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Best Breaks
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Last updated Wednesday 5th December, 2018

Division 1
8511/10/2018Dale ProutDocument House
6306/09/2018Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
5113/09/2018Neil WinkworthDocument House
5008/11/2018Neil WinkworthDocument House
4918/10/2018Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
4811/10/2018Dale ProutDocument House
4715/11/2018Jonjo SharkeyDocument House
4608/11/2018Phil BolterCrucible S&S Club
4520/09/2018Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
4408/11/2018Martin WallaceDocument House
4308/11/2018Dale ProutDocument House
4320/09/2018Jonjo SharkeyDocument House
4013/09/2018Jonjo SharkeyDocument House
3925/10/2018Andrew BolterCrucible S&S Club
3906/09/2018Paul GodwinESP B
3913/09/2018Craig MarshCrucible S&S Club
3808/11/2018Phil BolterCrucible S&S Club
3820/09/2018Andrew BolterCrucible S&S Club
3825/10/2018Neil WinkworthDocument House
3829/11/2018Craig MarshCrucible S&S Club
3725/10/2018Jonjo SharkeyDocument House
3627/09/2018Andrew BolterCrucible S&S Club
3607/11/2018Craig MarshCrucible S&S Club
3613/09/2018Paul DavisCrucible S&S Club
3306/09/2018Paul DavisCrucible S&S Club
3307/11/2018Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
3215/11/2018Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
3113/09/2018Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
3107/11/2018Phil BolterCrucible S&S Club
3115/11/2018Dale ProutDocument House
3129/11/2018Steve CobbESP B
3029/11/2018Paul GodwinESP B
3013/09/2018Alan SingletonESP B
3025/10/2018Craig MarshCrucible S&S Club
2906/09/2018Stephen MilesSouthern Comforts
2715/11/2018Steve CobbESP B
2727/09/2018Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
2606/09/2018Wayne BrunsdenSouthern Comforts
2507/11/2018Stephen MilesSouthern Comforts
2506/09/2018Paul GodwinESP B
2513/09/2018Jonjo SharkeyDocument House
2520/09/2018Kevin HolmesDocument House
2527/09/2018James HearneSouthern Comforts
2507/11/2018Alex HutchinsonSouthern Comforts
2513/09/2018Andrew BolterCrucible S&S Club
2427/09/2018Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
2420/09/2018Ian NesbitESP B
2425/10/2018Andrew BolterCrucible S&S Club
2427/09/2018Andrew BolterCrucible S&S Club
2427/09/2018Paul GodwinESP B
2213/09/2018Kevin HolmesDocument House
2225/10/2018Paul DavisCrucible S&S Club
2111/10/2018David AitkenThe Impostors
2006/09/2018David AitkenThe Impostors
2025/10/2018David AitkenThe Impostors

Division 2
4513/09/2018Tony LylesThe OddBalls
3825/10/2018Rob ThomsonCastle A
3525/10/2018Rob MarksThe OddBalls
3408/11/2018Tony LylesThe OddBalls
3227/09/2018Phil CraikESP A
3018/10/2018Tony LylesThe OddBalls
2815/11/2018Mark DunnShaw Raiders
2518/10/2018Mark BrewinESP A
2415/11/2018Graham LeechADC
2411/10/2018Rob EastCastle A
2429/11/2018Rob ThomsonCastle A
2313/09/2018Rob MarksThe OddBalls
2313/09/2018Matthew FyffeThe OddBalls
2204/10/2018Rob HillADC
2211/10/2018Lee CollisADC
2218/10/2018Shaun AmorESP A
2111/10/2018Rob ThomsonCastle A
2013/09/2018Lee CollisADC
2011/10/2018Rob HillADC
2011/10/2018Lee CollisADC

Monthly Winners
Best break for Division 1 in September - (63) Chris Rice
Best break for Division 2 in September - (45) Tony Lyles
Best break for Division 1 in October - (85) Dale Prout
Best break for Division 2 in October - (38) Rob Thomson
Best break for Division 1 in November - (50) Neil Winkworth
Best break for Division 2 in November - (34) Tony Lyles

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