mark Dunn
Match 33
ESP B53The OddBalls
Paul Godwin5441Jim Chen
Paul Godwin5623Jim Chen
Mark Head607Macauley Fyffe
Mark Head8923Macauley Fyffe
Richard Aldred4762Tony Lyles
Richard Aldred4756Tony Lyles
Steve Cobb3454Matthew Fyffe
Steve Cobb5850Matthew Fyffe
Player of the match: Mark Head
Match 34
Shaw Impostors26Betta Paving
David Aitken3160Neil Winkworth
David Aitken5143Neil Winkworth
Robin Rawlings1462Jonjo Sharkey
Robin Rawlings1985Jonjo Sharkey
Pat Patel2967Andrew Seymour
Pat Patel2662Andrew Seymour
George Apperley6552Dale Prout
George Apperley5475Dale Prout
Player of the match: George Apperley
Match 35
Southern Comforts35Castle A
Pete Hankinson3260Rob Thomson
Pete Hankinson6048Rob Thomson
Sean O Shea4146Rob East
Sean O Shea5456Rob East
James Hearne4123Roy Young
James Hearne6111Roy Young
Paul Sheldon4962Nick Greetham
Paul Sheldon3448Nick Greetham
Player of the match: James Hearne
Match 37
Betta Paving62ESP B
Neil Winkworth6523Mark Head
Neil Winkworth5922Mark Head
Rob Cleaver6042Paul Godwin
Rob Cleaver3447Paul Godwin
Jonjo Sharkey3766Steve Cobb
Jonjo Sharkey6428Steve Cobb
Andrew Seymour7131Richard Aldred
Andrew Seymour4924Richard Aldred
Player of the match: Steve Cobb
Match 38
Shaw Raiders08Crucible S&S Club
Mark Dunn451Andrew Bolter
Mark Dunn2169Andrew Bolter
John Apicella2769Chris Rice
John Apicella988Chris Rice
Bob Low1753Phil Bolter
Bob Low4049Phil Bolter
Brian Leonard1571Craig Marsh
Brian Leonard369Craig Marsh
Player of the match: Chris Rice
Match 39
Southern Comforts53ESP A
James Hearne5238Greg Neil
James Hearne2060Greg Neil
Alex Hutchinson2347Nick Shadbolt
Alex Hutchinson5116Nick Shadbolt
Stephen Miles5330Tim Page
Stephen Miles6225Tim Page
Sean O Shea2674Shaun Amor
Sean O Shea5118Shaun Amor
Player of the match: Stephen Miles
Match 40
The OddBalls62Castle A
Rob Marks687Dave Howarth
Rob Marks5812Dave Howarth
Macauley Fyffe3351Rob Thomson
Macauley Fyffe5162Rob Thomson
Tony Lyles4913Rob East
Tony Lyles5049Rob East
Matthew Fyffe5440Pat Shaw
Matthew Fyffe5248Pat Shaw
Player of the match: Tony Lyles
Match 41
Castle A62Shaw Raiders
Pat Shaw5425John Apicella
Pat Shaw4256John Apicella
Rob East529Brian Leonard
Rob East6015Brian Leonard
Roy Young5536Bob Low
Roy Young5747Bob Low
Nick Greetham4460Mark Dunn
Nick Greetham4338Mark Dunn
Player of the match: Rob East
Match 42
Crucible S&S Club71ESP A
Lyndon Paxford4839Tim Page
Lyndon Paxford5829Tim Page
Chris Rice5721Phil Craik
Chris Rice5543Phil Craik
Andrew Bolter6619Nick Shadbolt
Andrew Bolter618Nick Shadbolt
Paul Davis5649Shaun Amor
Paul Davis3060Shaun Amor
Player of the match: Shaun Amor
Match 44
ESP B53Southern Comforts
Mark Head6138Pete Hankinson
Mark Head6628Pete Hankinson
Steve Cobb5518Alex Hutchinson
Steve Cobb2948Alex Hutchinson
Richard Aldred4056Sean O Shea
Richard Aldred5830Sean O Shea
Paul Godwin5633Stephen Miles
Paul Godwin2453Stephen Miles
Player of the match: Mark Head
Match 45
Shaw Impostors35The OddBalls
Simon Wilson964Tony Lyles
Simon Wilson1661Tony Lyles
Mike Paduano5556Jim Chen
Mike Paduano3355Jim Chen
David Aitken6420Matthew Fyffe
David Aitken4421Matthew Fyffe
Robin Rawlings1674Macauley Fyffe
Robin Rawlings5341Macauley Fyffe
Player of the match: David Aitken
Match 46
Castle A53ESP A
Roy Young1978Tim Page
Roy Young1468Tim Page
Pat Shaw5036Lee Gillingham
Pat Shaw4515Lee Gillingham
Rob East6033Greg Neil
Rob East6640Greg Neil
Rob Thomson5562Nick Shadbolt
Rob Thomson6427Nick Shadbolt
Player of the match: Tim Page
Match 47
Betta Paving35Crucible S&S Club
Jonjo Sharkey5378Andrew Bolter
Jonjo Sharkey7940Andrew Bolter
Andrew Seymour8721Craig Marsh
Andrew Seymour1283Craig Marsh
Dale Prout5850Paul Davis
Dale Prout2577Paul Davis
Neil Winkworth3862Chris Rice
Neil Winkworth5465Chris Rice
Player of the match: Paul Davis
Match 48
Shaw Raiders17ESP B
Mike Parry2966Mark Head
Mike Parry1952Mark Head
Mark Dunn3563Steve Cobb
Mark Dunn3368Steve Cobb
John Apicella3941Richard Aldred
John Apicella2647Richard Aldred
Bob Low4658Paul Godwin
Bob Low5328Paul Godwin
Player of the match: Bob Low
Match 49
Southern Comforts35Shaw Impostors
Stephen Miles6336George Apperley
Stephen Miles6243George Apperley
Paul Sheldon770David Aitken
Paul Sheldon2760David Aitken
Sean O Shea4658Pat Patel
Sean O Shea6433Pat Patel
Pete Hankinson2643Robin Rawlings
Pete Hankinson2054Robin Rawlings
Player of the match: Stephen Miles
Match 51
Crucible S&S Club71The OddBalls
Chris Rice5433Rob Marks
Chris Rice2872Rob Marks
Craig Marsh827Macauley Fyffe
Craig Marsh5342Macauley Fyffe
Paul Davis4325Matthew Fyffe
Paul Davis3915Matthew Fyffe
Andrew Bolter5012Tony Lyles
Andrew Bolter4637Tony Lyles
Player of the match: Andrew Bolter
Match 52
ESP A17Betta Paving
Phil Craik3159Dale Prout
Phil Craik4721Dale Prout
Chris Parsons1346Neil Winkworth
Chris Parsons961Neil Winkworth
Greg Neil3355Jonjo Sharkey
Greg Neil2458Jonjo Sharkey
Shaun Amor174Andrew Seymour
Shaun Amor2046Andrew Seymour
Player of the match: Andrew Seymour
Match 54
Shaw Impostors44Castle A
Robin Rawlings6326Nick Greetham
Robin Rawlings4727Nick Greetham
Mike Paduano4166Rob East
Mike Paduano1345Rob East
David Aitken6013Roy Young
David Aitken5810Roy Young
Mark Brewin4864Rob Thomson
Mark Brewin2349Rob Thomson
Player of the match: David Aitken
Match 55
Southern Comforts71Shaw Raiders
Sean O Shea6420Bob Low
Sean O Shea3546Bob Low
Stephen Miles7539Mark Dunn
Stephen Miles5119Mark Dunn
James Hearne5621John Apicella
James Hearne504John Apicella
Alex Hutchinson5518Brian Leonard
Alex Hutchinson6025Brian Leonard
Player of the match: Bob Low
Match 57
Crucible S&S Club80Shaw Impostors
Paul Davis5131Robin Rawlings
Paul Davis4810Robin Rawlings
Andrew Bolter5640George Apperley
Andrew Bolter6221George Apperley
Chris Rice860Mike Paduano
Chris Rice9015Mike Paduano
Craig Marsh6849David Aitken
Craig Marsh4830David Aitken
Player of the match: Andrew Bolter
Match 58
ESP A44The OddBalls
Lee Gillingham2450Tony Lyles
Lee Gillingham4554Tony Lyles
Tim Page3154Macauley Fyffe
Tim Page6035Macauley Fyffe
Shaun Amor5134Matthew Fyffe
Shaun Amor5444Matthew Fyffe
Phil Craik5946Jim Chen
Phil Craik3049Jim Chen
Player of the match: Tony Lyles
Match 59
ESP B62Castle A
Steve Cobb4538Roy Young
Steve Cobb5637Roy Young
Mark Head6129Pat Shaw
Mark Head5926Pat Shaw
Richard Aldred1564Rob East
Richard Aldred3661Rob East
Paul Godwin6425Nick Greetham
Paul Godwin7316Nick Greetham
Player of the match: Paul Godwin
Match 60
Shaw Raiders17Betta Paving
John Apicella2667Dale Prout
John Apicella1571Dale Prout
Mike Parry4364Neil Winkworth
Mike Parry1767Neil Winkworth
Mark Dunn3268Phil Simmons
Mark Dunn5449Phil Simmons
Brian Leonard2568Andy "Harry" Upton
Brian Leonard1444Andy "Harry" Upton
Player of the match: Mark Dunn
Match 62
Castle A08Crucible S&S Club
Rob Thomson797Craig Marsh
Rob Thomson3564Craig Marsh
Pat Shaw5107Andrew Bolter
Pat Shaw1166Andrew Bolter
Rob East2358Paul Davis
Rob East2666Paul Davis
Nick Greetham1574Chris Rice
Nick Greetham15105Chris Rice
Player of the match: Andrew Bolter
Match 63
Betta Paving80Southern Comforts
Neil Winkworth667Sean O Shea
Neil Winkworth7449Sean O Shea
Jonjo Sharkey7210Alex Hutchinson
Jonjo Sharkey7516Alex Hutchinson
Dale Prout1160James Hearne
Dale Prout1045James Hearne
Andrew Seymour7729Stephen Miles
Andrew Seymour9211Stephen Miles
Player of the match: Dale Prout
Match 64
Shaw Impostors35ESP B
Robin Rawlings2853Ian Nesbit
Robin Rawlings2939Ian Nesbit
Pat Patel4041Richard Aldred
Pat Patel6830Richard Aldred
David Aitken5434Mark Head
David Aitken5928Mark Head
George Apperley2583Steve Cobb
George Apperley3659Steve Cobb
Player of the match: David Aitken
Match 65
The OddBalls71Shaw Raiders
Macauley Fyffe5436Bob Low
Macauley Fyffe5520Bob Low
Tony Lyles4918Brian Leonard
Tony Lyles746Brian Leonard
Rob Marks6813Mike Parry
Rob Marks7913Mike Parry
Jim Chen2444John Apicella
Jim Chen489John Apicella
Player of the match: Rob Marks
Match 66
Castle A08Betta Paving
Rob Thomson1392Jonjo Sharkey
Rob Thomson2269Jonjo Sharkey
Roy Young579Dale Prout
Roy Young23101Dale Prout
Nick Greetham2366Andrew Seymour
Nick Greetham760Andrew Seymour
Rob East1788Neil Winkworth
Rob East1471Neil Winkworth
Player of the match: Jonjo Sharkey
Match 67
Crucible S&S Club62ESP B
Craig Marsh785Paul Godwin
Craig Marsh4853Paul Godwin
Chris Rice6421Steve Cobb
Chris Rice6261Steve Cobb
Lyndon Paxford5025Richard Aldred
Lyndon Paxford2253Richard Aldred
Andrew Bolter6548Mark Head
Andrew Bolter8249Mark Head
Player of the match: Paul Godwin
Match 68
ESP A35Shaw Impostors
Tim Page5118David Aitken
Tim Page5216David Aitken
Phil Craik1566George Apperley
Phil Craik3635George Apperley
Greg Neil3955Mike Paduano
Greg Neil3652Mike Paduano
Lee Gillingham1847Pat Patel
Lee Gillingham746Pat Patel
Player of the match: Tim Page
Match 70
Southern Comforts44The OddBalls
James Hearne3934Matthew Fyffe
James Hearne3549Matthew Fyffe
Pete Hankinson5011Macauley Fyffe
Pete Hankinson2942Macauley Fyffe
Sean O Shea1448Tony Lyles
Sean O Shea3288Tony Lyles
Stephen Miles5146Jim Chen
Stephen Miles6027Jim Chen
Player of the match: Tony Lyles
Match 72
Crucible S&S Club71Southern Comforts
Andrew Bolter5644Sean O Shea
Andrew Bolter8239Sean O Shea
Craig Marsh7111Pete Hankinson
Craig Marsh6423Pete Hankinson
Paul Davis5268Stephen Miles
Paul Davis7012Stephen Miles
Chris Rice5815Alex Hutchinson
Chris Rice7051Alex Hutchinson
Player of the match: Andrew Bolter
Match 73
Betta Paving62The OddBalls
Jonjo Sharkey7033Rob Marks
Jonjo Sharkey5967Rob Marks
Dale Prout5940Tony Lyles
Dale Prout6650Tony Lyles
Andrew Seymour6048Macauley Fyffe
Andrew Seymour6155Macauley Fyffe
Rob Cleaver3050Matthew Fyffe
Rob Cleaver6029Matthew Fyffe
Player of the match: Macauley Fyffe
Match 75
Shaw Impostors53Shaw Raiders
David Aitken6224Mark Dunn
David Aitken6218Mark Dunn
Pat Patel5838John Apicella
Pat Patel4044John Apicella
Mike Paduano642Brian Leonard
Mike Paduano4555Brian Leonard
George Apperley4150Graham Leech
George Apperley5022Graham Leech
Player of the match: Mike Paduano
Match 77
Castle A26Southern Comforts
Rob Thomson2550Stephen Miles
Rob Thomson1660Stephen Miles
Rob East6127James Hearne
Rob East4435James Hearne
Nick Greetham3351Sean O Shea
Nick Greetham2049Sean O Shea
Roy Young1558Alex Hutchinson
Roy Young2357Alex Hutchinson
Player of the match: Rob East
Match 78
Betta Paving80Shaw Impostors
Neil Winkworth4828George Apperley
Neil Winkworth4835George Apperley
Jonjo Sharkey6717Mike Paduano
Jonjo Sharkey688Mike Paduano
Dale Prout8518Mark Brewin
Dale Prout5437Mark Brewin
Andrew Seymour7763David Aitken
Andrew Seymour6510David Aitken
Player of the match: Jonjo Sharkey
Match 79
Shaw Raiders35ESP A
Mark Dunn4839Greg Neil
Mark Dunn3620Greg Neil
Bob Low1351Rob Hill
Bob Low5546Rob Hill
Mike Parry1656Tim Page
Mike Parry2149Tim Page
Brian Leonard1435Phil Craik
Brian Leonard2154Phil Craik
Player of the match: Mark Dunn
Match 80
The OddBalls35ESP B
Macauley Fyffe4066Ian Nesbit
Macauley Fyffe5426Ian Nesbit
Matthew Fyffe3253Steve Cobb
Matthew Fyffe2058Steve Cobb
Rob Marks4520Mark Head
Rob Marks2353Mark Head
Jim Chen5161Paul Godwin
Jim Chen4323Paul Godwin
Player of the match: Steve Cobb
Match 81
Castle A35The OddBalls
Rob East4636Duane Puttock
Rob East1257Duane Puttock
Nick Greetham571Jim Chen
Nick Greetham1853Jim Chen
Pat Shaw2549Tony Lyles
Pat Shaw388Tony Lyles
Rob Thomson6732Macauley Fyffe
Rob Thomson5226Macauley Fyffe
Player of the match: Jim Chen
Match 82
Crucible S&S Club80Shaw Raiders
Andrew Bolter7016John Apicella
Andrew Bolter6612John Apicella
Lyndon Paxford4914Mark Dunn
Lyndon Paxford5429Mark Dunn
Chris Rice6419Graham Leech
Chris Rice6922Graham Leech
Paul Davis661Brian Leonard
Paul Davis5710Brian Leonard
Player of the match: Andrew Bolter
Match 84
ESP B26Betta Paving
Mark Head5023Jonjo Sharkey
Mark Head3672Jonjo Sharkey
Richard Aldred2275Dale Prout
Richard Aldred1770Dale Prout
Steve Cobb4169Neil Winkworth
Steve Cobb3271Neil Winkworth
Paul Godwin6136Andrew Seymour
Paul Godwin2460Andrew Seymour
Player of the match: Neil Winkworth

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