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Current Player Handicaps - frame start score (as of Friday 17th January, 2020)

Any player not listed has not completed any frames this season. They will start each frame with 0 (zero) points
Any player that has not played the required minimum number of frames (currently 8 frames) have had their handicap decreased by a maximum of 20%
All Chalked Up - Hill, Nick27
All Chalked Up - Hill, Rob35
All Chalked Up - Keep, Austin (2) 35
All Chalked Up - Leech, Graham31
All Chalked Up - Richardson, Ady48
Betta Paving - Cleaver, Rob3
Betta Paving - Prout, Dale9
Betta Paving - Seymour, Andrew5
Betta Paving - Sharkey, Jonjo6
Betta Paving - Simmons, Phil(4) 21
Betta Paving - Upton, Andy "Harry"(2) 0
Betta Paving - Winkworth, Neil1
Castle A - East, Rob14
Castle A - Greetham, Nick36
Castle A - Howarth, Dave(2) 42
Castle A - Shaw, Pat34
Castle A - Thomson, Rob20
Castle A - Young, Roy40
Crucible S&S Club - Bolter, Andrew 10
Crucible S&S Club - Bolter, Phil(2) 7
Crucible S&S Club - Davis, Paul8
Crucible S&S Club - Marsh, Craig10
Crucible S&S Club - Paxford, Lyndon(4) 8
Crucible S&S Club - Rice, Chris4
ESP A - Amor, Shaun25
ESP A - Bosley, Josh(2) 28
ESP A - Craik, Phil31
ESP A - Gillingham, Lee(6) 18
ESP A - Neil, Greg32
ESP A - Page, Tim23
ESP A - Parsons, Chris(4) 26
ESP A - Shadbolt, Nick38
ESP B - Aldred, Richard25
ESP B - Cobb, Steve16
ESP B - Godwin, Paul19
ESP B - Head, Mark15
ESP B - Nesbit, Ian(2) 35
Shaw Impostors - Aitken, David12
Shaw Impostors - Apperley, George26
Shaw Impostors - Brewin, Mark26
Shaw Impostors - Paduano, Mike47
Shaw Impostors - Patel, Pat27
Shaw Impostors - Rawlings, Robin31
Shaw Impostors - Wilson, Simon(2) 40
Shaw Raiders - Apicella, John43
Shaw Raiders - Dunn, Mark 34
Shaw Raiders - Leonard, Brian48
Shaw Raiders - Low, Bob37
Shaw Raiders - Parry, Mike45
Southern Comforts - Hankinson, Pete36
Southern Comforts - Hearne, James28
Southern Comforts - Hutchinson, Alex18
Southern Comforts - Miles, Stephen17
Southern Comforts - O Shea, Sean31
Southern Comforts - Sheldon, Paul(4) 31
The OddBalls - Chen, Jim25
The OddBalls - Fyffe, Macauley36
The OddBalls - Fyffe, Matthew25
The OddBalls - Lyles, Tony21
The OddBalls - Marks, Rob8
The OddBalls - Puttock, Duane (2) 26

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