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Best Breaks
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Last updated Tuesday 18th April, 2017

Division 1
9123/03/2017Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
8413/10/2016Dale ProutMagnum Taxis
6823/03/2017Mark AlexanderCrucible S&S Club
6722/09/2016Dale ProutMagnum Taxis
6709/02/2017Neil WinkworthMagnum Taxis
6610/11/2016Dale ProutMagnum Taxis
6309/02/2017Dale ProutMagnum Taxis
6216/02/2017Andrew SeymourNewb Cons Club
5617/11/2016Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
5317/11/2016Neil RamptonCrucible S&S Club
5301/12/2016Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
5222/09/2016Ollie DouglasCrucible S&S Club
5102/03/2017Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
5108/09/2016Neil WinkworthMagnum Taxis
5008/09/2016Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
4809/03/2017Andrew SeymourNewb Cons Club
4813/10/2016Dale ProutMagnum Taxis
4722/09/2016Dale ProutMagnum Taxis
4701/12/2016Mark AlexanderCrucible S&S Club
4630/03/2017Dale ProutMagnum Taxis
4516/03/2017Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
4515/09/2016Neil RamptonCrucible S&S Club
4506/10/2016Jonjo SharkeyMagnum Taxis
4529/09/2016Andrew BolterCrucible S&S Club
4406/10/2016Jonjo SharkeyMagnum Taxis
4406/10/2016Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
4417/11/2016Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
4410/11/2016Neil RamptonCrucible S&S Club
4420/10/2016Neil WinkworthMagnum Taxis
4312/01/2017Mark AlexanderCrucible S&S Club
4319/01/2017Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
4316/03/2017Paul CrutchleySouthern Comforts
4230/03/2017Andy "Harry" UptonMagnum Taxis
4229/09/2016Dale ProutMagnum Taxis
4229/09/2016Neil WinkworthMagnum Taxis
4227/10/2016Duane PuttockThe OddBalls
4201/12/2016Jonjo SharkeyMagnum Taxis
4210/11/2016Neil WinkworthMagnum Taxis
4110/11/2016Andrew BolterCrucible S&S Club
4130/03/2017Rob MarksThe OddBalls
4130/03/2017Neil WinkworthMagnum Taxis
4012/01/2017Paul CrutchleySouthern Comforts
4009/03/2017Neil WinkworthMagnum Taxis
4009/02/2017Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
4016/02/2017Jonjo SharkeyMagnum Taxis
3912/01/2017Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
3929/09/2016Andrew SeymourNewb Cons Club
3829/09/2016Mark AlexanderCrucible S&S Club
3809/03/2017Mark AlexanderCrucible S&S Club
3812/01/2017Paul DavisCrucible S&S Club
3817/11/2016Stephen MilesSouthern Comforts
3829/09/2016Neil WinkworthMagnum Taxis
3715/09/2016Dale ProutMagnum Taxis
3715/09/2016Jonjo SharkeyMagnum Taxis
3712/01/2017Mark AlexanderCrucible S&S Club
3730/03/2017Neil WinkworthMagnum Taxis
3730/03/2017Dale ProutMagnum Taxis
3722/09/2016Andrew BolterCrucible S&S Club
3706/04/2017David AitkenNewb Cons Club
3602/03/2017Stephen MilesSouthern Comforts
3629/09/2016Neil RamptonCrucible S&S Club
3517/11/2016Andrew BolterCrucible S&S Club
3416/03/2017Andrew BolterCrucible S&S Club
3416/03/2017Mark AlexanderCrucible S&S Club
3427/10/2016Mark AlexanderCrucible S&S Club
3410/11/2016Mark AlexanderCrucible S&S Club
3415/12/2016Mark AlexanderCrucible S&S Club
3401/12/2016Mark AlexanderCrucible S&S Club
3319/01/2017Steve CobbESP A
3312/01/2017Steve CobbESP A
3215/12/2016Duane PuttockThe OddBalls
3215/12/2016Neil WinkworthMagnum Taxis
3210/11/2016Stephen MilesSouthern Comforts
3216/02/2017Paul CrutchleySouthern Comforts
3222/09/2016Ollie DouglasCrucible S&S Club
3109/03/2017Stephen MilesSouthern Comforts
3106/04/2017Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
3106/04/2017Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
3116/02/2017Andrew SeymourNewb Cons Club
3115/09/2016Andrew SeymourNewb Cons Club
3109/03/2017Andrew BolterCrucible S&S Club
3030/03/2017Mark AlexanderCrucible S&S Club
3029/09/2016Paul GodwinESP A
3002/03/2017Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
3015/12/2016Rob MarksThe OddBalls
3008/09/2016Neil WinkworthMagnum Taxis
2929/09/2016Duane PuttockThe OddBalls
2901/12/2016Andy "Harry" UptonMagnum Taxis
2908/09/2016Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
2915/12/2016Neil RamptonCrucible S&S Club
2909/02/2017Andy "Harry" UptonMagnum Taxis
2820/10/2016Neil RamptonCrucible S&S Club
2820/10/2016Mark AlexanderCrucible S&S Club
2809/03/2017Paul CrutchleySouthern Comforts
2815/12/2016Lyndon PaxfordSouthern Comforts
2802/03/2017Craig MarshCrucible S&S Club
2715/09/2016Neil WinkworthMagnum Taxis
2709/03/2017Paul CrutchleySouthern Comforts
2715/09/2016Sam StoreyThe OddBalls
2709/02/2017Neil WinkworthMagnum Taxis
2715/09/2016Mark HeadESP A
2715/09/2016Neil WinkworthMagnum Taxis
2710/11/2016Paul GodwinESP A
2715/09/2016Robin RawlingsNewb Cons Club
2613/10/2016Rob MarksThe OddBalls
2615/12/2016Stephen MilesSouthern Comforts
2627/10/2016Duane PuttockThe OddBalls
2529/09/2016Steve CobbESP A
2529/09/2016Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
2502/03/2017Andrew SeymourNewb Cons Club
2506/04/2017Mark AlexanderCrucible S&S Club
2510/11/2016Steve CobbESP A
2419/01/2017David AitkenNewb Cons Club
2419/01/2017Paul CrutchleySouthern Comforts
2415/12/2016David AitkenNewb Cons Club
2427/10/2016Stephen MilesSouthern Comforts
2409/02/2017Paul CrutchleySouthern Comforts
2401/12/2016David AitkenNewb Cons Club
2420/10/2016Mark HeadESP A
2406/10/2016Steve CobbESP A
2306/04/2017Paul ThomasMagnum Taxis
2319/01/2017Mark HeadESP A
2312/01/2017Rob MarksThe OddBalls
2312/01/2017Mark HeadESP A
2317/11/2016David AitkenNewb Cons Club
2330/03/2017Craig MarshCrucible S&S Club
2220/10/2016Sam StoreyThe OddBalls
2227/10/2016Stephen MilesSouthern Comforts
2215/09/2016Rob MarksThe OddBalls
2229/09/2016Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
2202/03/2017Dale ProutMagnum Taxis
2213/10/2016Steve CobbESP A
2206/10/2016Matthew FyffeThe OddBalls
2115/12/2016David AitkenNewb Cons Club
2030/03/2017Paul ThomasMagnum Taxis
2016/03/2017James HearneSouthern Comforts
2001/12/2016Paul CrutchleySouthern Comforts
2010/11/2016Steve CobbESP A

Division 2
3713/10/2016Mark DunnShaw Raiders
3702/03/2017Matt ColleyGood Bad & Ugly
3522/09/2016Greg NeilESP B
3409/03/2017Andy FairGood Bad & Ugly
3306/10/2016Andy FairGood Bad & Ugly
3019/01/2017Greg NeilESP B
2817/11/2016Lee CollisADC
2815/12/2016Mark BrewinGood Bad & Ugly
2809/02/2017Sim BrownESP B
2715/12/2016Phil CraikESP B
2609/02/2017Stuart AldertonRoyal British Legion
2506/04/2017Rob EastCastle A
2520/10/2016Rob EastCastle A
2506/04/2017Rob EastCastle A
2523/02/2017Shaun AmorESP B
2509/03/2017Sam BrewinGood Bad & Ugly
2415/12/2016Rob EastCastle A
2410/11/2016Andy FairGood Bad & Ugly
2319/01/2017Graham HillyardRoyal British Legion
2323/03/2017David BrownGood Bad & Ugly
2310/11/2016John CollisADC
2213/10/2016Mark DunnShaw Raiders
2204/04/2017Mark DunnShaw Raiders
2216/02/2017Eric RodenRoyal British Legion
2220/10/2016Eric RodenRoyal British Legion
2212/01/2017Mike AinsworthShaw Raiders
2123/03/2017Mark BrewinGood Bad & Ugly
2130/03/2017Rob HillADC
2106/10/2016Greg NeilESP B
2110/11/2016John CollisADC
2120/10/2016Eric RodenRoyal British Legion
2006/10/2016Eric RodenRoyal British Legion

Monthly Winners
Best break for Division 1 in September - (67) Dale Prout
Best break for Division 2 in September - (35) Greg Neil
Best break for Division 1 in October - (84) Dale Prout
Best break for Division 2 in October - (37) Mark Dunn
Best break for Division 1 in November - (66) Dale Prout
Best break for Division 2 in November - (28) Lee Collis
Best break for Division 1 in December - (53) Chris Rice
Best break for Division 2 in December - (28) Mark Brewin
Best break for Division 1 in January - (43) Mark Alexander, Chris Rice
Best break for Division 2 in January - (30) Greg Neil
Best break for Division 1 in February - (67) Neil Winkworth
Best break for Division 2 in February - (28) Sim Brown
Best break for Division 1 in March - (91) Chris Rice
Best break for Division 2 in March - (37) Matt Colley
Best break for Division 1 in April - (37) David Aitken
Best break for Division 2 in April - (25) Rob East, Rob East

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