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Best Breaks
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Last updated Sunday 15th March, 2020

Division 1
8116/01/2020Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
7312/12/2019Craig MarshCrucible S&S Club
6530/01/2020Craig MarshCrucible S&S Club
6023/01/2020Dale ProutBetta Paving
5917/10/2019Jonjo SharkeyBetta Paving
5812/09/2019Andrew SeymourBetta Paving
5623/01/2020Dale ProutBetta Paving
5612/09/2019Dale ProutBetta Paving
5521/11/2019Andrew SeymourBetta Paving
5212/12/2019Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
5221/11/2019Craig MarshCrucible S&S Club
5023/01/2020Neil WinkworthBetta Paving
4916/01/2020Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
4817/10/2019Dale ProutBetta Paving
4623/01/2020Craig MarshCrucible S&S Club
4510/10/2019Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
4521/11/2019Neil WinkworthBetta Paving
4512/12/2019Craig MarshCrucible S&S Club
4530/01/2020Dale ProutBetta Paving
4405/09/2019Dale ProutBetta Paving
4305/09/2019Paul DavisCrucible S&S Club
4012/03/2020Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
4021/11/2019Andrew BolterCrucible S&S Club
4012/03/2020Jonjo SharkeyBetta Paving
3824/10/2019Jonjo SharkeyBetta Paving
3812/03/2020Paul DavisCrucible S&S Club
3817/10/2019Jonjo SharkeyBetta Paving
3817/10/2019Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
3812/12/2019Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
3821/11/2019Paul DavisCrucible S&S Club
3631/10/2019Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
3623/01/2020Andrew BolterCrucible S&S Club
3624/10/2019Dale ProutBetta Paving
3603/10/2019Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
3523/01/2020Neil WinkworthBetta Paving
3512/09/2019Neil WinkworthBetta Paving
3523/01/2020Andrew SeymourBetta Paving
3403/10/2019Rob MarksThe OddBalls
3430/01/2020Andrew BolterCrucible S&S Club
3312/09/2019Dale ProutBetta Paving
3331/10/2019Craig MarshCrucible S&S Club
3223/01/2020Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
3026/09/2019Dale ProutBetta Paving
3021/11/2019Jonjo SharkeyBetta Paving
3030/01/2020Steve CobbESP B
3020/02/2020Macauley FyffeThe OddBalls
3020/02/2020Paul DavisCrucible S&S Club
3020/02/2020Andrew BolterCrucible S&S Club
3016/01/2020Paul GodwinESP B
2905/12/2019Tony LylesThe OddBalls
2826/09/2019Neil WinkworthBetta Paving
2805/09/2019Paul GodwinESP B
2816/01/2020Andrew BolterCrucible S&S Club
2830/01/2020Jonjo SharkeyBetta Paving
2823/01/2020Steve CobbESP B
2817/10/2019Mark HeadESP B
2714/11/2019Andrew BolterCrucible S&S Club
2524/10/2019Mark HeadESP B
2531/10/2019Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
2421/11/2019Nick ShadboltESP A
2426/09/2019Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
2426/09/2019Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
2331/10/2019Andrew BolterCrucible S&S Club
2316/01/2020Andy "Harry" UptonBetta Paving
2214/11/2019Mark HeadESP B
2131/10/2019Craig MarshCrucible S&S Club
2131/10/2019Shaun AmorESP A
2112/03/2020Lyndon PaxfordCrucible S&S Club
2023/01/2020Mark HeadESP B
2016/01/2020Tony LylesThe OddBalls

Division 2
4317/10/2019Sean O SheaSouthern Comforts
3817/10/2019George ApperleyShaw Impostors
3430/01/2020Stephen MilesSouthern Comforts
3120/02/2020Alex HutchinsonSouthern Comforts
3014/11/2019David AitkenShaw Impostors
3020/02/2020Stephen MilesSouthern Comforts
2820/02/2020David AitkenShaw Impostors
2712/12/2019Rob ThomsonCastle A
2626/09/2019David AitkenShaw Impostors
2605/12/2019David AitkenShaw Impostors
2505/09/2019Stephen MilesSouthern Comforts
2516/01/2020Mark DunnShaw Raiders
2520/02/2020Pat PatelShaw Impostors
2521/11/2019Stephen MilesSouthern Comforts
2412/03/2020Rob ThomsonCastle A
2412/12/2019Rob ThomsonCastle A
2430/01/2020Pete HankinsonSouthern Comforts
2403/10/2019David AitkenShaw Impostors
2416/01/2020David AitkenShaw Impostors
2430/01/2020George ApperleyShaw Impostors
2224/10/2019George ApperleyShaw Impostors
2221/11/2019David AitkenShaw Impostors
2205/09/2019Nick GreethamCastle A
2221/11/2019Sean O SheaSouthern Comforts
2217/10/2019David AitkenShaw Impostors
2031/10/2019Stephen MilesSouthern Comforts

Monthly Winners
Best break for Division 1 in September - (58) Andrew Seymour
Best break for Division 2 in September - (26) David Aitken
Best break for Division 1 in October - (59) Jonjo Sharkey
Best break for Division 2 in October - (43) Sean O Shea
Best break for Division 1 in November - (55) Andrew Seymour
Best break for Division 2 in November - (30) David Aitken
Best break for Division 1 in December - (73) Craig Marsh
Best break for Division 2 in December - (27) Rob Thomson
Best break for Division 1 in January - (81) Chris Rice
Best break for Division 2 in January - (34) Stephen Miles
Best break for Division 1 in February - (30) Macauley Fyffe, Andrew Bolter, Paul Davis
Best break for Division 2 in February - (31) Alex Hutchinson
Best break for Division 1 in March - (40) Chris Rice, Jonjo Sharkey
Best break for Division 2 in March - (24) Rob Thomson

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