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Singles Competition 2008 - 2009
(Last updated 22nd May 2009)

Congratulations to Neil Winkworth - winner of the Singles Competition 2008/09!

The Singles was between Neil Winkworth and Alex Hutchinson and started out quite nervously. Neil edged in front witn minor breaks of 18 and 22 and went on to take the frame by 82-13. In frame two Neil again took control with a break of 36 to take the frame 74-23 and a two nil lead. In frame 3 Neil again had a big break, this time of 49 and missed a blue which might have given him a very high break indeed , but it was more than enough to win the frame 68-10. Frame four was a much closer affair and Alex trailing by 22 with the only the colours left cleared to the brown and was so unlucky to go in off the blue which would have given him the frame the way the other balls were situated. As it was Neil cleared to take the frame 54-29 and the match by 4 frames to nil. Congratulations to both Alex and Neil for reaching the final and well done to Neil this years Singles Champion. The Weekly News took pictures and a write up will be in next weeks paper.


Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6
Best of 5 Frames Best of 5 Frames Best of 5 frames Best of 5 Frames Best of 7 Frames Best of 7 Frames
Play by 30th Nov Play by 28th Dec Play by 25th Jan Play by 22nd Feb Play by 29th Mar Final 21st May
Tony Lyles Mike Parry Garry O'Donnell Garry O'Donnell Rob Marks  
Mike Parry  
  Garry O'Donnell  
  Steve Fennell Paul Godwin  
Nick Hill Paul Godwin  
Paul Goodwin  
  Rob Marks Rob Marks    
  Andy Seymour    

Rob Marks

Lee Packer Lee Packer Lee Packer    
Nick Biggs    
  Mickey Hobbs    

Neil Winkworth

  Malcolm Hezel Steve Cobb Steve Cobb Neil Winkworth  
Don Daszkeiwicz Steve Cobb  
Steve Cobb  
  Rob Thomson Rob Thomson  
  Richard Parry  
Neil Winkworth Neil Winkworth Neil Winkworth Neil Winkworth  
Jim Gore  
  Tod Wigmore  
  Sim Brown James Hearne  
James Hearne 3 James Hearne  
John Apicella 0  
  Sean Warren Pete Low Pete Low Alex Hutchinson  
  Pete Low  
Paul Fry Norman Byng Jordan Wallace  
Norman Byng  
  Jordan Wallace  
  Alex Hutchinson Alex Hutchinson    
John Collis John Collis    
Phil Craik    
  Ben Gould Ben Gould

 Alex Hutchinson

  Nick Greetham    
Tex Gerrard Jim Chen Jim Chen Paul Davis Craig Butcher

Alex Hutchinson

Jim Chen  
  Bob Low  
  Giles Fenn Paul Davis  
Tim Davies Paul Davis  
Paul Davis  
  Bob Thorpe Craig Butcher Craig Butcher  
  Craig Butcher  
Steven Miles Steven Miles Steven Miles  
Ade Fry  
  Lee Collis  

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