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Match Reports (archive)

ADC 3 - 5 ESP B Submitted: 05/11/2016
Postponed match...ADC v ESP B .....1st game was Rob Hill against Sim Brown. 1st frame was even potting Rob hanging on but Sim took the last colours to win 51-40. 2nd frame Rob was struggling to pot and Sim as in the 1st was on reasonable form taking it 52-16. Next pair was Lee Collis against Greg Neil. Both Lee and Greg were not potting well in the 1st frame and the scores were even in the teens but Lee went on to clear the colours with a fluked blue and took it 36-17. Their 2nd frame saw Lee potting better and although Greg fought hard Lee took it 64-23. 2 frames apiece!! Next was Rory Greenwell v Phil Craik. Rory was off song in both frames and Phil not missing much easily took both frames 54-22 and 52-23. Last pairing was John Collis v Shaun Amor. 1st frame John had some good reds followed by colours which allowed him to take it 41-16. So 4-3 to ESP. Last frame of the evening Shaun was back on form and John was keeping in touch....last few colours saw John take the pink with just black needed to take the frame. He rattled black in the pocket and white sunk into a middle pocket..end of frame a win for Shaun 54-49..5-3 to ESP

ESP A 0 - 8 Crucible S&S Club Submitted: 11/09/2016
Not the best of starts to this seasons campaign for ESP A, who suffered an 8-0 whitewash at the hands of defending champs Crucible S&S. Wayne Racey made his debut for ESP and suffered the misfortune of drawing Chris Rice. Chris took both frames comfortably, and knocked in a break of 50 for good measure. ESP's Steve Cobb battled to keep in touch with Andy Bolter throughout their match, but errant shots on the green in each frame allowed Andy to take the colours required to seal the points. ESP welcomed Paul Godwin back to the fold having missed last season, and he came closest to grabbing a point for the team against Mark Alexander in a close second frame, but it was not to be. Neil Rampton sealed the win for Crucible by taking the final 2 points of the night with his win over Mark Head. First game of the season and room for improvement all round, particularly ESP!!

Magnum Taxis 5 - 3 Southern Comforts Submitted: 12/09/2016
New look Magnum Taxis began their season in winning fashion against Southern Comforts. First up was Dale Prout V Paul Crutchley. First frame was a very cagey affair, neither player taking any chances until Paul failed to make the baulk line. Dale making a 24 to gain the lead. Not many chances were put away but enough from Dale took the first frame. Second frame was very much of the same from both players, Paul taking his chances this time and easily levelling the match. Next up we saw ex Comforts player Neil Winkworth lining up for Magnum Taxis against former Captain James Hearne. It was Neil who had early advantage keep in James long potting at bay before decisively making a break of 51 and going 1-0 up. Second frame was much of the same from Winkworth, brilliant safety backed up with another break of 30 easily taking the second frame. Next up the mighty Fred Young took to the baize in a match up with Pat Patel. Both players opted for all out safety but unfortunately for Fred, his was no match for Patel with Pete capitalising on every mistake and taking the first frame 61-17 Frame 2 was exactly the same from both players with again Pat making the most from his chances and Fred unable to piece things together with his potting, Pat prevailing by 66-21. Last up but not by far least was another new addition to the Magnum lineup with Andy Upton AKA Harry against Comforts Jason Canning. First frame and yet again we see the same style of play we have most the night, Harry eventually prevailing 46-13. Second frame saw Harry take control in every area, safety immense and potting as always out of this world. Eventually taking the frame by 90-3.

Newb Cons Club 5 - 3 Castle A Submitted: 10/09/2016
George/Rob East. Both players played some very good safety shots at the beginning of the match. It was a very even game, with none of them taking a definite lead. Both players potted some good balls. Rob potted most of the final colours to win the frame 41-37. In the second frame George took the lead with the scoring. Rob slowly came back by potting some good balls making small breaks and taking the lead. George came back from the grave, by potting the last 3 colours winning the frame 56-53. Robin/Lee. Robin started the frame well. Lee potted some very good balls. It was a very even match all the way through. Lee came out on top winning the frame 42-37, when Robin potted the final black ball, but went in off. In the second frame Robin came out blazing by potting some very good balls. Lee was unable to respond to Robin's potting. Robin won easily 57-12. Dave/Pat. Dave potted some very good balls at the start of the frame taking a slight lead. Pat potted some excellent reds, but was unable to pot the large colours allowing Dave to build up his lead. Dave was too strong winning the frame 50-11. It was same in the second frame, where Dave continued with his excellent potting. Pat had his chances in the frame. Dave scored very well winning the second frame 60-3. Mike/Rob Thomson. Both players played some very good safety shots at the start of the frame, very evenly scored frame with none of the players taking a definite lead. It all came down on the remaining colours. Mike won the frame 65-37. In the second frame it was totally reversed with Rob playing well by potting some very good balls. Mike had his chances to win the frame, but Rob played well to win the second frame 57-26.

Shaw Raiders 2 - 6 Good Bad & Ugly Submitted: 09/09/2016
Shaw Raiders' Mark Dunn opened the match against Neil Munday with both players feeling their way in the first frame and neither potting consistently well. Mark managed to edge in front and hang on to a slender lead to take the frame 38-28. Mark got progressively better in the second, building a decent lead, while Neil was unable to produce his usual form and eventually was forced to concede 53-30. Meanwhile, John Apicella took on GBU's David Brown in what turned out to be two fairly close frames. Frame one started cautiously with David slowly building a lead made up of several good pots, whilst John unfortunately missed pots he would normally expect to get. David again went into the lead in frame two and was 18 points up with the last three colours remaining when John's attempt to pot the blue wobbled in the jaws of the pocket to leave an easy chance for David. Overall, the two frames were closely contested but David deservedly took both 51-31 and 49-32. Next, Mike Parry for Shaw versus Matt Colley. Matt was potting the better of the two from the start and Mike never really got close enough to trouble him- the frame went to Matt 56-25. The second frame saw Mike produce much more accurate potting and he was leading for most of the frame. However, Matt played well to narrow the gap and eventually force a black ball finish and after several attempts by both players, which saw Mike rattling the pocket a couple of times, it was Matt who triumphed 59-49. Lastly, GBU's Andy Fair was matched against Brian Leonard. Brian was not on his game whereas Andy was potting well from the start and relentlessly built an ever increasing lead to enable him to take the frame by a comfortable 44-9. In frame two Brian belatedly picked up his game but it was not enough to trouble Andy who potted solidly throughout to control the frame and finish 52-24 up. So, GBU got the season off to a promising start with a 6-2 victory which, despite a couple of close frames, they well deserved.

The OddBalls 6 - 2 Royal British Legion Submitted: 09/09/2016
season 2016/17 got underway with last seasons Div2 Champions taking on the wooden spoons winners at the Crucible. first up was Matty against Eric. Matty being too strong in the first as Eric struggled to find any rhythm any at all, taking the frame comfortably. the second was the complete reverse as Eric looked more like his old self and the spoils were shared. on the other table a very disjointed Tony was made to sweat as RBL newcomer led for most of the first frame.Tony however battled through to take the frame. the second was a more straight forward affair for Tony until Steve took the last 2 reds with high colours leaving the last 6 balls on their spots.snookering himself on the green though let Tony back in who sealed the frame. 3-1 to the Oddballs at the halfway stage. Macualey came up against Sean and it was the Legions captain who took the first with ease. the second frame looked to be heading the same way but Macauley held in there and under tremendous pressure took a great blue and pink to level the scores . last up was Duanne who played Stuart and though it was a struggle Duanne was comfortable throughout. the second frame though was different and Stuart played a lot better and looked in with a chance until Duanne sank a good pink to scrape the frame. so , final score was 6-2 which flattered the Oddballs somewhat as a draw was looking likely towards the end as the Legion battled hard. Player of the match goes to Macauley for coming through that second frame, showing composure on the colours when the pressure was on.

Castle A 2 - 6 Southern Comforts Submitted: 17/09/2016
After the violent thunderstorm and much wet stuff falling out of the sky which left the Castle A team stranded in The Old London Apprentice, the home team managed to get to the Crucible on time for the second match of the season to play Southern Comforts. On the first table, Rob Thomson of Castle in soggy shoes, built up a sizeable lead against Steve Miles who felt he was pushing water uphill and left somewhat floundering. However, the tide turned in the next encounter and Steve dampened Rob's enthusiasm with some cracking pots and a lightning cue action to take the frame. The second table saw Castle's Lee Gillingham against a buoyant Alex Hutchinson. The first frame was a close one and Alex just sneaked it, but stormed the second leaving Lee dead in the water with some wonderful flowing shots sinking balls everywhere. Lee did fight back with some attempted snookers but he was really up the creek without a paddle and looked quite drained. Alex got it. 3-1 to the Comforts at the mid-session interval. The second half began with Rob East of Castle against James Hearne. The first frame was quite a scrappy affair with Rob missing a few easy shots and although he joked about it, he had a face like thunder. James took the frame and looked like winning the second. The clouds were gathering for Rob and he was expecting defeat with James just needing the pink. However he missed, leaving the ball over the corner pocket. Rob waded in to sink it and then potted the black to take the frame. The final match was between Nick Greetham of Castle and Pat Patel. The first frame saw Nick playing swimmingly well but Pat knocked in a rapid twenty to leave his opponent stranded (on the shore). THIS IS GETTING WORSE! Pat built up a sizeable lead in the next frame and Nick looked sunk but he weathered the storm reducing the deficit but Pat held on to win 2-0. A nice evening once again at The Crucible with good sportsmanship between the teams plus the usual banter. Southern Comforts ran out 6-2 winners. Man of the Match was Alex Hutchinson. Well done Alex. I must apologize for the terrible puns in this report. One thing for certain - it's not going to make a splash over the sports pages in the next edition of the Newbury Weekly News.

Crucible S&S Club 8 - 0 Shaw Raiders Submitted: 17/09/2016
Crucible entertained Shaw Raiders on a very wet Thursday evening, and due to the adverse weather condition - power cuts - collapsed roofs a few of the crucible players were late to arrive. crucible would like to thank the raiders for there understanding and great sportsmanship. Match 1 Neil Rampton v Brain Leonard- Ramps got the Crucible off to a great start with a 45 break and taking the first frame with ease. the second frame was a different story with raiders Leonard putting up a great fight only for Ramps to win on the black ball 2 nil Crucible. Match 2- Andy Bolter v Bob low -a very high scoring 1st frame was won by Bolter on the black 73-66, this also gave the Crucible man he advantage and went on to take the 2nd frame. 4 nil Crucible Match 3 - Paul Davis v Mike Ainsworth - once the delayed Crucible captain arrived he was put under pressure with the raiders man straight into his stride, but after a while Davis got himself back in the frame and took the frame on the colours. in the second frame Davis lead from the front a made it 2 - 0. 6 nil Crucible. Match 4 - Craig (sabbatical) Marsh v Mark Dunn - with the adverse weather condition Marsh(sabbatical) was a late addition to the team. Marsh played as if he'd never been away and with know trouble he took the first frame. 7 nil crucible could it be back to back 8 nil victories for the raining champs!!?? Dunn was scrapping for all points and was not going to role other without a fight in the final frame of the night and pushed Marsh all the way to the final few balls. Though it was the Crucible man who triumphed with the final frame of the night 2 nil to sabbatical, 8 nil to the Crucible. Thanks to the Raiders again for a good nights snooker

ESP B 5 - 3 ESP A Submitted: 17/09/2016
ESP B welcomed their Big brother ESP A to the Crucible for the first one sided ESP battle of the season! First off we saw the 2 captains playing, Phil Craik v the Mighty Steve "The Dawg" Cobb. In the first frame Phil made all the pots, some positive and some negative. This kept Steve in the frame and briefly he had a chance to pinch the frame. Phil cleaned up the remaining balls to take the frame 41:23. The second frame was another close affair. both players potting well. Phil took command of the frame after a foul and free ball which allowed him to take the frame 57|31. In the second match we had Tex "The Raider" Gerrard playing Mark "Baywatch" Head. Mark started well and was proving why he was in the A team. Tex fought hard to stay in touch. But Mark had a lovely break of 27 to clinch the frame 28|56! In the second frame it seemed Mark was still recovering from his big break in the previous frame. Tex took advantage and proved the underdog can win. Tex kept Mark in his seat and took the second frame 77|30. At the half way stage the B team lead the A 3-1...... In the third match of the evening we had 2 veterans of the game, Greg "The Bear" Neil v Richard "Benny Hill" Aldred. This on paper had potential to be a tight match and possibly continue into the early hours of the morning. The predictions we 1/2 right... yes a slow methodical frame, but Richard was on fire.... He comfortably took the frame 12|58. Greg seemed to have a word with himself and returned to the table and played like a possessed bear. Richard used his signature safety play to keep himself in the frame. But Greg proved too strong and took the frame 70|37. Hmm, do we have a possible upset on the cards here...... In the oh so important final match of the night we saw Shaun "The Sheep" play the legend that is Frank "Wayne Racey" Spencer... Shaun played a solid first frame keeping Frank frustrated and many oooh Betty's were heard. Shaun took the first frame 45|21! In the second frame Wayne played a solid frame. Shaun kept the frame interesting, but wayne went on to win it 34|50. A great evening of banter and at brief moments some great snooker! The Underdogs were triumphant ESP B win 5 - 3!!!

Good Bad & Ugly 7 - 1 ADC Submitted: 21/09/2016
GBU beat 3 man ADC 7-1 in a very relaxed and friendly match. First up saw Andy Fair draw 1-1 with youngster John Collis. Andy played very poorly in the first frame, and John coasted along,but the tables were turned in the second frame when Andy eventually managed to pot a few balls with John switching off. Young Rising star Dave Brown beat Mike Lucey 2-0. Dave easily won won the first with some good solid pots. But Mike upped his game in the second giving Dave a run for his money before Dave eventually came through. Mark Brewin beat Rory Greenwell 2-0. Mark was superb in the first, potting everything in sight leaving Rory no chance. The second frame was a really drawn out affair with both players struggling to pot any colours. In fairness it could have gone either way and the frame went to the final black. Sadly for Rory he somehow managed to miss the black completely handing Mark the frame. John Collis gets man of the match for his very good sportsmanship in notifying GBU in advance that they were a player short saving a GBU player a wasted evening. Not all teams do this.

Royal British Legion 0 - 8 Magnum Taxis Submitted: 22/09/2016
A good first game down the legion even though we lost 8-0 Started with Steve and winky where Steve could not get into the game on the first frame and winky took it easy. The second game Steve got into it a bit with a few chances but winky closed it down and took the second as well Next was Eric and dale dale was in is normal form and Eric didn't get to many chances so dale took bothe frames Next up was sean and jonjo sean had a few chances but never took them so jonjo played his normal games and took both frames easy Last was Stuart and Phil. This was a lot closer with Stuart putting up a good fight in the first but Phil won in the end The second was very close and it looked like Stuart was going to stop the 8-0 but Phil managed to take the last colours to win.

The OddBalls 5 - 3 Newb Cons Club Submitted: 17/09/2016
This fixture is always a close affair and tonight was no different. Andrew Seymour got the Cons Club off to a great start beating Macauley Fyffe in their two frames. Fyffe played better in frame 2 but once Seymour got into the reds and made a break of 31 it was only ever going one way. Rob Marks played Robin Rawlings and it was Rawlings who got off to a flyer, potting some great reds. Unfortunately he struggled to sink any colours and Marks took advantage with a stronger second half. In frame 2 it was Marks who started well with a break of 22, only for Rawlings to reply immediately with a 27. Again, Marks took the spoils on the final colours levelling the overall match 2-2 at half time. Duane Puttock then faced George Apperley in the tie of the evening. Duane took a decent lead by attacking early but you can never rule George out. He gradually edged his way back in taking most of the final colours. With only pink required Duane faced a tempting up and down to edge the pink into the centre pocket. This time his snooker brain over-ruled his pool brain and he decided to play safe. George ended up taking the pink but missed a tricky black leaving Duane with a double for the frame. Pool skills took over and Duane took his chance. In frame 2, Duane won with slightly less drama. George played well tonight and will be disappointed to come away empty handed. Finally, Sam Storey played Mike Paduano (some would call it the Hare vs Tortoise). True to form Mike won the first frame, although unlike the story he was ahead throughout! The Hare learned from his mistakes and stayed awake throughout frame 2, winning comfortably. Final score Oddballs 5, Cons Club 3.

ADC 3 - 5 Castle A Submitted: 25/09/2016
ADC v Castle A.....first pairing was Rob Hill v Roy Young. 1st frame was a very close affair which went to a black ball frame which Rob took to win by 1 point.!!! 2nd frame was similar to the 1st and was a close match but Roy managed to take it 60-49. Next up was John Collis v Rob East. John was off song but Rob not missing too much easily took the 1st 50-25. 2nd frame Rob was playing quite well hampered by the use of a rest not only for some shots but a support for his hip!!! Nevertheless he again won through to take it 51-31. 3rd pairing was Lee Collis v Rob Thomson. Lee had some good shots in the 1st but Rob also and he took the 1st 48-34. 2nd frame went to pink and black left on the table which Lee eventually took winning 65-55. Last pair were Rory Greenwell v Nick Greetham. Again two close frames but Nick took the 1st 48-23 and the 2nd went to Rory with pink and black left on the table which he managed to take and take the frame 38-35.

Crucible S&S Club 8 - 0 Newb Cons Club Submitted: 23/09/2016
Crucible entertained Newbury Cons Club for another hot night of snooker!! Crucible have started the season in great fashion with 16 frames out of 16 and were after 24 out of 24 by the end of the night!! Crucible took 4 quick frames from table 13 - Ollie Douglas and Andy Bolter playing some good snooker for Crucible and taking there chances with breaks of 52, 32 (Ollie) and 37 (Andy ). On table 14 the chance were not taken and leading to a much longer night!! Though still some great snooker and Crucible went into a 6-0 lead with 2 frames from Captain Davis. The final 2 frames were the most competitive frames of snooker from Crucibles Neil Rampton and Con Clubs George Apperley. George made Neil really work for every point with some great safety/ tacticial play, though the Crucible man took control after a while and didnt give away many chances. Neil played solid snooker as ever and helped continue Crucibles fine form, 8-0 Crucible. Con clubs Robin, Michele, Simon and George all played well but could not keep pace with the Crucible. So after 3 matches Crucible have maximum point 24 out of 24.

ESP B 7 - 1 Royal British Legion Submitted: 23/09/2016
ESP B welcomed the Royal British Legion team to the crucible for their first meeting of the season. The ESP without their talismanic captain smurf Phil Craik passed the captains armband to Greg the bear Neil. Greg lead from the front in the first match against Eric. Neither player really hit their stride in the first frame, there were plenty of good pots but too many single balls potted and Greg managed to take the frame on the black. The second frame seemed to be going the same way until out of nowhere Greg put in a 35 Break and Eric despite plenty of good snookers could not fight his way back. Second match saw Shaun the sheep up against a ring rusty Steve Vallance, both players seemed to pot some good balls in the first frame with shaun coming out the victor. The second frame seemed a bit scrappier but Shaun again came out on top to leave ESP B 4 0 up at the halfway stage. Next to the table we had tex the raider Gerrard up against the legion captain for the night Stuart Alderton. Stuart took and early lead and managed to hold this all the way until with a good blue to black clearance Tex manged to steal the first frame. Second frame took very much the same pattern with Stuart seemingly potting everything but again Tex hung in their and with a pink and black finish again stole the frame. Finally ESP had their debutant Hannah yet to be nicknamed Martin against Jo-ann Low, Jo took advantage of a slow start to her career for Hannah to open a good lead in the first frame until Hannah needed all the colours to force a re-spotted black and proceeded with thanks to a green to pink break to set it up as Black needed for the re-spot. Jo then pulled off a great long black and even though the white went exceptionally close to the middle pocket it stayed out to give the British Legion their first frame of the night. Hannah now with her eye in took a significant early lead with some good potting and was never looking in danger to take the second frame comfortably to leave ESP B 7 1 winners a result that could have looked very different if 3 black ball frames had not gone the way of the home side.

Good Bad & Ugly 2 - 6 Magnum Taxis Submitted: 23/09/2016
GBU lost 2=6 to the Magnum Taxis. Mark Brewin lost 0-2 to Dale Prout. The first frame was close for a few minutes before Dale made a fantastic break of 67 and followed up with a 47 leaving Mark needing a "few "snookers. The second frame saw Mark make a few good pots, but Dale just continued potting winning convincingly. Youngster Dave Brown lost 0-2 to Winky. Youngster Dave wasent given a sniff in the first frame as Winky piled up the points to win easily. The second frame was similar and despite Dave potting a few good shots, it was always Winky in control. Matt Colley lost 0-2 to Harry Upton. Despite some good pots from Matt, Harry continued his good form to take both frames. Andy Fair beat Fred Young 2-0 in two easily forgotton frames to give GBU a couple of points. Man of the match was Dale Prout for two superb breaks in the first frame,

Shaw Raiders 3 - 5 The OddBalls Submitted: 23/09/2016
Fist match was between Mike Ainsworth and Duane Puttock. First frame was very cat and mouse with good safety play from both players. However with three balls left Duane had really good fortune by fluking pots on both the blue and pink and ran out the winner 46-27. The second frame followed a similar pattern and again Wayne had some luck in getting a lucky snooker at a crucial part of the frame which he went on to win 66-43. Everybody agreed that a draw would probably have been a fair result. Second match between Mike Parry and Tony Lyles. Mike was in fine form in the first frame potting consistently well and playing good safety when needed. Tony struggled to find his form and Mike won 54-32. Mike carried on his good form in the second and ran out the winner 61-22. The third match was between the two captains, Bob Low and Rob Marks. In both frames Bob missed relatively easy pots at vital times and the every steady Rob won both frames comfortably 52-18 and 61-33. The last match saw John Apicella up against Oddballs man Macauley Fyffe. Macauley won the first frame 76-32 without too much opposition. However John upped his game in the second frame and kept pace with his opponent to force a blsck ball finish. After several attempts by both players it was John who finally sank the black to even the scores. Overall a thoroughly enjoyable match with Oddballs running out 5-3 winners.

Southern Comforts 4 - 4 ESP A Submitted: 25/09/2016
James v Paul. Playing identical in the first half of the frame. Scores levels and the table had the colours all in a safe or tied up positions. As we got to the colours Paul stated to play better and it was only on the last few balls he secured the Frame. In the second match Paul was a change man. He potted a red and colour on every visit to the table and soon build up a huge lead. James didn't stand a chance as Paul himself said 'that's the best I've played in ages. Garry v Mark. Garry to control early on and build a healthy lead but a mini break later on helped pull Mark within striking distance. As they got into the colours he needed everything and bit by bit he potted them. It ended up being a black ball game and Mark got that as well to win the frame. It was hard for Garry to swallow having led all game. The second frame was very similar but Garry was in no mood to let it happen again and as he got into the colours his experience showed and with some deadly accuracy he despatch the last few ball. Sarah v Richard First game back in 2 years for Sarah. Good start, with steady play from both players. Sarah made some great pots to take a good lead and then made two fantastic safety shots half way through the game, leaving Richard tucked up tight behind the yellow from which he managed to escape. Sarah managed to hold on to take the first frame. The second frame Sarah took a steady 24 point lead with some great potting. Richard however fought his way back into the game with some steady potting and safety play. Both players were on and off the table just sinking a few balls with Richard catching up Sarah all the time. He then managed to overtake and kept it tight which left it all down to the blue, pink and black and Richard managed to sink all three to take the second frame. Stephen v Wayne First frame was a strange one from both players, with Stephen not on his A-game at the start and Wayne taking a small lead with some great shots. Then suddenly Stephen clicked into action with some great short and long potting plus good safety play and established a healthy lead and won the frame 50 points to 17 points. Second frame was quite different to the first with both players playing in a similar manner. Some great potting kept the scores close, but Stephen managed to hold on to take the second frame making a draw the final result.

Castle A 2 - 6 ESP B Submitted: 30/09/2016
The Return Of Sim Brown The long awaited return of a leg end of snooker season's past occurred at The Crucible in the shape of the person known as Sim Brown. Poor sod had to put up with all sorts of insults from many players having to hold back for so long. That out of the way the match commenced. Rob East v Shaun Amor. What was that all about? Rob said he needed practice on getting out of snookers and Shaun certainly didn't disappoint his opponent with some cunning stunts that left the audience stunned in a very stunning way. With just the colours left in the first frame he cunningly hid the cue ball so Rob couldn't see the yellow on at least half a dozen occasions. Anyway Rob managed to get out of a couple and went on to take the game. Shaun got the second quite comfortably levelling the first evening's pairing in an even sort of way. Lee Gillingham v Greg Neil. Greg was captain for the away team and was feeling really important what with the real captain Captain Craik, giving it large it foreign climes getting his forehead tanned. This was a funny old game - hitting a barn door with a banjo springs to mind. Lee admitted that he has played the game before but even a visually impaired one-eyed short sighted person wearing sun glasses in a dark room could easily see that he wasn't his usual self. Not that Greg was much better - England penalty takers have got more shots on target. Anyway, Greg got the first and eventually (is it morning yet?) winning the second and Lee quite understandably had the right hump about his own lack of form. Both teams adjourned for the mid-session interval and extra refreshments where dished out to the Castle boys in the shape of some very quaffable measures of homemade Sloe Gin. Lovely jubbly! Pat Shaw v Tex Gerrard. Good to see Tex again, the holder of the most words uttered during a snooker match. When he was told to shut the flip up . . . he replied "I can't help it!" Good match between these two. Tex winning the first but Pat gave him a run for his money and tried so hard to get snookers to bore Tex into submission but Tex held on to take the frame. However, Pat with his new sense of confidence and belief and fuelled by the Sloe Gin played like a demon and dug in like a pig looking for truffles. He got the second frame. Hurrah! Roy Young v Sim Brown. The long awaited final pairing for the evening was a bit of a damp squid and Roy's generosity of potting balls he was going for and knocking in balls he wasn't going for resulted in Sim rather luckily with some jammy snookers and enough spawn to fertilize a whole pond of frogs eggs took the first frame. Boo hisss boo hiss! The second frame which Sim (sorry Roy - I've just had another fluky snooker) Brown won, resulted in Roy discovering that the table was ironed the wrong way. Lee lost on it 2-0 and now Roy. No wonder he threw his cue on the floor in disgust at the end of his battering. Extremely begrudgingly - the man of the match was given to Sim Brown. Well done mate! Grrhhhhhh! We had a flipping blinkin' super smashing let's see what you could have won evening as usual against our good friends of ESP. Long may it continue. The Castle Team held a post match meeting at The Old London Apprentice and all agreed that we were very unlucky and the table that Lee and Roy played on was rigged. Such is. We will have to live with it. Roll on (or off) next week.

ESP A 3 - 5 Good Bad & Ugly Submitted: 02/10/2016
ESP A's search for their first win of the season continues, after going down 5-3 to Good Bad & Ugly. GBU, despite missing youngster Dave Brown, got off to a positive start with Matt Colley taking the frost 2 frames of the night against Wayne Racey. Mark Head pulled a frame back for ESP, but Neil Munday struck back in the second frame to extend GBU's lead to 3-1 at halfway. ESP's Paul Godwin played well in taking the first frame against Mark Brewin, and came up with a break of 30 in the second frame, but that was only to haul himself back in to contention as Mark upped his game. A re-spotted black was required, and it was Mark who eventually sunk it to square their match. The final match saw Steve Cobb take on Andy Fair. Steve struggled to get going in the first, and was surprised to nick the frame when clearing green to black. Andy turned the tables in the second frame by taking the final few colours to take the frame and condemn ESP to a 5-3 defeat.

Magnum Taxis 8 - 0 Shaw Raiders Submitted: 06/10/2016
Shaping up to be a David v Goliath match Magnum did not dissapoint against Shaw raiders when they came to the Cricible. First up to take to the baize was Dale and Mike...a very scrappy affair to begin with, neither player looking police they were reall there but it was Dale who made the most of what he could to take the first frame. Second frame and very much of the same but somehow Dale managed to put together a 42 break to win the match. Next up was the unstoppable Neil winkworth against Bob Low and there was nothing that could get in Neil's way taking both frames very comfortably and taking title chasing Magnum into a 4-0 lead. Match 3 and Jonjo Sharkey v Mike Dunn, thinking that this was going to be much of the same as the previous 2 matches Jonjo could not be more wrong as Mike built up a 30 point lead, Jonjo managed to bring out his a game though and finally get through the frame winning 69-54. Second frame and Jonjo left off from where he ended the first potting a lot better and not letting Mike get involved coming out winner by 85-17. Last game and nothing else would do apart from all 8 points as they seemed to close the gap on the faultless table toppers the crucible and it was all down to Andy Upton to bring the result home against Brian Leonard, Andy did not dissapoint with a solid display of snooker in both frames. So Magnum go into next week against the mighty crucible hoping to close the gap.

Newb Cons Club 5 - 3 Southern Comforts Submitted: 03/10/2016
Mike/James. Both players were potting some very good balls at the start of the frame. The first game was very even in the scoring at the start. Mike continued to play and was able to take the lead. James slowly fought back well to win the frame 56-53. In the second frame James continued to play well. Mike had his chances, but James slowly increased his lead. Winning the second frame 59-10. Andrew/Jason Canning. Andrew potted some very good balls at the start of the frame. Jason played some very good safety shots. Andrew continued to pot well, slowly increasing his lead in the scoring. Jason had his chances to make a come back, but Andrew was too strong winning the frame 52-9. It was very similar in the second frame where Andrew continued to play very well. Andrew made a good 39 break. Jason was unable to compete with Andrew's potting ability. Andrew won the frame 64-4. George/Garry. George started the frame off very well by potting some very good balls. Garry immediately came back making the scores level. George and Garry played some very good safety shots. Garry slowly but surely took the lead, winning the frame 57-38. It was very similar to the start of the second frame where both players were very evenly matched and playing some good snooker. George slowly took the lead winning the frame 50-40. Dave/Steve. The game started off well with both players. Dave slowly increased his lead. Steve had his chances to even up the scoring. Dave continued to play well winning the first frame 55-31. In the second frame both players at the start played some very good safety shots. Dave continued to pot the balls well and took the early lead. Steve was unable to make a come back, thus allowing Dave to win the final frame of the evening 92-10.

Royal British Legion 0 - 8 Crucible S&S Club Submitted: 03/10/2016
A good night was had at the legion as always. Starting with Steve against Chris with Chris looking a bit rusty to start with and Steve had quite a few chances in both frames but never took the opportunity so Chris took the first frame quite easy and a 22 break. The second Steve did a bit better but Chris had a 25 break and took that one as well. Next up was Stuart and Andy. The first frame Stuart didn't get chance to get into it that much before andy out in a great 45 break which could of been a lot more and taking the frame. The second however was very close all the way through with Stuart looking at getting us a frame but andy managed to just take it in the end. Sean and mark up next. Sean was not playing that well and missed lots of easy shots but mark took the advantage and took both frames easy with a nice 38 break in the first which could of been lots more. Last was andy and Neil. As a replacement at the last minute andy stepped in to give Neil a game but it was all going Neil's way and he took both frames easy with a 36 break in the second frame. So anothe 8-0 but a great night though thanks to all

The OddBalls 3 - 5 ADC Submitted: 03/10/2016
Division 2 Champions The Oddballs' unbeaten start to life in Division 1 came to an end as ADC picked up their first win of the season. First up Macauley Fyffe took on Rob Hill, and Rob made a confident start, fully deserving the lead he built up going into the colours. The frame almost took a surprise twist however when despite needing three snookers, Macauley fought his way back level, only to go in-off the blue and hand the first point of the night to Rob. The second frame was more of a struggle for both players, with Macauley potting most of the reds but failing to score anything significant. It ultimately went down to the final ball, and Rob picked up what was probably a worthy 2-0 win when he doubled the black the length of the table into the corner pocket. Next was Matt Fyffe against Mike Lucey, and both players agreed it was 'terrible.' With reds going awkward across both frames, it was difficult for either player to build up any sort of rhythm. However with the help of some fouls, Matt was commendably able to get over 60 points in both frames, and tie the evening at 2-2. Sam Storey then went up against Lee Collis, and it was Lee who made the better start, helped by Sam not really potting anything at all. The first frame went close as Sam clung on towards the colours, but a superb blue from Lee gave him the opening point. The second frame wasn't too different, and both players scrapped it out for a significant portion of the evening before Lee once again picked up a deserved win on the colours. Finally Duane Puttock faced John Collis, and it was Duane who comfortably won the first helped by the highest break of the night, a 29. The second frame however was much tighter, and with the tie in the balance, John pulled out a superb clearance to pinch the game on the black, and give his side a 5-3 victory. Thanks to ADC for a enjoyable evening, and The Oddballs look forward to gaining revenge later in the season

Crucible S&S Club 5 - 3 Magnum Taxis Submitted: 07/10/2016
A top of the Table clash saw The Crucible S&S lock horns with Magnum Taxis for the first time this season. Chris Rice kicked off the battle when he took on an in form Neil Winkworth, this would end up proving to be a game of two halves, Winkworth strolled the first frame by 64pts to 11pts but Rice had other plans and responded by equalising in the second knocking in a 44 break. Match score 1-1. Battle of the veterans next, which saw Andrew Bolter take on Harry Upton. Bolter (Snr) seemed to keep a comfortable enough distance between himself and Upton in both frames. Kicking clear at the vital moment, when entering the colours. Advantage now to the Crucible with the Match Score now 3-1. Neil Rampton had to face an aggressive Jonjo Sharkey in the third match of the evening, Jonjo was pretty ruthless throughout both frames. Knocking in a 44 and 45 break in respective frames. Rampton had a chance in the second frame but was off the table far too long to create any damage. Match score 3-3. The Final leg saw Mark Alexander taking on Dale Prout in a gruelling battle, Alexander kept the respect levels high keeping Prout out of the balls with long spells of safety play. This ending up being the right approach as it gave Alexander chances in both frames when entering the colours. Alexander took out both sets of colours perfectly and slotted home the Black in both to complete a key 2-0 victory over Prout. Final result 5-3 to Crucible S&S. Man of the Match: Mark Alexander

ESP A 6 - 2 Royal British Legion Submitted: 07/10/2016
ESP A finally got a win under their belts, defeating RBL 6-2. Wayne Racey got ESP A off to a winning start over Eric Roden despite some nervy moments on the final 3 colours. Eric responded well though and won the second frame comfortably with a break of 20 doing him no harm at all. Mark Head picked up the next point for ESP, as RBL's Steve Vallance struggled to find his range. Steve turned things round in the second frame though and took a commanding lead. Mark fought his way back into contention but it was not enough to deny Steve the win and leveling up the match. Tim Page took ESP into the lead taking both frames against Jo-Ann who played well. As there was no stand out performance on the night, Tim pick up the player of the match for standing in at the last moment and picking up a rare win! ESP's Steve Cobb started well with a break of 24 against Sean Moxon, but was also aided by more than his fair share of good fortune throughout. Sean enjoyed the challenge of escaping from so many snookers! Steve held the lead throughout the second frame but only sealed the win on the colours. Thanks to RBL for an enjoyable evening.

Good Bad & Ugly 3 - 5 Newb Cons Club Submitted: 09/10/2016
GBU lost 3-5 to Newbury Con Club. Neil Munday was well beaten 2-0 by David Aitken.Despite a few good pots by Neil, David was always in control aided by some very consistant safety play. Youngsters Dave Brown and Simon Wilson drew 1-1. Dave easily won the first frame but Simon rolled back the years with some excellent potting building up a 50 point lead in the second. But to Daves credit he hung in and clawed back to trail by 13 points with the final two colours left. But Simon held his nerve to sink the pink and deservedly take the frame. Matt Colley never really got going against a consistant Robin Rawlings losing 2-0. Robin was always in contol and Matt struggled to find any form. Andy Fair shared two very long winded frames in beating Mike Paduano 2-0.The first frame was a dull affair with safety always at the front.Mike had chances at the end but it was Andy who eventually took the frame. The second frame started the same, but Andy started to find a bit of form and a break of 33 gave him a good lead. Mike never got going after this and Andy eased home to complete the match. The result was a fair one though and Gbu will have to play a lot better than this if they want to start winning matches.

Shaw Raiders 2 - 6 ESP B Submitted: 07/10/2016
Opening for Shaw and ESP-B were Mike Ainsworth and Greg Neill respectively. This was definitely a game of two halves with the cagey Greg taking the first 48-17 which included a very useful break of 21. Not to be outdone Mike came back strongly in the second to win 52-22. Shaw's Mike Parry struggled in his two frames against newcomer Hannah Martin who after an initial nervy period started playing confidently. Mike made far too many errors throughout allowing his opponent chances which she proved able to take full advantage of. Hannah deservedly won both frames 54-23 and 49-34 earning herself player of the match in the process. Next was Mark Dunn against ESP-B's Phil Craik. Both frames were tightly contested although Phil seemed mostly in control against an out of form Mark and went on to win 44-36 and 47-34. Lastly Shaw's Brian Leonard took on Sim Brown who has made a welcome return to the league following a couple of seasons absence. Brian was the better in frame one showing some good potting form whilst Sim was initially off target and took a while to settle. Brian took the first 42-28 but the second was much closer when Sim began potting a few decent balls. Brian created a lead which Sim managed to claw back and the frame was finally decided on the last black which Sim duly sank to win 59-49 and secure an equitable draw. So the evening's result was a 6-2 win for ESP-B who carry on their unbeaten run.

Southern Comforts 4 - 4 ADC Submitted: 10/10/2016
Stephen v John - steady player at start. First points to John foul on black. John still playing steady and safety shots. John not on a game. Stephen 2 points back in front. Nice steady 15 break take lead 25-8. Gone back to steady play bit of mix bag few balls potted to take it 40-8 then missed easy red plum over hole. Nice easy red and then lovely blue by John to make it 40-15 keeping a steady disrance. John pulls off a cracking long red but nothing else. Few colours potted get big lead with John potting the blue and pink  just for cue arm practices then conceded frame on black 62-27. Steve v John - safety play at start. Great pot on red but ended white in cluster. Stephen takes a slight lead 12-2. Cracking red by Stephen to split pack but left nothing on colour. Long cracking red from stephen and left on no colour then four points in foul by John giving me a lead of 26-2. Stephen and John now. potting the reds but not following up on colour. John left Stephen in tight snooker but manged to get out and leave John behind the blue then fouled. Stephen has a lead 36-21. John is on potting mode now trying to bring it back. 39-23 with brown blue pink black. Brown potted by John 39-27. Took pink and black to win frame.  Pat v Rob - In the first frame I started of well and was leading most of the frame till I went in off about two three times then Rob got a few fluke snookers. and was back in the frame he then potted Blue and Pink  down to black ball game Rob had few attempts at the black but left it safe on each attempts. I carried on playing safe I left black on bottom cushion. Rob went to play safe and flukes the black in middle pocket. Pat v Rob - Second frame I took control of the frame needing only blue for Rob needing snooker. I had an shot in corner pocket I rattled in corner for to roll along top cushion and go in the opposite corner pocket I played to get on pink then potted pink and black for a clearence of 18 to take second frame. James v Lee - First frame was poor. Balls all went safe and it was a nightmare to play and watch. Lee took the lead on the colours and sneaked it on the black. James v Lee - Second frame was just as poor for James but Lee played a little better and won it quite comfortably. Garry v Rory - steady at the start by both players. Garry slight lead with 11 break. Very slow first frame with Garry leading 19-5 and then gaining lead to 30-5 with Rory fouling. Spud fouling on red leaving red over pocket for Rory missing colour leaving Rory 20 behind. 34-11 leaving all the colours. Just the yellow for Garry. Green and brown for Rory, with Garry still leading 36-18.  Rory blue pink leaving black for rent spot. Spotted black to take first frame who will get it. Rory took frame with lovely black. Garry v Rory - steady start again. Cracking first red by Garry followed by Green and nothing else. Garry not on his game in this frame then pulls out a great pot on red but nothing after that. Low scoring on both players. What going on it like dajarvoug. Then garry turns it on with a lovely 12 break 19-2. Great red from Rory but nothing after that. Fluke red by Garry picking a lead of 28-3. Garry playing good shot but Rory managed to pot red. Rory pulls out a cracking pot on red but misses straight pink with Garry up on table leaving Rory in cracking snooker but could not escape it the spud pots cracking long red followed by pink taking it to 39-5. Green brown blue for Garry to win frame 53-5.

The OddBalls 6 - 2 Castle A Submitted: 09/10/2016
Rob Marks played well in his first frame against Nick Greetham, but struggled in the second. Nick needed the first frame to get going and certainly played better in the second. In a very open frame both had chances for decent breaks but neither could capitalise. Rob managed to stumble over the finish line and took both frames. Macauley Fyffe then played Rob East and it was Rob who commanded both. Not only did he pot well, he shut out Macca in both frames. An easy win for Rob. The next match saw Duane Puttock face Rob Thomson. Duane made a few small breaks to slowly increase the gap and did well to keep Rob quiet. Both played reasonably well but Duane won the first. Frame 2 was relatively low scoring meaning that nothing was decided until near the end. Duane always led but Rob had chances to claw it back. Unfortunately it wasn't to be and Duane took the win. The last match - and the only not to feature a Rob - was between Matthew Fyffe and Lee Gillingham. Matty hit a break of 22 on his way to scoring 77 in the frame. Not many people lose when scoring 77! Frame 2 was closer and the turning point was possibly on the yellow when there were a number of fouls and free ball incidents. Matty benefited from this and saw out the frame. Final score Oddballs 6, Castle A 2. An enjoyable evening, but somewhat quieter than you'd expect when hosting Castle A - no idea why that could be Roy!

Castle A 5 - 3 ESP A Submitted: 15/10/2016
The Castle A team for once, arrived at the Crucible much earlier than their ESP A opponents. To be fair Mark Head was there in a Billy No-Mates way - then along came Tim Page - but he wasn't playing! However it gave the Castle chaps an opportunity to swap tales and anecdotes and relax before the evening's shenanigans. When the rest of the away team arrived and dragged themselves upstairs to the tables the customary draw was done and battle commenced. Pat Shaw v Steve Cobb. The first frame started very slowly in a not very fast sort of way with Captain Cobb potting and Pat Shaw taking time to get going which he eventually did cutting the deficit, but Steve held on and got it on the pink. The second frame was bonkers. Poor Pat couldn't pot and Steve couldn't miss. It was an onslaught. "Flippin' heck!" gasped some of the onlookers. Steve played some magic shots. Pat kept trying but couldn't get a look in. Hard luck mate. Well done Steve. Brutal finish though snookering Pat behind the black so he couldn't go for the pink to finish in double figures. Rob Thomson v Mark Head. Two closely matched players and it was an interesting tussle. A game of two halves with Rob getting the first frame comfortably winning by 14 points. It looked like he had the wind in his sales but couldn't keep it up in the second frame. Rob does suffer from wind problems occasionally, but the rest of his team accepts this and hold their breaths when it happens. Anyway, Mark got his act together to pull away leaving Rob becalmed, and he just couldn't catch him. Quite a turnaround really with Mark sailing away winning by 32 points. 3-1 to the ESP A boys at the mid-session interval. Roy Young v Paul Godwin. The Castle A captain locked swords with Paul who really didn't get much of a look in during the first frame. Roy went ahead from the start and appeared to be winning comfortably but Paul came back on the colours to reduce the margin but Roy held on to win. The second saw Roy pull ahead again and at the colours Paul needed a snooker. With the balls out in the open he sunk the green brown and blue and laid a cracking snooker on the pink which Roy got out of. He then snookered Paul which he also got out of, but the pink went close to the centre pocket which Roy sank to take the frame. Rob East v Richard Aldred. Rob was well in control in the first frame with some steady scoring not leaving Richard much on. As their next frame started the match score was level at 3-3. This was a much tighter encounter but Rob got his nose in front and with just the pink and black remaining, Richard needed a snooker which he got. Magic shot! Three balls in a line against the side cushion. Rob missed the pink which meant that Richard could win with these last two balls. It didn't happen. After a couple of tense shots Richard left the pink over the middle pocket which Rob carefully sank to win the tussle by 2-0 and the match for Castle A by 5-3. "Yippee!" was the cry from the rest of the Castle team. A damn good evening as it always is against the ESP lads. Castle's captain Roy was voted Player Of The Match by the rest of his team which he graciously accepted. Let's hope it doesn't go to his head.

ESP B 4 - 4 The OddBalls Submitted: 18/10/2016
ESP B welcomed their old friends The oddballs to the Crucible in the / Cabco league encounter. In the first match Hannah "Trouble" Martin played the seasoned veteran Tony "Gooner" Lyles. Tony made some great early pots but lacked positional play which let Hannah keep in touch. Tony then had some crazy luck and took advantage by maximising on his luck with decent little breaks. Tony took the first frame 26|69. In the second frame Tony again made some good pots and this assisted by more luck helped him take the frame 31|76........... In the second match of the evening Shaun "Baaaa" Amor played Macauley "Macca" Fyffe. Shaun and Macauley played a nice tight frame and it could have ended going to either player. Shaun made the important last few pots and took the frame 42|33. In the second frame Shaun took confidence from the first and played a solid frame and ended up taking it 50|9 At the half way stage honours even 4 all! In the third match we say Phil "The annoying" Craik play his old rival Sam "DJ" Storey. Phil and Sam kept things pretty even, but then Sam missed a couple but let Phil in to take a decent lead. Sam needed the last 3 balls to force a re spot on the black and played a clever shot. This then resulted in one of the most odd safety battles that lasted for 20 minutes. Phil eventually had the luck and went on to take the frame 58|28. The second frame saw Sam miss a few opportunities and allow Phil to maximise. Phil went on to take the frame 54|28 In the final match of the evening we saw Tex "The Raider" Gerrard play Rob "The" Marks"Man". Rob annoying played as well as he always does, this included a tidy break of 26. This proved too much for Tex and Rob took the frame 28|67. In the second frame it was business as usual for Rob. Rob comfortably took the frame 28|68. As always a fun evening and ending with honours even, a fair result. ESP B 4 - 4 The Oddballs. Player of the match goes to Rob Marks

Good Bad & Ugly 2 - 6 Crucible S&S Club Submitted: 14/10/2016
GBU lost2-6 to the league leaders Crucible S&S Club. Youngster Dave Brown drew 1-1 wth Andy Boulter. First frame was close all through but Andy sealed it on the final colours. But upcoming youngster Dave potted some great balls against a struggling for form Andy and deservedly won the second frame. Mark Brewin drew 1-1 with Mark Alexander. Mark A was always ahead in the first frame, but Mark B held in there and potted really well to pinch the first frame on the black.However Mark A upped his game to win the second comfortably. Andy Fair lost 0-2 to Neil Rampton. Neil totally dominated the first frame winning easily, but Andy played a lot better in the second frame before Neil sealed victory on the pink. Matt Colley lost 0-2 to the rampant Chris Rice. Matt was never given a chance by Chris who potted well in both frames. Man of the match went to youngster Dave Brown who probably played his best match to date.If this young lad continues to listen to his best friend and coach,he could be one to watch in the years to come.

Magnum Taxis 7 - 1 Newb Cons Club Submitted: 17/10/2016
Another David vs Goliath took place at the Crucible with Magnum Taxis hosting Newbury Conservative Club lining up against his former team, could Andrew Seymour change a result which looked inevitable?.. First up was Neil Winkworth V Mike Paduano; a very cagey first frame saw Mike frustrate Neil, taking every opportunity he could, but to no avail, Neil potting the final few colours to take the frame. Going into the second frame and a very different story with Neil making the most of his chances and running out a very comfortable winner, 2-0 Magnum. Up next saw a brilliant match up between Andy Upton and Dave Aitken, and on paper a very close encounter which did not disappoint. With both players struggling with the pace of the table, it was Dave who managed to cope the better of the two, potting his way out of trouble and coming out on top taking the frame 67-27. Second frame and not very much changed, Dave seemingly trying to concentrate on waiting for his change but with Andy upping his potting game when it mattered gave him the leading chance which gave him the frame... 3-1 Magnum. Down to the last two matches of the night, which involved Jonjo Sharkey V Andrew Seymour and Dale Prout V Simon Wilson. First to kick off was Jonjo and ex Magnum man, Andrew Seymour. Very tight opening affair, which saw both players trying to frustrate each other - only for Andrew to surrender the chance he was waiting for and gift the opportunity for Jonjo who did not disappoint in doing what he had to do to take the first frame. Second frame and very much the same, but with Jonjo upping his potting skills and Andrew lacking in this department saw Jonjo establish a useful lead which Andrew could not claw back at any point, Jonjo running at a reasonable 2-0 winner... 5-1 Magnum. Last up but by no means least was Dale Prout V Simon Wilson, Battle of the Captains. Opening frame and after a very cagey start with Simon potting the opening 3 reds, it was Dale who took full control producing a 38 break followed by a brilliant 48 break with no reply from Simon, resulting in Dale winning the frame comfortably. Frame 2 started with the same scenario, with Simon potting the opening few balls before Dale turned on the magic but this time not missing any chances and making a magnificent 84 break, wobbling the brown in the jaws of the pocket and being denied a sure century.... 7-1 Magnum who cement themselves in 2nd spot of the table.

Shaw Raiders 6 - 2 ADC Submitted: 14/10/2016
Shaw Raiders achieved their first win of the season when they defeated ADC 6-2. The first match was between Raiders Mark Dunn and Rob Hill. Mark was potting very well in the first frame and compiled a good break of 37. Rob was always chasing the game after this and despite some good snookers lost the frame 61-26. The second frame continued in the same vein with Mark making a 22 break after which he went on to win 56-33. The second match was between Mike Ainsworth and Mike Lucey. Both frames were long drawn out affairs but Mike Ainsworth's steady play resulted him winning both frames 50-32 and 68-37 which gave the Raiders a 4-0 lead to the halfway stage. The next match saw John Apicella pitted against John Collins. John Collis was in charge for the first frame and won comfortably 67-36. However John rallied well in the second frame and at the end of a very tight game won 54-46. The final match was between Bob Low and Rory Greenwell. Bob established a small lead to begin with but missed several relatively easy pots which enabled Rory to take the lead in the frame which he won with some good potting 59-33. It looked as it Rory was going to complete the double in the next frame as he was 18 up with the final three colours remaining. However Bob managed to take all three to level the scores and force a black ball play-off. After several opportunities for both players Rory unfortunately went in off and lost the frame 51-44.

Southern Comforts 7 - 1 Royal British Legion Submitted: 17/10/2016
Pat v Eric - long pot red for Eric followed by yellow. Nice safety shot by Pat then one from Eric keeping it tight. Very tactical safety from both players which Eric managed to snooker Pat behind yellow  but managed to escape. Then Eric fouled on black to give Pat lead 8-5. Very low and scoring from both players so far. Fluke from Pat on red leaving him plum on pink followed by red then tuck up behind green. Two fouls by Eric giving Pat lead 25-7 then Pat Fouled bring it 25-11. Cracking red by Pat leaving him for brown then fluke red followed by black then red to get nice 14 break taking lead to 41-11. Pat back on the table but only for 8 points. No points scored by Eric until Pat went in off twice. 50-19 to Pat so far with all the colours on table. Eric picking up points make it 50-29 with green to black on table. Eric trying to bring him sleep back in the game but pat getting green and brown for 57-29. Eric 28 points behind needing 2 snookers with blue pink and black. Blue potted by Eric which was not ideal. Eric conceded frame. Frame 2. Pat to break. Pat back to trick shot mode with fluke red followed by Green. Eric with cracking snooker leqving Pat behind Brown but manged to escape. Nice little 7 by Eric make it 4-7. Very steady play by both players completely different to the first frame. Pat on a mission now only get a 9 to make it 21-9. Eric at table only with an 8 makes him 4 behind now all level. 27-22 very close in this frame. Nice long red by Eric but no colour. All colours left screaming yellow followed by nice green only. Brown Blue for Eric with him needing pink and black and pat only needs pink. Eric got the pink now black ball game. Difficult cut on the black for pat just hits the jaw. Another difficult pot into the middle for Pat but decided to play safe. Pat takes second frame with lovely cut on black. Great play by Eric and Pat on the last few balls. Sarah v Stuart - This was nip and tuck in both matches with neither person really taking any advantages but Sarah managed to come up trumps and win both frames 51-40 & 48-28. Steve v Sean - Sean to break. Steady play at start from both players. Sean take the lead. 5-14. Safety play by Stephen with Sean keeping Stephen away from potting. Stephen not getting any cue arm action. 3 credable shots by Sean 26-11. Stephen brings it back know to 20-26. Brought it back on the colours with amazing potting but sadly rattled the black and to leave Sean to take frame. Second frame - Sean gone potting but steady play for both players. Taken lead of 22-5 trying to pull away but Sean trying to bring it back to put pressure on Stephen. 34-12. This is a complete different game than first with Sean not on potting form. Stephen brings his A game slowly. 35 in it with 27 on table. Green brown blue pink black left potted green then Sean Called it a day at 56-12. Garry v Andy - First game was uneventful with Garry not leaving Andy any chances at the table, so he could get the first match wrapped up with a BIG win 81-8. In the second Andy gave Garry a good run for his money and the match was quite close but Garry was able to hold off Andy getting in front for him to take the second frame 51-37.

Castle A 2 - 6 Good Bad & Ugly Submitted: 23/10/2016
Rob East v Neil Munday. In the opening frame Rob was really buzzing and didn't miss much at all, plus a few snookers (not all planned) thrown in as well. He built up a good lead leaving Neil conceding on the colours. The second was more even with both players taking turns to go ahead. Rob was a few points up with the three colours remaining but left the blue over the top pocket which Neil sunk followed by a cracking pot on the pink. Rob was now seven points behind needing the black to force a re-spot. However Neil confidently got the final colour to make it one each between these two fine players. Nick Greetham v David Brown. In the first frame Dave pulled ahead but was pegged back by Nick with a neat 25 break to level the scores with just a couple of reds remaining. However, with a number of good pots and snookers he pulled ahead again to take it. The second at the start was quite even until Dave with some excellent long shots and even more snookers ground Nick down to leave the away team 3-1 up at the half way stage. Rob Thomson v Andy Fair. The balls in both frames went a bit awkward leading to a less than free-flowing match. In the first frame, Rob got his eye in far better than Andy and was comfortably in control all the way through. Andy was definitely struggling to find form in that first frame, partly because his back was giving him a bit of gyp (not that he used that as an excuse) although it was rumoured that he had his truss on back to front. In the second frame, a combination of Andy finding his form and Rob's cueing action going a bit awry meant that Andy started to build up a lead that Rob was never able to overhaul, so Andy took the second frame relatively comfortably. Lee Gillingham v Mark Brewin. Very close first frame up to the colours with canny play from Mark and good potting from Lee. Mark finished stronger on the colours to take it. The away team was now assured of winning the evening's encounter. The second frame, which was in fact the last one to finish in the club, had Mark always in the lead and Lee striving to catch up without success. Mark won it quite comfortably. Another enjoyable evening between these two teams. It could have easily been a draw if The Good Bad and Ugly players hadn't got more balls down than The Castle boys. Player of the match was Dave Brown.

Crucible S&S Club 8 - 0 ADC Submitted: 25/10/2016
Crucible claim 100% against ADC to keep the gap at the top Chris Rice 57 v 26 John Collis Chris Rice 63 v 43 John Collis Mark Alexander 40 v 31 Rob Hill Mark Alexander 70 v 11 Rob Hill Andrew Bolter 67 v 11 Rory Greenwell Andrew Bolter 72 v 21 Rory Greenwell Neil Rampton 83 v 32 Lee Collis Neil Rampton 96 v 13 Lee Collis The Crucible ran dominant from the word go, with Chris Rice seeing off John Collis comfortably in the early frames. Mark Alexander up next, this match see the only close frame of the evening with Alexander beating Rob Hill on the pink in the first but steered well clear in the second. Andrew Bolter up next who put in a top performance against Rory Greenwell, scoring heavily in both frames knocking in a couple of decent breaks whilst doing so. This made it 6-0 on the night with two to play. Neil Rampton on last who never really let Lee Collis come up for air, an aggressive Rampton see off Collis in both frames scoring heavily in both. MOM – Very close between Bolter and Rampton but have to go with Rampton purely based on the heavier scores.

ESP A 0 - 8 Magnum Taxis Submitted: 21/10/2016
ESP A, another long night, were put to the sword by title contenders Magnum Taxis. Magnums Harry Upton and ESPs Richard Aldred played out the most turgid 2 frames witnessed for some time, over an hour and a half. The things you can achieve if given that time, but we'll never get it back now! 2-0 to Harry, enough said. Best game of the evening was between ESP's Mark Head and Neil Winkworth. Mark played so well, and was ahead aided by a break of 24 in the first. Great safety play by Winky throughout the match laying a number of snookers leading to a number of fouls by Mark. First frame went to the black with Winky taking it 66-65. A break of 44 in the second put Winky in control but Mark was always a threat and kept Winky on his toes. 2-0 to Winky Jon-Jo picked up Magnums next two points defeating Paul Godwin, not giving Paul much of a look-in really. Dale Prout polished the evening off for Magnum, but had to work hard for his 2 points against Steve Cobb. The first frame taken with a good break off the last red, but the second closer still, and only secured by Dale on the pink. 8-0 to Magnum then. Ho Hum!

Newb Cons Club 5 - 3 ESP B Submitted: 21/10/2016
Dave/Sim. Both player start the frame with some very good safety play. Dave potted some very good balls. It was very even in the first game. Eventually Dave came out on top winning the first frame 47-39. In the second frame Dave continued to play well, Sim had his chances to come back into the frame. Again Dave won 55-21. Simon/Phil. Phil played very well, in both of the frames. Simon was unable to respond due to ill health.Phil easily won both frames 36-14 & 58-4. Robin/Shaun. The game started off very well, with both players potting some very good balls, especially Shaun. Robin slowly took the lead in the scoring, But Shaun came back on the colours, almost winning the game, but unfortunately when in off the final black. Giving the game to Robin 46-36. In the second frame Shaun and Robin again were very close with their scoring, playing some very good safety shots. Robin had chances to come back into the frame, but Shaun was too strong, winning the frame 59-37. George/Hannah. George and Hannah started the frame off very well, with both players potting some very good balls. George slowly increased his lead, Hannah missed out by missing some easy balls, allowing George to win the first frame 64-39. In the second frame it was a lot closer in the scoring. Hannah potted some very good balls. George had to pull out all the stops to win the final frame of the evening 45-37. Final score of the evening was 5-3 to New Con Club. A very good evening.

Royal British Legion 3 - 5 Shaw Raiders Submitted: 24/10/2016
A good night had at the legion First up was Stuart and Mike where Stuart was doing well until Mike started playing safe in the first frame where he got a few Snooker's and managed to take the frame on the last few couloirs. The second fram Mike took control and Stuart's heart was not in it and Mike took it Next up was Eric and bob. First frame was tight but Eric came out on top getting a frame for the legion. The second frame was tight but there was a mix up with scores and as home captain I made the decision so bob got the frame. Next up was Sean and mike. Both players were playing well but Sean managed to take the first. The second swing the other way with mike taking it. Fair result Last was andy and Brian. The first frame andy played well and managed to get the frame from Brian. We run out of time so the second frame was played in the Friday night where Brian came back and took the frame easy with handy not getting into the game.

Southern Comforts 1 - 7 The OddBalls Submitted: 24/10/2016
James was first up against Macauley. The match was pretty dire by any standards but as the frame progressed Macauley managed to. Sneak a small lead and got to the finishing line first. In the second frame again he had a slight lead but James potted well into the colours making it a black ball frame. Plenty of shots and plenty of misses later it was James who held his nerve to win the frame. Sarah took on Matthew on the other table. Both frames pretty much went the same way which was Sarah trying really hard but Matthew was the one on form and happily took both frames with some nice play leaving Sarah frustrated but she met a man on form tonight. Alex returned to the baize for his second outing of the season to play Sam. The first frame was more a case of who missed less than who potted more. Alex looked rusty and the potting machine Sam took full advantage, dropping in a little 22 break on the way. He took both frames with relative ease and will have been happy to have met an out of form Alex. The final match saw the 2 heavyweights, Garry and Duane face off. Garry took the early lead in the first but was pegged back and overtaken in the final stages by Duanne with some good all round play from both players. The second frame was also taken by Duanne who just seemed to have that little but extra when it was needed. A 7-1 loss for the Comforts is going to hurt their league standing but fair play to The Oddballs who both took advantage of some poor form from the Comforts players and also also played well when needed, especially Matthew.

ADC 3 - 5 Newb Cons Club Submitted: 29/10/2016
ADC v Con Club...1st pairing were the 2 'Mikes' Mike Lucey v Mike Paduano. !st frame M.P was potting well and not missing much whereas M.L. was struggling to put reds in the frame finishing 56-3. 2nd frame M.L. potting better but with M.P. not missing much he again took it 63-42. Next up was Rob Hill against Andy Seymour. Needless to say Andy wasnt on top form but even so a difficult customer who eased away taking the 1st 60-11. 2nd frame was much the same Rob trying hard but Andy taking it 65-5. 4-0 to Con club....Next was John Collis against Robin Rawlings.. It was even stevens in the 1st frame up to the last few colours when John fluked the brown potted blue and pink taking the 1st 49-39. 2nd frame it was again close but John missed an easy pink using the rest which Robin took with the black to take frame 56-49. Last pairing were Lee Collis v Simon Wilson. 1st frame was steady with both potting but Lee taking more colours with his reds and took the frame 65-32. 2nd frame and last of the evening saw both players level at 19 each with only a few colours left. Eventually Lee took them to win 32-19...a win 5-3 for the Con club.

ESP B 5 - 3 Southern Comforts Submitted: 29/10/2016
Esp B played Southern Comforts in the / Cabco league encounter. In the first game Phil Craik played Jason Canning.In the first frame Phil started well and took an early lead. Although this is Jason's first season in the league he played well to claw back the deficit and take the frame down to the black. Phil was fortunate and took the frame 47|39. In the second frame Phil was more consistent and took the frame comfortably 59|12. In the second match of the evening Hannah "Trouble" Martin played James Hearne. The first frame was a great battle. Both players making good pots. The game went all the way to the wire. Hannah kept her nerve and potted the all important black to take the frame 49|41. In the second frame James played much better and Hannah struggled to get into the frame. James won 8|53. At Half time ESP B lead their division 1 foes 3-1. Next up we had Tex "The Raider" Gerrard play Steven Miles. Tex used his many many years of experience to get a nice early lead. With a break of 22 Steve came back to take the frame down to the final balls. Tex took the frame 54|48. In the second frame Steve was on fire, missed very little. This included a break of 24 and help him win the frame 38:72. In the final match of the Evening Shaun "Baa" Amor played Garry "Spud" O'Donnell. This was a great couple of frames to watch. In the first Garry was on fire and missed nothing and took the frame 19|71. Then in the second frame we saw a complete change as Shaun could not miss anything and took the frame 74|32. A great evening as always against old rivals.... This time the 2nd division side take the honours! ESP B 5 - 3 Southern Comforts. Man of the match goes to Shaun.

Good Bad & Ugly 8 - 0 Royal British Legion Submitted: 28/10/2016
GBU beat a very spirited Royal British Legion 8-0. Andy Fair played a very solid first frame winning convincinglyagainst Stuart Alderton. But Stuart upped his game in a very tight second frame.It was a huge slice of luck that eventually sealed the win for Andy. 79 year old Dave Brown kept up his good form, the first frame saw him edge out Graham Hillyard but then won the second comfortably. Matt Colley produced a much better performance against Eric Roden.Matt potted well in the first frame building up a good lead before a whole series of fouls from both players gave Eric a chance, But another foul for the luckless Eric handed the frame to Matt, The second frame was closer but Matt potted the important balls to win. Mark Brewin completed the win by beating Sean Moxon. Mark won the first frame comfortably, but Saun as always dug deep to give himself a chance in the second. However Mark produced a good finish to seal the win. Credit to the Legion whose positive and friendly attitude deserved better.

Magnum Taxis 8 - 0 Castle A Submitted: 28/10/2016
Great night had by all as Magnum Taxis lined up against Castle A, expectations were high from the Magnum players beforehand knowing that any frames dropped surely would surrender the title even at this early stage to the criucible. First up was Andy Upton v Lee Gillingham, a very tight opening frame with neither player opting to take a risk but it was Andy who was the first to crack and rightly so making a small break to take the lead which he never surrendered. Into the second and again the same tactics were applied by both players with unfortunately for Lee the outcome still being the same. 2-0 Magnum. Next to take to the baize Neil Winkworth v Pat Shaw. Pat started off the best of the 2 applying 2 small breaks to take a 24 point lead only for Neil to get to grips and never look back taking the frame without no reply from pat. Second frame and a very one sided affair with Neil taking ever chance he had and running out 78-24 winner. Up next was the return of Phil Simmons who made his seasonal debut for Magnum up against Rob Thompson. Both players begun the frame with what looked like only one thing in mind, to shut the other out. It wasn't until Rob opened the scoring and built a slender lead that Phil hit back to move within 5 points of Rob. Shot selection became the undoing of rob and Phil took full advantage to wrap up the first frame 51-21. Into the second and it was Phil who had found his feet the quicker and quite efficiently built a commanding lead in which he never looked back, taking the frame 63-24. 6-0 Magnum. Looking to bring home all the much needed last to frames for Magnum was Dale Prout pitting his potting skills against the mighty castle A man Rob East. A very strange first frame saw Dale nowhere near his best, missing chances constantly, luckily for Magnum rob was doing exactly the same. Very scrappy frame in which Dale eventually came up trumps making a break of 34 to take the frame 82-11. Into the last frame of the night which saw probably the best snooker of the night which was few and far between for all players involved but resulting in Magnum bagging all 8 points to keep up the pressure on top spot.

Shaw Raiders 1 - 7 ESP A Submitted: 29/10/2016
ESP A recorded their second win of the season with a 7-1 result away to Shaw Raiders. The first match saw Shaw's Brian Leonard up against Wayne Racey. The first frame went to a black ball finish and Brian had a chance to win it with a straightforward pot to the middle pocket. Unfortunately he missed the pot and Wayne then sunk the black to win the frame 50-38. The second frame went to the last few colours but again Wayne finished the frame well to win it 59-31. The second match between Mark Dunn and Paul Godwin was a good contest with Paul taking the first frame 51-42. Mark was always in charge in the second and went on to win the frame 51-19. The third match between John Apicella and Mark Head was a one- sided affair with John not getting into the game at all. Mark won both frames with scores of 52-18 and 58-16. The final match was between Mike Ainsworth and Steve Cobb. Mike was sadly off his game and this, coupled with consistent potting by Steve, ended with Steve winning comfortably 60-28 and 61-16.

The OddBalls 5 - 3 Crucible S&S Club Submitted: 29/10/2016
**BREAKING NEWS - Crucible S&S lose their first league match for 20 months** The Oddballs continue in their fight for a podium finish, and also take revenge for defeat in last years' Team Handicap final with a grinding win over current league champions Crucible S&S. More often that not Crucible S&S are the first team to finish their match on a Thursday evening. Not tonight - as the lights around them slowing darkened this match stretched well passed 10 o'clock. Starting us off was Duane Puttock versus Paul Davis. Duane blasted out of the blocks and finished the first frame in no time. The second was looking like going the same way but he couldn't get frame ball despite having a strong lead. All of a sudden Paul grinded his way back into the frame with some great shots and caught Duane completely off guard. Duane made a number of careless errors, including conceding an important foul with only pink and black remaining. This gave Paul a chance he never expected but he couldn't capitalise. Neither player could seize their half chances but eventually a poor safety from Paul let Duane in, and that was that. 2-0 Oddballs. On the other table was Matty Fyffe against Chris Rice. Chris saw out the first frame very efficiently. Potting well when he had opportunities but never really giving Matty a look in. Things got a little scrappy in the second which suited Matty. The balls went in awkward places and so neither player could get into a rhythm. Matty potted some great balls but lacked the confidence to take too many risks - knowing the dangerous Chris could end the match at any moment. Matty held a slender lead throughout most of the frame and just when Chris pulled back, the Oddballs hit man hit an important 14 break going into the colours. Both players missed half chances for an important score and, after nearly an hour into the frame, an usually poor safety from Chris gave Matty the chance he needed on the pink to take a pivotal frame. Halftime, 3-1 Oddballs. Back on the match table, Mark Alexander was making light work of Tony Lyles and very quickly brought the match score back to parity. That left it to Rob Marks and Andy Bolter to battle it out. In the same fixture last season they shared the frames in a marathon match, so it could have gone either way. Both players started confidently enough, and it was nip and tuck all of the way. Andy eventually needed one snooker with pink and black remaining but with pink hanging over the middle bag, Andy tried to play it off the knuckle only to pot it, handing the frame to Rob. In the night's final frame Rob found himself almost 40 points in front within no time. However, you can never relax against a Bolter, and all of a sudden, he hits a 16 to give himself a chance. Rob, however, managed to maintain a reasonable lead going into the colours, and when Andy eventually played a poor safety, Rob took the brown and blue. The fluked pink which followed was merely confirmation of a famous win for last years' Division 2 champions. Final score, 5-3 to the Oddballs. So, an expensive evening for the Oddballs when it came to settling the bill. But perhaps not as costly as for the Crucible boys in terms of this season's battle for the top spot.

ADC 3 - 5 Royal British Legion Submitted: 15/11/2016
ADC v RBL...results only available to put online p.m.15th Nov. Results as follows Mike Lucey v Jo Ann Low 44-52 in the first and 41-75 Jo taking both frames. Rob Hill v Eric Roden. Eric took both 64-26 and 67-27. 3rd pairing was John Collis v Adrian Richardson. Adrian took the 1st 54-49 and John taking the 2nd frame 65-17. 5-1 to RBL. Last was Lee Collis v Stuart Alderton. Lee took both frames 49-35 and 44-39. RBL 1st win of the season..well done...apologies for write up

Crucible S&S Club 8 - 0 Castle A Submitted: 11/11/2016
Crucible smash a Hateful Eight to destroy Castle The Crucible still feeling very sore from receiving their first loss in 16 months, came back to life against an unfortunate Catle 'A'. Mark Alexander claimed the first two frames quite quickly against Rob Thompson, knocking in a 34 in the 2nd frame and claiming over 100pts. Next up stood Chris Rice, who in similar fashion took down Nick Greetham without giving the opponent a chance to repsond. 4-0 to the Crucible and not really letting the Castle come up for air. The walls of the castle were starting to crumble. Next to play was an in form Andrew Bolter who was pretty much cueing through an orange all night, top spin, side spin, you name it..... it was on it. Bolter made quick work of Roy Young, smashing home a 41 break obviously helped proceedings. With the score now 6-0 it was time to hand the baton to Neil Rampton. It was Rampton that threw the final catapulted slingshot to knock down the interior walls, again in the same fashion as the other 3 matches, heavily defeating his opponent Rob East. East tried to put up a fight in the first but was held back down by a Rampant Rampton, knocking in a 44 break whilst doing so. MOM: Captain Paul Davis, for proving that his captaincy skills are far more powerful from the armchair. Media sources and Paparazzi are starting to resemble Davis to a young Don Corleone, Dr. Evil or even so much as a Baron Greenback styled global bossing warlord. Some say he should have even put in for presidency.

ESP B 1 - 7 Good Bad & Ugly Submitted: 11/11/2016
This was a battle between the two early pace setters in Division 2. The opening contest was between Sim Brown (ESP B) and Mark Brewin (G.B.U).This was a tight two frames with Mark coming out on top 64-34 and 62-25. Match two saw Hannah Martin (ESP B) go up against Neil Munday (G.B.U). Hannah was very unlucky with a number of long pots rattling the jaws of the pockets and leaving Neil to mop up each time, and once Neil found his feet was potting everything to win 51-7 and 49-8. Match number three saw Tex Gerrard (ESP B) pair up against 79 year old David Brown (G.B.U), this was a very tight affair, with David nicking the first frame on a re-spotted black 46-39, but in the second frame Tex found some form and won it 46-23. Last but not least Shaun Amor (ESP B) took on youngster Andy Fair. Shaun battled well to come from behind in the first frame only for Andy to pot the pink and black and take the frame 52-43, the second frame was far to easy for Andy as he opened up with a decent 24 break and won the frame easily 64-33. Final score being 7-1 to The Good the Bad and Ugly. Man of the Match went to Neil Munday

Newb Cons Club 5 - 3 ESP A Submitted: 12/11/2016
David/Tim. Both players started off slowly, playing some very good safety shots. The scoring was very even, with none of them taking a definite lead. Tim potted some very good long balls. Dave slowly took the lead, eventually winning the first frame 68-35. In the second frame Dave showed his authority by potting some excellent snooker balls. Tim, unfortunately when he had this chances was unable to score well enough to catch up. Dave continued to play well, winning the second frame 55-23. Andrew/Richard. Andrew start the frame well by potting some very good balls. Richard potted some very good balls. Very good safety shots by both players. Andrew made several small breaks taking the lead in the scoring, Richard had his chances to come back, but Andrew was too strong, winning the first frame 68-35. In the second frame the game was a lot closer in the scoring with none taking a definite lead. Lots of safety play, as the game approached its completion. Andrew had to up his game to win. Andrew won 57-45. At this stage it was 4-0 to the Con Club. George/Steve. The game started off well for Steve, who potted some very good balls. George slowly came back, taking the lead. Very good potting by both players. Steve won the frame by scoring 25 from the remaining colours 61-44. In the second frame Steve improved his game by making a good 20 break. George wasn't able to catch, when he had his chances. Steve continued to play well winning the second convincingly 51-16. The final two frames were Michele/Paul. Paul started the first frame extremely well, by potting some really good balls. Michele had his chance to make a come back, but Paul continued to pot well, made a 27 in the middle of the frame. Paul won the first frame 57-28. In the second game Michele slowly took the lead in the scoring, by potting some good balls and playing some excellent safety shots putting Paul in all kinds of trouble. When it came down to the final colours Paul needed snookers. Paul slowly but surely came back from the grave into the frame, all on the black. Michele won epic game 68-56.

Shaw Raiders 1 - 7 Southern Comforts Submitted: 11/11/2016
Shaw Raiders went down 1-7 at home to Southern Comforts. The match between Brian Leonard and Pat Patel provef to be one-sided with Pat winning comfortably 49-14 & 50-26 to give Comforts a 2-0 lead. The next match was between Shaw's Mark Dunn and Steve Miles. The first frame contained a lot of good safety play and wih just the black remaining Steve was 6 points up. However it was Mark that made the vital pot to win a low scoring frame 37-36. Steve came back strong in he second frame, compiling a good 32 break and going on to win 66-18. The third match between Mike Parry and James Hearne again poved a on-sided affair. James was playing and potting extremely well and ran out an easy winner 66-19 & 68-32. The final match was between Bob Low and Wayne Brunsden. It was a good quality match with both players potting well. Both frames were decided with just two balls remaining with Wayne potting the pink in each case to win 49-34 & 53-44.

The OddBalls 1 - 7 Magnum Taxis Submitted: 13/11/2016
Magnum Taxis continue their fight for the title by avoiding a potential 'banana skin' fixture vs The Oddballs. In the first match Duane and Dale locked horns, and it was Oddballs Duane that took the early advantage in a scrappy frame. Dale got one of the 2 snookers required, but after some nervous shots Duane sealed it with the pink. In the second frame Dale opened up the reds early on and soon took advantage with a solid 66 break. Still just in the frame, Duane kept plugging away but the lead was too much. Match 2 saw Macauley Fyffe play Neil Winkworth. A nervous start for both meant only 20 points separated them with a handful of reds remaining. Suddenly Winky found a way in and sealed the frame with a 42. Frame 2 started similar to the first, but Macauley was unable to make headway into the slowly increasing deficit. 2-0 to Winky. Sam Storey then played Harry Upton. Sam took a commanding lead and was certainly favourite for frame 1, before Harry found his form and levelled. With only a few balls remaining Harry's momentum saw him snatch the frame. In the second, Harry took a 20 lead into the colours, and soon left Sam needing snookers. Despite a good effort Sam couldn't overturn it and Magnum took another frame. Finally, Rob Marks faced Phil Simmons. Phil struggled to find his form in the first, missing some pots and giving Rob some chances. However, Rob also wasn't playing well but was determined not to lose his first frame of the season without a fight. The fight didn't last long as Phil soon wrapped up frame 1, closely followed by frame 2. Final score, Oddballs 1, Magnum Taxis 7. Man of the Match: Dale Prout for a great 66.

Castle A 2 - 6 Shaw Raiders Submitted: 18/11/2016
Following two recent 8-0 defeats from the top two teams in the league, Castle A hoped for better success against another off form team, Shaw Raiders. On the first table Castle's Pat Shaw was drawn against the League's ex-chairman in the shape of John Apicella. Very close in the first frame. Pat needed the pink to win it, but hit the right knuckle of the middle pocket. John stepped in to pot the pink, then the black to take the frame. In the second John went into overdrive, scoring consistently with some magnificent shots and brilliant snookers leaving Pat floundering. The other match was rather a one-sided affair with Mark Dunn inflicting a heavy defeat on Castle's captain Roy Young who didn't play that badly but nowhere near the standard of Mark. Both players complaining about the slow cloth on the table and some bad contacts. 4-0 at half-time to Shaw Raiders and it was Rob Thomson of Castle A who halted the Raiders share of the spoils with two wins over Bob Low The first frame was won by quite a margin but the second was much closer. Rob kept his nose in front to the finish, giving two points on the board for the home team. At least one Castle player doing the business! Lee Gillingham didn't have much joy against Raider's Mike Ainsworth who took the first frame with good solid pots. Lee couldn't get his game together and was very frustrated with his lack of form. It looked to be going the same way in the second frame but Lee came back with some cracking snookers and good shots but Mike held on and Shaw Raiders won the match six frames to two. Another good evening's encounter as always when these two teams meet. The ever cheerful John Apicella was awarded Player Of The Match. Well done John.

ESP A 5 - 3 ADC Submitted: 19/11/2016
ESP A managed only their 3rd win of the season against ADC, but with 4 frames decided on the black the result could have gone either way. Mark Head got ESP off to a winning start defeating Rob Hill 2-0. However, Mark snatched the first with a good rest shot on the black, and only won the second frame when Rob had the misfortune of potting black only to see the cue ball follow it in. Richard Aldred played Mike Lucey in a rather turgid affair, Mike taking ADC's first point of the evening - again on the black - in a low scoring 38-35 win. Richard picked his game up a bit in the second frame and extended ESP's lead to 3-1 at the halfway mark. ESP's Steve Cobb and ADC's Lee Collis have played many times over the years and were paired up again. Both players struggled to get going but it was Steve who picked up the points that mattered to take the first frame. Lee played well in the second frame though, and knocked in a break of 28 following one of a number of poor shots played by Steve. Wayne Racey started like a train against ADC's captain John Collis, but this was the 4th frame of the evening that went down to the black. Further miss-fortune for ADC though as this time it was John who went in-off the black to hand the frame to Wayne. John out-played Wayne in the second frame though and took the final frame of the evening, leaving ESP 5-3 winners.

Good Bad & Ugly 2 - 6 The OddBalls Submitted: 21/11/2016
A depleted GBU team were well beaten by the Oddballs 2-6. 92 year old veteran Dave Brown played two good frames beating Out of sorts Macauley Fyffe 2-0. Neil Munday played a very close first frame against Matthew Macauley before losind 2-0. Matt Colley struggled to find any form losing 2-0 to a consistant Tony Lyles 2-0. Sadly Mark Brewin had to leave suddenly as his wife was taken very ill. Hope Bryony gets well soon Mark. On behalf of GBU we apologise to the Oddballs in particular to Duanne Puttick for this situation and hope they understood Marks situation.

Magnum Taxis 5 - 3 ESP B Submitted: 13/01/2017
Magnum Taxis welcomed ESP B to the Crucible in the Cabco/ postponed encounter. A daunting prospect for the 2nd division side ESP B. In the first match Jonjo played Hannah. The bookies had Jonjo slightly the favourite ..... Jonjo did not disappoint (unlike his tip we all foolishly backed at the 7:45 at Kempton). Jonjo played like we all know he can and quickly cleaned up both frames 70|14 and 66|1..... Possibly in record time? In the second match of the evening Dale (I used to knock in 100 breaks for fun when i was 14) played Phil. The first frame saw both players play safe and miss opportunities. But when Dale got his chance he showed why he is a 1st division player and reminded Phil why he is in the 2nd division 58|18. In the second frame Phil got off to a great start and had an impressive 25 point lead. Dale came back with a great break to tie the scores. Phil noticed Dale was starting to feel the pressure and slowly moved to a decent lead. Going into the colours Phil had a chance and he cleaned up yellow to pink and took the frame 33|60 ...... Dale and Phil were both as shocked as each other...... At the half way stage Magnum lead 3-1 In the third game of the night Paul Thomas played the veteran Tex Gerrard. Paul new to our league showed why one of the top first division sides signed him up! Paul took a nice lead, but Tex experience pulled him back to force a black ball decider. Paul kept his nerve and took the frame 63|52. In the next frame it was again a close match which went to the wire, this time Tex took the chance and take the frame 56|64. In the fourth game of the evening Phil Simmons played Shaun. Phil missed very little in the first frame and this backed up with a decent break over 30 he comfortably took the frame 51|3. The second frame saw shaun fight back well. Kept Phil honest. after both players fighting for the final points Shaun came out on top and took the frame against all the odds 35|48 In what potentially could of been a whitewash ESP B gave Magnum a game and we all had a great evening. Final score Magnum 5- 3 ESP B

Royal British Legion 0 - 8 Newb Cons Club Submitted: 17/11/2016
Eric/Andrew. Andrew played extremely well in the first frame. Potting nearly every ball, not allowing Eric to be in the game. Even thou Eric did have his chances in the game to come back. Andrew continued to play well easily winning the first frame 67-7. In the second frame Eric improved his game, by potting some very good balls. Andrew responded well by potting some very good balls and slowly took the the lead, by potting some small breaks. Andrew came out on top, winning again 64-33. Andrew/Dave. Dave started the frame well by taking a early lead in the scoring. Andrew unfortunately missed out on his chances to come back into the game. Dave continued to play well making a good 23 break in the middle of the frame, taking the lead even further. Dave continued to dominate the frame by winning the first frame 76-13. In the second frame it was a lot closer in the scoring between each other. Andrew slowly but surely took the lead. Andrew potted some very good balls taking the lead, surprising David.David dug in by playing some very good snookers on the last balls. David won the frame 56-45. Adrian/George. Adrian was unable to compete against George in the first frame, who potted some very good balls. Adrian did have some very good chances to come back into the frame, but George was too strong, winning the first frame 45-5. In the second frame it was a very similar matter, where Adrian was unable to capitalise when he had his chances to score well. George continued to play well, slowly taking the lead. Again winning the second frame 64-25. The man of the match was Andrew Richardson for his courage and determination in trying to win the second frame against Dave Aitken.

Southern Comforts 1 - 7 Crucible S&S Club Submitted: 29/11/2016
James v Chris James takes on Chris Rice the Crucible Club Snooker Open Champion 2016. There was nothing James could do in the first and second frame as Chris was on fire winning first frame 76-16 with a 44 break then taking the second frame 72-17 with James getting a 16 break then Chris turned around and nocked in a lovely 56 break taking second frame. Steve v Mark First frame steady start from both players Steve taken 13 point lead. Then got a a fantastic 38 break by Steve. 64 - 25. Mark conceded frame. Mark to break in the second. A different game to the first. Mark taking lead 57 - 7 and taking frame. Lyndon v Andy First game. Steady play by both players. Andy takes a 16 point lead then takes a 30 point lead. Andy wish a lovely smooth 35 break. Lead 65-8 to take frame. Lyndon with lead 16-0 in the second frame. Very steady again from both players just like a game of chess which way and move to go. The game is like bragain rights. Andy leading 27-17. Lydon bring it back only 2 points behind. 25 in it with 27 on table. Sarah v Neil Neil on a roll in first frame against Sarah who could not get her cueing arm going. Neil taking the first frame 72-10 with a 53 break. Second frame was almost like the first frame with Neil not leaving much for Sarah which lead Neil taking second frame 67-14.

ADC 1 - 7 Magnum Taxis Submitted: 03/12/2016
ADC v Magnum Taxis.....1st pair up were Rob Hill v Jonjo Sharkey. 1st frame was close as such but Jonjo eventually cleared up winning 59-40. 2nd frame was a struggle for Rob and with Jonjo putting a nice 42 break together took it comfortably 56-9. Next was John Collis against Neil Winkworth. In both frames John was struggling to play safe and keep Winky tight but Winky easily took both frames 86-23 and 78-32. 4-0 to Magnum. Next pair were Mike Lucey v Dale Prout. Mike was in the same boat as John Collis was, struggling, with Dale not on top form but potting well he took both frames 61-11 and 77-19. Last up was Lee Collis v Andy Upton. Lee wasn't potting well in the 1st and with Andy putting a 29 and 23 break together took it 59-15. Last frame of the evening commenced with Lee potting a lot better and slowly taking the lead and with blue pink and black left on the table Andy needed 3 snookers and a clearance to win. Lee fouled twice 'ouch' but then managed to clear up taking the frame 59-26 to avoid the dreaded whitewash....7-1 to Magnum

Crucible S&S Club 8 - 0 ESP B Submitted: 05/12/2016
The Crucible were quick out the blocks against ESP, it was an in form Mark Alexander kicking off the attack with two fast frames against James Craik. Alexander hit a 34 and 47 in consecutive frames closing off the match in prompt fashion. Chris Rice stepped up next, and in similar style never really gave Sim Brown a chance, Rice hit a class 53 break in the second frame setting the home team up for a big score for the evening. Neil Rampton had the closet match of the evening when up stepped Phil Craik, Phil got the early punches in in the first frame and had Rampton on the ropes, but stamina shone through giving he first frame to Rampton on the colours. the second was a similar battle this time to a respotted black, unfortunately Phil left the black over the pocket to then be tapped home by Rampton. Paul Davis claimed the last two frames, the first saw a sticky battle with Tex Gerrard with Davis being the stronger when approaching the colours, Davis then kicked on in the second which saw less of a contest. all 8 frames claimed for The Crucible, Magnum dropping a frame sees Crucible now 3pts clear at the top of the table.

ESP A 5 - 3 The OddBalls Submitted: 03/12/2016
ESP A scrapped their way to a 5-3 win over The Oddballs. Steve Cobb took the first 2 frames of the night defeating Macauley Fyffe. Macca struggled to find his range while Cobby accumulated the points but also enjoyed more than his fair share of good fortune throughout the match. Wayne Racey and Matty Fyffe played out a scrappy affair ending with a point for each side. Tim Page picked up ESP's final 2 points of the night defeating Tony Lyles. Both frames were tight, an error from Tony on the pink in the first allowing Tim to take pink and black to nick the frame. The second went down to the black and after a number of decent safety shots from both players, it was Tim again downing the all important final ball. In the final match, ESP's Paul Godwin can count himself unfortunate not to have taken at least a frame from Rob Marks. Particularly the second frame, when with just pink and black remaining, Rob escaped from a well placed snooker and also managed to pot the pink and end up with straight pot on the black to steal the point. Well played all.

Newb Cons Club 6 - 2 Shaw Raiders Submitted: 02/12/2016
Dave/Brian. Dave started off well by potting some very good balls. Brian came back playing some good snooker. Dave went ahead in the scoring by making a good 24 break. Dave won the first frame 65-31. Again Dave started off well in the second frame, Brain unfortunately missed some easy reds, allowing Dave to score well. Dave played some very good snookers. Dave won the second frame 51-19. Michele/Mike. Both players did some good safety shots at the start of the frame. The game was very tense, with all the reds and some of the colours at one end of the table. Michele slowly took the lead. Mike did some very good pots. Michele won the first frame 76-34. In the second game it was a lot more closer in the scoring, with none of them taking a definite lead in the scoring. Lots more safety play by both players. When it came down to the colours Mike was in the lead. It was all on the final black, which both players played some very good safety shots. Michele eventually potted the black to win the frame 45-44. George/Mark. The game started off with both players playing very good safety shots. It was very even in the scoring almost throughout the game. Mark had his chances, but George continued to play well on the final 2 colours. George won the first frame 56-44. It was completely the reverse in the second game with Mark taking hold of the game. George had chances to catch up with the scoring. George almost court up with the scoring, but Mark was too strong winning the frame 64-34. Robin/Bob. Bob potted some very good balls at the start of the frame, taken an early lead. Robin had his chances to catch up, but Bob continued to pot well. Bob slowly but surely increased his lead. Bob won the first frame 45-20. In the second frame Robin pulled up his socks and started to play well, by potting some very good balls. Bob unfortunately wasn't able to respond, getting a good red, but missing the colour. Robin increased the pressure by potting well. Robin came out on top winning the frame 50-10. It was a very good evening with an excellent win by New Con Club 6-2. A good friendly atmosphere while enjoying a pint and eating some lovely food.

Royal British Legion 5 - 3 Castle A Submitted: 03/12/2016
Another good night down the legion on Thursday with castle A as normal Starting with Ady and pat Ady started if well then seemed to lose it a bit and pat fought back to bring it back close but Ady managed to take the first frame. The second pat seemed in control with both players missing easy shots but pat took the frame so one frame apeace. Next up was Stuart and rob. The first frame was a battle with both players playing well but missing some easy shots. Stuart managed to battle in though and take the first. Also his first of the season. The second frame was all one sided to rob who came back and took it easy. So now two each. Next up was Eric and rob the first frame was a battle again with both players doing ok. Eric managed to take the first and then rob took the second easy. Three each There seems to be a pattern going on here. Next up was my self sean and nick the first frame went all my way and I seemed to be playing well and not letting nick have much of a chance. So first frame tobus. Told you there was a pattern. Next frame though I still seemed to be playing well and managed to take that one as well giving the legion another win. So 5-3 to the legion. I would like to thank castle A for a fantastic night with lots of laughs as always.

Southern Comforts 6 - 2 Good Bad & Ugly Submitted: 05/12/2016
James v Neil - James to break. Steady play from both in first. Few great long reds from James  utility not getting on any colours. Neil leads 11-30 at present. James has reduced it to 23-32. Now it's 25-45 leaving Brown Blue Pink and Black. James takes frame clearing all colours to win 47-45. Second frame James is starting off very well with lead 15-0. Playing great safety play leaving Neil nothing. James running away with a 24 point lead. Nothing is stopping James with him leading 39-13 with Neil not finding his cueing action leaving Neil 27 point behind. Neil 27 behind with 27 on. James getting yellow green brown to take it 57-21. Neil concedes frame. Paul v Andy - Paul Crutchley out for 2 months and comes back on fire. Winning his both frames against Andy 72-40 and 77-33. Stephen v Mark - First frames was steady play from both players. Stephen was playing a different game than he usually play but didn't work out in the first frame as Mark was able to put pressure on Stephen to take the first frame 43-62. Second frame was a tight one both players playing the same style snooker i.e potting and safety play but Stephen manged to clinch the frame 43-41. Alex v Dave - It was all Alex in the first with great play and not leaving Dave anything which made it easy for Alex to fly away with the first frame 51-32 however second frame was completely different to the first frame with Dave taking control and flying away with frame 51-34.

Castle A 3 - 5 Newb Cons Club Submitted: 18/12/2016
Nick Greetham v Robin Rawlings. The first frame saw Robin dominating proceedings with some confident potting and he took an early lead leaving Nick staring at his own cue tip wondering what to do. Quite a margin at the end, but in the second frame Nick turned his cue around so that the pointy end hit the cue ball nicely and he went on to win it. Rob East v Michele Paduano. On the other table, Rob East with the help of a solid 24 break stopped Michele building up a decent score. With five of the colours remaining Michele needed them all to force a re-spotted black. He got the green and brown but Rob potted the blue to finish it. Quite a turnaround in the second and the Con Club man regained his form while Rob couldn't pot anything of consequence leaving the match level at the halfway mark. Rob Thomson v Dave Aitken. This match was a pleasure to watch - unless you was a Castle player where it was The Nightmare Before Christmas. Dave Aitken was on fire! Much too hot for Castle's Rob Thomson and with two breaks of over twenty in each frame he just blew Rob away. Lots of shots straight in the heart of the pockets and some of them really slamming in. Brilliant stuff! Rob tried to come back in the second but it was to no avail. This magnificent performance earned Dave the Player Of The Match and well deserved too. Roy Young v George Apperley. George went off like a train potting well and looked like beating Castle's captain out of sight, but Roy dug in and pulled back requiring the last three colours to win and George just needing one. Roy got the blue, then a couple of shots later potted the pink and with the black sitting on the right hand cushion he managed to double it into the left hand black pocket. He didn't stop taking about it for the rest of the evening! Anyway George had more than enough of that and destroyed Roy in the second, resulting in the away team winning 5-3. Well done everyone. We just need to cheer Rob Thomson up now after his battering. Merry Christmas to all! Ho ho ho!

Crucible S&S Club 7 - 1 ESP A Submitted: 16/12/2016
A few tight frames could of seen this match score reflect a little different than the official result, and it was Mark Alexander that kicked off proceedings with Mark Head. Alexander stormed the first frame knocking in a couple of breaks whilst doing so. Then needed the blue pink and black to steal the second and successfully completed the task. Andrew Bolter took full control of his first against Steve Cobb, scoring very strongly with Cobb not really being able to put up a fight. But the second frame was a totally different show. Bolter had a couple of slices of bad luck, but Cobb pounced and capitalised on most of his chances. He continued to add points to the board and claimed ESP's only frame of the evening. Chris Rice was comfortable in his first against Paul Godwin, Rice hit a 15 break and a few of the colours to add another home point to the board, Godwin responded well in the second and took it to a black ball which Rice stole right at the death. Neil Rampton on last who was in control all the way through both frames, knocking in a 29 in the process. Claiming both points completing a 7-1 score line to The Crucible. Successful evening for the home side as Magnum Taxi's dropped 2 against ADC. Pat Patel's fluke on the black was one of the highlights of the evening.

ESP B 6 - 2 ADC Submitted: 16/12/2016
ESP B welcomed ADC to The Crucicble in the 2nd division encounter. In the first match Hannah Martin played John Collis. The match was very close initially. Then John showed us all how to make doubles... This gave him the edge and he went on to take the frame 15-38. In the second frame again it was close, Hannah had a bit of miss fortune with the brown which gave John the advantage and he went on to take the 2nd 33-50. In the second match Sim Brown played Mike Lucey. Sim played a very steady frame and took the first 49-21. In the second frame Mike kept in touch with Sim, and due to his honesty admitting a couple of fouls which no one else spotted, gave Sim the advantage to win 49-33. 2 all at the half way stage. In the third match of the evening Phil Craik played Lee Collis. Both players enjoying much success this season. In the first frame Phil got off to a decent start leaving Lee to chase. Phil took the frame 50-23. In the second frame Phil again got off to an early lead and hit a break of 27. This helped him win the frame 41-4. Unfortunately due to a no show there was not a 4th match. Final score ESP B 6-2 winners. Man of the match goes to Sim Brown.

Good Bad & Ugly 3 - 5 Shaw Raiders Submitted: 19/12/2016
Game one saw some good scoring from Mark brewin in the opening fame with a break of 28 to take a 1-0 lead. John apicella made Mark work for the second frame with some great safety play but lost the frame on the pink. Game two saw Matt colley take on Mark Dunn. Both frames were closely fought with Mark taking both frames on the final few colours leveling the match at 2-2. Game three saw Sam brewin make his first appearance for GBU up against Mike ainsworth. Mike showed Sam how its done in the first with some good potting and safety to comfortably take the first frame. Sam settled in the second and started to take his chances scoring well to level the match at 3-3. The final match saw another newcomer to the the GBU team Daniel brewin up against a very good bob low. The first had us all gripped as Bob looked good with a 40 point lead but only to see Daniel start to string a few balls together and close the gap. Bob taking the frame with the pink. Bob went on to take the second with a good solid display winning the match for the raiders 5-3 ending an enjoyable evening.

Royal British Legion 0 - 8 The OddBalls Submitted: 19/12/2016
Well a good night had by all at the legion first up was Eric and Sam where Eric was doing ok but Sam had the upper hand in both frames taking them easy Next was Ady and Duane where Duane took control of both frames and won them easy as well. Andy and macca was up next and in the first it looked like Andy may win our first but macca took the frame then easy took the second Last was Sean and rob. Sean left to try and stop the whitewash but never even started so rob took both very easy. A couple of. Ice breaks one from Duane of 32 and rob 30 which both could of been lots more. Hope everyone has a good Christmas and new year and see you on the re match

Southern Comforts 2 - 6 Magnum Taxis Submitted: 20/12/2016
Lyndon v Neil - steady play by both with Lyndon getting 10 break followed by Neil with a 17 with nice potting and steady play. Neil taking a good lead 11-41. Leaving Lyndon 29 points behind. Lyndon coming back  now only 6 behind leaving Brown Blue Pink black. Lyndon unlucky to clinch the frame leaving Neil  to take frame. Second frame with Lyndon starting off with a lovely 28 break. Neil with a lovely steady 32 break to bring the scores 29-49. Great play by both players with some fantastic pots. Lyndon 29 behind with 27 on. All down to the blue pink and black leaving Lyndon 28 behind. Neil takes frame. Stzeve v Jonjo - Steady play from both with Steve taking a lead. Amazing snooker from Steve with a lovely break of 26 and taking frame. Second frame was a good one. Jonjo with a break of 32 break leaving Steve to do alot but manged to plug away and bring it back to a tight ending finish. Steve needing colours to take frame ending it down to the blue pink black to take frame but missed the blue with a tight white on cushion. Leaving Jonjo only needing the blue which he got and to take the frame. A well deserved draw I think. James v Dale - Both frames was scrapy from both players with then not on there A game. Both players struggling to get into the game with Dale pulling off the the two wins. Pat v Paul - First frame seemed to be all going Paul way leaving Pat struggling to put anything together which Paul clinched the frame winning 36-59. The second frame was completely different to the first frame with Pat stepping up to the mark by playing some great snooker. However Paul was keeping up with Pat in the points and not letting Pat take a huge lead. At the end it was down to the black and Pat pulled a magical long pot to sneak the frame 58-50.

ADC 4 - 4 Good Bad & Ugly Submitted: 14/01/2017
ADC v GBU...first pair were Rob Hill v Mark Brewin. 1st frame saw the points level with only last 3 colours remaining. A couple of pots and fouls saw the points again level with black remaining, Mark eventually taking it to win 62-55... 2nd frame saw Rob missing a few and Mark potting to take the frame 59-26. Next were Lee Collis v Sam Brewin. Lee started well in the 1st and gradually pulled ahead with a few small breaks as was the second frame and took both 65-33 and 56-27. 3rd pair was Mike Lucey v Any Fair. Andy was potting well in both frames slowly pulling ahead of Mike who was missing a few which gave Andy the win in both frames 60-20 and 56-28. 4-2 to GBU. Last pair was John Collis v Matt Foley. John started well in the 1st with a few small breaks but Matt slowly caught up with some good pots and now in the lead. John came back and took the majority of the last colours to win 61-39. It was much the same in the last frame of the evening John taking the lead then overtaken by Matt. Again John took the lower colours leaving Matt needing snookers but John took those to win 61-43. A good evening finishing in a draw 4-4.

ESP A 5 - 3 ESP B Submitted: 14/01/2017
The clash of the ESP teams this week saw ESP A avenge their defeat by the B team earlier in the season. Paul Godwin got the A team off to a perfect start taking both frames from Tex Gerrard in two closely fought games. Tim Page looked to add to the A teams lead and was off to a flyer whn building a healthy lead against Greg Neil. But it all changed on the colours when both players laid a number of snookers and it was Greg who benefited, eventually taking the first frame on the pink. Both frames could have gone either way, but the second also went Greg's and the B teams way so 2-2 at the midway point. Mark Head put in a player of the match performance when racking up the points and keeping Shaun Amor quiet in a decent 2-0 win to put the A team back in front. Captains Steve Cobb and Phil Craik met in the final match of the evening, with ESP A's Cobb starting well with a break of 33. Phil responded well though and the frame went down to the final colours with Cobb taking it on the pink. Steve was intent on taking the second frame to avenge his defeat by Phil earlier in the season, but Phil is a determined little ankle biter! Steve was ahead again for much of the frame, and again the game went down to the final two colours. To be fair, Phil expertly downed the pink and black with two long pots, and overall a frame each was a fair result. So a 5-3 win the the A team, but plenty for them to do if they are to overhaul the B team in the league standings - but not giving up yet!

Magnum Taxis 8 - 0 Royal British Legion Submitted: 22/01/2017
First 2 matches of the night saw magnums top 2 take on RBL's first 2 challengers. Dale Prout v Andy Richardson and Neil winkworth v Stuart Alderton. Unfortunately for the legion Dale and Neil were in fine form scoring over 350 points between them over 2 frames with a combined reply of only 20 from Stuart and Andy. 4-0 magnum. Next up saw Andy Upton take on Eric Roden and Phil Simmons take on Sean moxon, magnum needing all 4 frames to keep the pressure on the crucible at the top, Phil and Harry carried on where Neil and Dale left off producing some fine snooker and wrapping up all 4 frames in double quick time. Great night and a great result for magnum.

Newb Cons Club 4 - 4 The OddBalls Submitted: 13/01/2017
Dave/Duane. Duane started off well, by potting some very good balls. Both players played some very good safety shots. Dave all the way through the game was behind in the scoring. Dave had his chances to even the scoring, but Duane continued to pot well. Duane won the first game 63-34. The tables were totally turned in the second game with Dave sometimes playing the better snooker. Duane started to even the match, by potting some very good balls. Dave slowly increased his slight lead, by playing some very good snookers. Dave won the second frame 48-36. Michele/Rob. Rob started the first game extremely well, by potting some very good balls. Rob made a good break of 23. Michele had his chances to come back, but unfortunately missed some easy pots allowing Rob to score well. Rob's long potting and safety play was brilliant. Rob easily won the first frame 75 -26. It was exactly the same in the second frame with Rob doing all the potting. Michele was unable to respond to Rob's excellent snooker. Rob deserved to win the second frame 68-22. I have chosen Rob as man of the match, because of the good snooker. It was a pleasure to watch the 2 frames. Robin/Macca. Both players started off well, it was very even in the scoring. Robin and Macca potted some some good balls between them. Robin came from behind to win the first frame 57-52 all on the black. It was very similar in the second frame with none of the players taking a definite lead. Then Macca slowly but surely put together some excellent balls to take the lead in the scoring. Robin was unable to come back and Macca won the second frame 52-37. George/Tony. Both players started the frame with some very good safety shots. It was very even in the scoring with none of the players taking the lead. Then George started to put small breaks together increasing his score. Tony had his chances to come back, but missed some easy reds. George won the first frame 51-27. In the second frame George continued to dominate the frame by potting some very good balls. Tony could see the frame slipping away, as George played very good snooker. Tony kept on missing the balls allowing George to win the final frame of the evening 50-9. It was a very enjoyable evening of snooker, especially watching Rob playing.

Shaw Raiders 1 - 7 Crucible S&S Club Submitted: 13/01/2017
Shaw Raiders hosted league leaders Crucible Sports and Social. It proved to be an evening which although producing a predictable result also threw up a few surprises. Opener Mike Ainsworth took on Crucible's Paul Davis and gave Raiders a glimmer of hope when he denied his opponent the first frame with a fine clearance of the last four colours to win 66-41. Paul came back strongly in the second to make a 38 break and go on to secure the frame68-30. Meanwhile, Mark Dunn was up against Crucible's Chris Rice who struck good form from the start by taking the first frame 86-2 which included some impressive play and a 39 break. However, the second was not such a formality as Mark raised his game and stayed in contention throughout and was unlucky to be denied victory when down to the last colours the blue stubbornly wobbled in the jaws leaving Chris to capitalise and sneak the frame 47-36. Shaw's Mike Parry could make little impression on Andy Boulter who played steadily and accurately to win both frames 65-31 and 84-8. Finally, Shaw's Brian Leonard was matched against Mark Alexander . Mark was in sparkling form and gave Brian few opportunities as he went on to take both frames by 80-5 and 78-2 recording breaks of 43 and 37 in the process. So, the final result was 7-1 to Crucible and the encounter was much enjoyed by both teams.

Southern Comforts 7 - 1 Castle A Submitted: 15/01/2017
Pat v Roy - Pat to break. Starting of with couple of safety shots from both players. Roy takes a 9 point lead. Nice little 11 break from Roy to extend the lead 8-20. Pat not finding his cueing action at present but Roy is just plodding along by just taking a few points there and here leaving Pat 20 points behind. Not going Pats way as Roy leads 12-46. Roy takes frame. Second frame Roy to break. Pat takes lead 20-8. Roy crawling back but not leaving Pat anything. Luck is on Roy's side in this frame stopping Pat to take a further lead. Roy plugging away slowly. Leaving Roy 23 points behind. Scores at present 39-13 with Roy 26 behind. Pat takes frame. Paul Crutchley v Rob East - The first frame being a very scrappy affair. Paul took an early lead with neither player getting into any sort of rhythm and eventually took the first frame. The second frame was a complete contrast, at least to begin with, Paul making an impressive 40 break but then Rob kept chipping away at the scoreboard and did well to force a respotted black...Paul took his chance and won. Alex Hutchinson v Lee - The first frame was up and down with flukes, snookers and a lot of missing. Alex eventually took more chances than Lee and won the first frame on the blue. The second frame was a different story with Alex storming ahead and making some good pots to comfortably win the frame. Steve v Rob - First frame both players started of steady. Stephen got early lead but Rob pulled it back. Nice snooker play from both players and it was difficult to know who was going to take first but Stephen managed to scrape the frame only by 11 points. Second frame was completely different with Stephen going into a different gear playing some amazing snooker. Rob tried to keep close with some nice safety shots and managed it but Stephen pulled away and took frame.  

Castle A 3 - 5 ADC Submitted: 09/02/2017
Tuesday 7th February. This was a postponed match from 19th January. Dennis Doswell v Mike Lucey. A scrappy start by both players but Mike got his eye in first potting some good individual pots but no breaks of any note. In the second frame, Dennis started to get a bit more used to his new cue and started potting a bit more like the Den of old, and won it reasonably comfortably. Richard Cloak v Rob Hill. Two very close frames. The first saw Rob in the lead all the way and Richard just couldn't catch him. Rob secured the frame with the black. On the next one, again Rob lead from the start but Richard came back at him with a couple of nice breaks and needing the last two balls to square the competition. He got the pink OK but tried a fine cut on the black unfortunately missing it and giving the frame to his opponent. Rob East v John Collis. Rob was potting OK against John in their first encounter including a few spawny snookers laying tight up against the balls. John then needed a couple of snookers with just the pink and black left. He got one of them, putting the pressure on Rob. Both players messed about on the last two colours but in the end John accidentally potted the pink meaning he lost the frame (by one point because he took the black as well). In the second frame Rob completely went off the boil and John potted steadily, keeping comfortably in the lead all of the way resulting in a perfectly fair one all. Roy Young v Lee Collis. The first frame was a complete act of cruelty with big Lee hammering Castle's captain into the baize. Roy managed at least to get into double figures. The second turned out to be a tight affair with Roy pulling away leaving Lee with long shots or nothing at all, Roy took it on the pink to square the duel. A nice relaxed evening between the two teams. Difficult to choose the Player Of The Match as there was no spectacular performances, but in the end it went to Castle's Dennis Doswell who played his first match for a couple of years. Nothing to do with the cue extensions he gave to Roy before the match. Welcome back Dennis!

ESP A 4 - 4 Southern Comforts Submitted: 20/01/2017
Well, that was a long night!! Richard Aldred & James Hearne took some time to complete their 2 frames. Turgid the best description I can muster. I'll keep the report short though - 1 frame each! Paul Crutchley was in fine form for Comforts and Mark Head was on the receiving end, so a couple more points for Comforts. The last two matches were close affairs. ESP's Steve Cobb trailing in both to Steven Miles, but found his range toward the end of both frames sealing both on the pink. Gary O'Donnell defeated Paul Godwin on the black in their first frame, but Paul fought back in the second and led most of the way until Gary inadvertedly potted the pink when need snookers. All square between the two, and all square in the match, a 4-4 draw.

Magnum Taxis 5 - 3 Good Bad & Ugly Submitted: 25/01/2017
With magnum looking to close the gap on the crucible 8 points was a must. Standing in their way were the Good Bad and the Ugly. Unfortunately for magnum the night got off to the worst possible start with only being able to field 3 players. 2-0 down already and up first was Captain Dale Prout v David brown, a very tactical opening saw neither player committing to much but it was dale who got in when needed with a break of 32 to set up a convincing lead and take the frame 91-27. Second frame began very much the same as the first, this time with each player taking every point available. With all to play for with 2 reds left on the table, it was dale who turned up the heat and clearing the table to the black. 2-2. Next up saw Magnums Neil winkworth take on Andy fair, a very one sided first frame saw Neil pot soundly and took the the dean convincingly 81-23. The second frame however was a completely different scenario....Andy taking his chances and forcing the frame to the death. With pink and black left and black gaping over the pocket all that was needed from Andy was to make sure of the pink but to his disappointment followed the white in from a great pot leaving Neil with a lead Which he never lost and took the frame 66-50. 4-2 magnum. Last up was Andy Upton looking to secure all of the available frames magnum could obtain. Unfortunately with a very cagey opening frame which Andy took 49-16 he could not prevail with the second with Mark Brewin pulling out all the stops to add to magnums dissapointing night. FIinal score Magnum taxis 5- 3 Good Bad & Ugly..

Newb Cons Club 1 - 7 Crucible S&S Club Submitted: 21/01/2017
Simon/Neil. Simon was totally out played by Neil tonight. Neil played very well, especially his safety play and his long potting. Simon had his chances, but Neil was too strong winning the first frame 50-20. In the second frame, Neil continued to play well, not allowing Simon to get into the game. Neil's potting was extremely good, by putting together several small breaks. Neil easily won the second frame 101-25. Dave/Mark. Dave played brilliantly against Mark in the first frame. Dave's safety play was very good, not allowing Mark to score. Mark had his chances, but Dave continued to play well making a break of 24 thus winning the first frame 66-14. In the second frame it was a lot closer with the scoring. Both players did some very good shots and safety play. Mark took the pink and black to win the frame 56-43. George/Andy. George and Andy start the frame off well, with some good safety shots. George potted some very good balls. Andy slowly took the lead in the scoring. George had his chances to make a come back, But Andy was too strong taking the first frame 70-32. It was a very similar game in the second frame, where both players potted some very good balls. George was unlucky not to catch up. Andy won the second frame 63-33. Robin/Chris. Chris was on form playing some very good snooker. Robin had his chances to even up the scoring, but Chris continued to play well taking the first frame 68-19. In the second frame Chris made a very good break of 43. Robin was unable to respond, thus allowing Chris to continue in building up his score. Chris easily won 86-12. It was a very good evening of snooker.

Royal British Legion 2 - 6 ESP B Submitted: 24/01/2017
first up was eric and sim where eric took a early lead and was looking like it was going to be a easy win but sim pulled it back and nearly won but eric managed to hold him of to take the frame.the second frame was close always through but eric managed to just take it putting the legion two up. next was ady and greg where ady never managed to get started and greg took both frames easy and a nice 30 break in the second next up was graham and tex. tex took control of the first game with graham potting a couple of balls but text took the frame easy. the second frame was completely different graham came out fighting and pushed tex to the end potting some good balls and a 23 break but tex just took the frame at the end. last was sean and phil. phil came out fighting in the first and sean never got into the frame with phil potting some great shots taking the frame easy. the second frame was a lot closer and sean took phil to the end but phil managed to take the frame so 6-2 to eps b thanks for a great night as always

The OddBalls 5 - 3 Shaw Raiders Submitted: 24/01/2017
Sorry for the delay gents. I thought I had submitted the scores but hadn't pressed submit. First up was Duanne who was far too good for John. Duannes class shone through and John never really troubled him. The same was true in the other match in the first half as Tony's recent poor form continued as Mike Ainsworth won both frames with relative ease. Mike played really well and fully deserved his two points. The game between Macca and Mike Parry was a match of 2 blacks. Macca missed a straight final black in the first to let Mike take the point and Mike returned the favour in the second with a miss cue when over stretching to give the second frame to Macca by a foul. The final result was settled when Matty took both frames from Bob Lowe in a close encounter which could have gone either way. Man of the Match was Mike Ainsworth for controlling both his frames ifrom start to finish. Well played both teams. Look forward to the rest of the season.

ADC 3 - 5 The OddBalls Submitted: 11/02/2017
ADC v Oddballs...1st pairing were Mike Lucey v Tony Lyles. Mike got off to a good start slowly edging ahead with a few mini breaks to take the frame 57~26. Next frame was a reversal of the 1st with Tony back to form to win 59-6. Next was John Collis v Sam Storey. 1st frame John crept ahead but Sam slowly clawed his way back with pink and black left. John now needed a snooker but he accidently potted the pink to give Sam the frame 55-43. 2nd frame again went to the colours but John took it 44-31. 3rd pairing were Rob Hill v Macauley Fyffe. Rob was below par in the 1st giving Macauley the chance to get ahead and take it 48-18. 2nd frame was a lot closer affair neck and neck until the last which Rob took 45-43. 3 frames apiece. Last up was Lee Collis v Rob Marks. Lee started off potting well but Rob slowly crept back and with Lee giving him a few fouls Rob took it 53-41. Last frame of the evening Lee was way below par and Rob potting he took the last 75-23

Crucible S&S Club 7 - 1 Royal British Legion Submitted: 14/02/2017
Crucible S&S continued their winning form when Newbury RBL visited the league leaders, up first was Mark Alexander against Adrian Richardson. Although Richardson got in with an early scare it was Alexander who started to take firm control of the opening frame, this pattern continued in the second frame in a comfortable fashion. Up next was game of the evening, Stuart Alderton put in his performance of the season so far, knocking in a 26 break in the first against Crucible's Andrew Bolter. He played a decent balance of both attacking and safety thoroughly deserving his 1-0 lead. The second frame was a lot closer, which see a re-spotted black. Veteran and Bolter showed a sense of calmness to hold his nerve seeing the match between then square off and honours shared. Paul Davis stepped up next to see off Sean Moxon, Early signs were showing a close match but Davis kicked in half way through the first frame and claimed his 1-0 lead at the halfway stage, Davis also claimed the second very convincingly cruising clear when entering the colours. Chris Rice claimed the final two frames of the evening, destroying Eric Roden in the first frame. Roden only managed to claim 2pts against a ruthless Rice who also bagged a 40 break in the opener. Rice then claimed the second for a 2-0 win giving the league leaders a deserved 7-1 victory. Well played Mr. Alderton

ESP B 6 - 2 Castle A Submitted: 10/02/2017
This match saw division 2 joint leaders ESP B square up against mid table Castle A The first match saw Sim take on Nick, the first frame was a close affair with both players potting reds easily but no colour to go with it, Sim edged the first frame, in the second both players were level with 1 red left, but Sim produced a fine 28 break to take the frame and put ESP B 2-0 up Match two saw Hannah take on the veteran Rob, the first frame was comical as Rob kept snookering himself and leaving free ball after free ball, so Hannah capitalised and after potting the final three colours took the frame, the second frame was a lot different, and Rob left Hannah nothing, Rob went on to take the frame which mean't at the halfway stage ESP B were 3-1 up Match 3, brought Shaun and Lee to the table, both players were potting well and the first frame was neck a neck, but Shaun managed to break the tip on poor Sim's cue that he borrowed, but continued on with a lovely club cue, Shaun nicked the first frame frame when he fluked the Pink, the second frame saw a similar pattern as the first, but Lee became a lot stronger and deservedly took the frame, the score now is 4-2 in ESP B's favour Finally match saw Greg take on unknown Richard, the first frame was fairly even, but Greg began to find his feet and with a couple of small breaks took the first frame, the second frame Greg was totally dominant and left Richard with nothing to go at and Greg took the frame easily, final score ESP B 6 Castle A 2 An enjoyable evening with great banter, and Hannah Martin picking up lady of the match for a decent result against Rob East

Good Bad & Ugly 3 - 5 ESP A Submitted: 24/02/2017
Gbu lost 3-5 to ESP A in a very enjoyable match. Mark Brewin played a very solid first frame against Mark Head, building up a good lead and winning comfortably. Second frame saw Mark Head reverse the roles winning comfortably in the second. Dave Brown and Paul Godwin shared the frames 1-1. The first frame was one not to miss with both players potting some great balls, missing easy ones, both having good and bad luck.With Dave just requiring one of the last three colours, Richard potted a very flukey blue before playing a great snooker on the pink. Dave then played the most outrageous fluke of the night,not only getting out of the snooker but cutting it into the middle pocket to win the frame.However Richard dident let this affect him and played a really good second frame winning very comfortably. Andy Fair and Steve Cobb drew 1-1 with both players deciding to play all their best snooker in one frame each.Steve thrashed Andy in the first frame potting everything in sight with Andy conceding with two reds still left. The second frame saw Andy really up his game giving Steve very little to pot winning comfortably. Richard Aldred sealed the win for ESP winning 2-0 against new young rookie Sam Brewin. Sam played some good shots and pots but it was veteran Richard who proved too strong winning both frames. A good match with plenty of fun and laughs.

Shaw Raiders 2 - 6 Magnum Taxis Submitted: 10/02/2017
Shaw Raiders were at home to Magnum Taxis. The first completed match of the evening was between Mark Dunn and Magnum's Dale Prout. Dale was in good form and ran out an easy winner. His first frame contained a superb break of 65. But for a relatively easy red that he missed the break could well have finished much higher. The second match was between John Apicella and Neil Winkworth. Again this was a very one-sided affair with Neil winning comfortably. Not to be outdone by his teammate Dale, Neil compiled a great break of 67 in his second frame. Thirdly Mike Ainsworth took on Andy Upton. Although not such high breaks as there were in the first two matches, Andy compiled a 29 break in the first frame and went on to win giving Magnum a 6-0 lead. Unluckily for Magnum their final player did not turn up and they had to concede the last two frames to Shaw and therefore the match ended in a 6-2 win for Magnum.

Southern Comforts 4 - 4 Newb Cons Club Submitted: 10/02/2017
With both team on the same amount of point in mid table, who would take the advantage over their long standing rivals. Paul took on Robin on the newly clothed and serviced table 18. Paul playing steady and great in patches had little trouble and took a 2 nil lead. Robin fought valiantly but just didn't have enough to overcome him. James played Michelle in a first frame that can only be described as lengthy. James took an early lead of 25 points and look comfortable but a succession of snookers from Michelle helped him back in the game, down the colours there was just a few points in it and with James potting the blue and pink it was down to a black ball to win the frame. A short safety shot allowed Michelle the chance for a pot in the middle which he took - 67 points played 68. The second frame was a bit more straightforward with James applying pressure form the start and Michelle missing a few shots. With most of the colours on the table they shook hands and accepted the draw. Garry and Dave had a good battle. Dave taking the early lead but Garry managed to fight back towards the end to make it a bit tense. Dave potting the black to force a re-spotted black just showing how close these 2 teams are. Garry unfortunately going in off on his attempted pot meaning Dave took the points. Frame 2 saw Dave a little more settled and pretty much outplayed Garry all the way. Garry stuck with it to try to find some form but it just wasn't his day. Alex played George in the final match, 3-3 so all to play for. In the first frame Alex played really well, consistent potting helped him to take the frame with relative ease, George on the other hand couldn't buy any sort of form or luck and was clearly getting frustrated. Now could Alex win the final frame and nab a victory or would it end in a draw? Well George and his frustration came to the table like a whirlwind, making a healthy lead in quick time, Alex on the other hand had lost all his ability from the first frame. He did however dig in deep and bring it right to the final ball but George had the momentum and sealed the frame win. Final result a 4 -4 draw

ADC 2 - 6 Southern Comforts Submitted: 19/02/2017
ADC v Southern Comforts. 1st pair up was Mike Lucey v Paul Crutchley. First frame Paul started off well and Mike not, Paul putting several small breaks together and slowly taking the lead by some margin and won 61-9. 2nd frame was a similar start for both with Mike potting better but nevertheless Paul with a 32 break easily took the 2nd and won 71-31. Next was John Collis against Steve Miles. John managed to pot Reds but without colours and thanks to some fouls from Steve managed to lose 19-44. 2nd frame John took the lead and managed to keep level through the frame Steve now missing a few but John managed to pot blue and pink to take it 49-39. 3-1 to comforts. 3rd pairing was Lee Collis against Alex Hutchinson. Lee was offsong in the 1st frame and like John was only potting reds with a few fouls from Alex all in all Alec putting some mini breaks together took it 61-15. 2nd frame Lee started potting better and although close all the way Lee eventually took it 46-30. Last up was Rob Hill against Pat Patel. Pat was on form in both frames and Rob not so having just got to the game driving down from Liverpool. Pat had a 19 break in the 1st frame together with good small breaks took the 1st 66-14 and with a 17 in the 2nd took the last frame of the evening 56-24... 6-2 to Comforts....

Castle A 3 - 5 The OddBalls Submitted: 19/02/2017
This report is a joint effort between Roy Young and Rob East. Enjoy ! Nick Greetham v Tony Lyles First match was Nick against Tony Lyles. Tony preceded this by exclaiming how bad he's been playing so far this season. In the first frame it was a fairly low scoring affair, with no decent breaks, and the lead pretty much changing hands every few minutes. It was really close all the way through until Tony decided to start potting well once they got to the colours. So the first frame just slipped away from Nick. The second was similar to the first, but nasty Lyles decide to start improving his potting a bit earlier in the frame (still towards the latter stages mind you), and won it comfortably in the end. Curses! So when Tony expressed the view at the start of the evening that he was playing bad what he should have added was 'until I need to pot a few balls at the end and then I'll find some form and screw up the opposition'. That sort of sneaky play should be banned and Tony deserves a swan-necked rest shoved where the sun doesn't shine for his trouble. A very enjoyable match with good banter and creative bad language from both players. Rob Thomson v Macauley Fyffe This pairing had the potential for a classic but it wasn't to be as the super fast table with the new laid cloth proved tricky for both players skidding all over the place. It was Rob who managed to get to grips first and steered himself into a lead midway during the first frame. Poor Macca just could not control his balls and his cue would not do what he wanted it to do. Rob took it, giving Castle their first frame of the match. Frame two saw Rob pull away as he can do when he puts his mind to it and with some smashing shots and pretty good positional play he built up a decent lead between himself and the floundering Macca who was cursing the balls and talking very sternly to himself. Just when it looked like Rob was pulling well away, the wheels fell off. With the last four colours left and Macca needing a snooker Rob played a really daft shot to the brown and went in off. Suddenly Macca's eyes lit up and he proceeded to pot the brown and blue needing the last two colours to win the frame. However, that rotten git Thomson had the audacity to pot the pink putting a halt to Macca's comeback. 2-0 to Rob. Rob East v Matthew Fyffe Rob's match against Matty started off with him potting fairly well, getting some difficult balls and following them up with skilful misses of easy shots. Nonetheless he got a reasonable lead, helped in part by Matty rattling loads of shots (but he was giving them plenty of welly!). Anyway, the lads got to the last four balls and Matty could just win with all the colours. He peeled off some cracking pots on the brown, blue and pink, and then had a go at doubling the black. He missed by miles, but nearly fluked it in a different pocket, but it caught the bump and came out to leave Rob a relatively straightforward black to take the frame. Hurrah! Second frame, Rob started well kicking off with a 17 break (red, black, red, black, red .... at which stage Tony Lyles suggested the 147 was on. Rob suggested he was a very silly person, and then proceeded to miss the black. Rob was in the lead and in control until, towards the end of the frame, Matty produced some fantastic safety and brilliant snookers, which Rob brilliantly failed to get out of. This was probably the best safety that he's been up against this season. So the result of all this was that Matty overhauled Rob with just the pink and black left, and he needed a snooker. The damned black was right over the pocket making a snooker impossible, so he trickled the pink up to the black, hoping that it would be a plant and Matty would knock the black in accidentally. The brilliant plan failed because Matty got the pink away from the black, and a few moments later got a great pot on the pink to take the frame. Curses! A very enjoyable couple of frames and a very fair result. Roy Young v Duane Puttock The last pairing of the evening was between Castle's captain and Oddball's best player (according to Roy) and it turned out to be an enjoyable tussle - even though it was terribly one sided especially with the super fast cloth favouring Duane (again according to Roy). Anyway back to actual report . . . . Wayne went off like a rocket and built up a commanding lead. However Roy came back at him and managed, thanks to a couple of snookers and some good potting to get to a position where he required the colours to win. He got the yellow and green, then both players knocked the brown about until Roy sank it leaving a good angle on the blue to get to the pink. The blue dropped in the centre pocket . . . but alas . . . in slow motion . . . the white went in. Grrrhhhh! Some bad language followed and Duane seized the opportunity to pot the blue (without going in off), then the pink and black to take the frame. Dismayed and disappointed Roy really didn't get going in the second and Duane easily won as his superior play and confidence kicked in. Roy commenting that although he lost, it was a thoroughly enjoyable game. A good evening with lots of the usual banter and quite difficult to pick the Player Of The Match but it went to Duane because Roy kept banging on about him being Oddballs best player. He always says that when he loses 2-0.

ESP B 4 - 4 Shaw Raiders Submitted: 06/03/2017
ESP B welcomed Shaw Raiders to the Crucible in a re-arranged match in the / Cabco snooker league. In the first match we saw Greg Neil take on Mark Dunn. The first frame saw Mark get off to a nice start. Although Greg tried to stay in touch, but Mark held strong to take the frame 37|68. The second frame went down to the black after both players battled well. Greg took the frame 54|52. In the second match we saw Shaun Amor play Mike Ainsworth. The first frame was very close with both players having opportunities to clinch the frame. Shaun held his nerve and won 38|31. In the second frame Shaun had a nice break of 25 and proved to strong for Mike and took the frame 66|39. At the half way stage ESP B 3 -1 Shaw Raiders In the third match of the evening Phil Craik played John Apicella. Phil who has been having a great season so far went off to an early lead in the first frame. Upon reaching the colours John needed a snooker and all the balls to take the frame. After some great play John did what was needed and poached the frame on the black 50|52. In the second frame it was a very similar scenario. Phil starting well and John fighting back. Again John faced with the colours to win put together some great pots and left Phil thinking what the ..... 48|54. Well played John you bandit! In the final match of the evening we saw James Craik play Mike Parry. The first frame was a close battle. Mike capitalised on James being a little rusty and took the first frame 46|57. In the second frame it was another close game. James used all the luck in the world to keep himself in the game. Especially on the final black when the ball raced around the table and drop in the pocket, giving James the frame 51|45. A great night had by all and a fair result of 4-4. Man of the match goes to Mr John Apicella!

Magnum Taxis 5 - 3 Crucible S&S Club Submitted: 21/02/2017
The last game of the season between the league leaders and the chasers magnum taxis took place with the crucible only requiring 2 frames to technically but not mathematically claim the title. First up was Jonjo sharkey v Mark Alexander, a very tight opening affair but it was Jonjo who made a frame winning break of 40 when it was needed to take the frame 40-29. The second was a much more tactical affair with neither player allowing the other to make any sort of frame winning break, each player picking off as many points as they could and this style went all the way to the wire with Mark just prevailing on the black, winning the frame 61-57. So 1-1 and into the second match up which saw the battle of the Andys take place, unusually for magnum it was Andy upton who produced his frame of the season to completely outclass Bolter and put the frame to bed with ease 75-15. Second frame there was no stopping Upton again who opened up a lead which Bolter just couldn't claw back and it was the Magnum man who took the frame 65-58 putting magnum firmly in control of the match. With magnum saving the best to last up 3rd was Neil winkworth against Paul Davis, On paper a very one-sided affair you would think but Paul had other ideas with a very tactical approach in the first frame he frustrated winkworth who just couldn't put 2 balls together but somehow managed to drag ithe frame to the end winning it on the black 40-38. Second frame saw very much the same snooker with neither player being able to put the frame to bed when they needed to but with a couple of 20 breaks from winkworth it put the frame to bed 56-17. 5-1 magnum. Up last and looking to keep any chance of winning the title in their grasp it was magnums Dale Prout up against the rock of the crucible Chris rice. First frame and it was Chris who made a decisive break of 40 along with his ability to keep Prout out the balls who took the frame easily 65-23. Second frame and a must win for magnum, Chris on the other hand had different ideas and built up a commanding lead which he kept throughout the frame until it came to the colours. With Prout needing all six a missed pink wasn't going to help and in due course Chris took command and took the frame 71-57. Great night and fair result.

Newb Cons Club 3 - 5 Good Bad & Ugly Submitted: 19/02/2017
George/Dave. Both players did some good safety shots. Dave made a good start, taking the lead, scoring well. George come for behind to win the frame 57-47. In the second frame Dave took the lead. George wasn't able to catch up. Dave won 55-25. Michele/Matt. Matt took an early lead. Michele slowly made a come back. Matt was too strong winning the frame 52-45. Second frame Michele had a good lead, Matt slowly came back, by playing good snooker winning the frame on the black. 43-42. Andrew/Mark. Mark missed some easy pots, allowing Andrew to make a break of 62 and win the frame 83-11. Very similar in the second frame Andrew made a break of 31. Mark potted some good balls. Andrew won again 60-38. Dave/Andy. Dave in both games wasn't up to his ususal form Andy played good and steady winnin g both frames 77-36 and 65-21.

Royal British Legion 3 - 5 ESP A Submitted: 19/02/2017
first up was mark and Eric. mark took control of the frame and Eric did not seem to get into it so mark took the frame easy. the second frame was completely opposite as mark could not get into the frame and Eric won the frame easy and a 22 break as well. next up was Ady and Steve. Ady never seemed to get into his playing and Steve took both frames easy. then there was veteran Grahame against Paul. Paul took the first frame easy with Grahame not getting into the frame. the second frame Grahame got into the frame and gave Paul a run for his money but Paul came out on top with some good shots played by both players. next up was Sean and Rich. Sean came out fighting and was 20 points in front but Rich pulled back but Sean managed to take the first frame. The second frame however Rich came back and was 20 points in front but Sean pulled it back and then going down to a black ball game Sean managed to pot the black winning by 1 point. a good night had by all and a good laugh.

ADC 2 - 6 Shaw Raiders Submitted: 05/03/2017
ADC v Shaw Raiders....1st pair were Rob Hill against Bob Low. 1st frame was even-stevens all the way through with only the black to play and Rob ahead 60-55. Bob then fluked the black to take the 1st. 2nd was much the same but Bob slowly took the lead and finally cleared up taking it 54-33. Next were Lee Collis v Mike Ainsworth. Both in the 1st frame had potted 5 reds apiece, but Mike on 5 points and Lee on 24. Lee kept the lead and took it 52-26. 2nd frame however was a different ball game Lee not potting so well and Mike was. The frame was eventually taken by Mike 57-35. 3-1 to Raiders. 3rd pair were Mike Lucey v Brian Leonard. 1st frame was nip and tuck all the way with Mike needing a couple of snookers which he got and took it on the black 53-49. 2nd frame Brian was potting well and Mike not so and Brian took it 63-29. Last up was John Collis v Mark Dunn. 1st frame John was putting a few in and was ahead until the last few colours but then Mark potted the last remaining colours taking the 1st 43-34. Last frame of the evening Mark was now potting well John not so and Mark easily taking it 56-20. Well done to the Raiders.

Crucible S&S Club 7 - 1 Good Bad & Ugly Submitted: 05/03/2017
Crucible S&S returned to league action in pursuit of their 3 league title in a row against The Good Bad & Ugly after last weeks team knock out semi final win over Newbury Concervative Club, this was made easier for the Crucible thanks to a fantastic 89 break from Chris Rice. Match 1 - Chris Rice v David Brown - Chris continue his great form from last week with a comfortable 2 - 0 victory. Breaks of 51 in the 1st frame and 30 in the 2nd not giving David any table time. Match 2 - Craig Marsh v Andy Fair - Craig was in total control through out this scrappy affair, and in pursuit of break masters qualification after returning from his self imposed break. Craig managed a break of 28 the highlight of the match and chalked 2 more frames for Crucible, 4 nil at the half way point. Match 3 Andy Bolter v Mark Brewin - this match saw the best snooker of the night from both players with some good potting and fantastic safety play. It was the seasoned Bolter that used his experience to edge both frames. 6 nil Cruible Match 4 Paul Davis v Matt Colley - could Crucible captain Davis bring home the clean sweep or would Colley get GBU's first points of the night. Davis looked to be taking control of the frame after finally getting into the balls, but missed a straight red with a rest and this let Colley in producing and 37 break. The frame wasn't over Colley having a slight lead with the colours remaining. Davis cleared the first 4 colours needing to clear to win the frame, but it wasn't to be with him missing the pink and Colley slotted home the pink to win the frame and the first point of the night for GBU. The second frame didn't have the same excitement a very scrappy frame with lots of missed opportunities from both players. The final frame went down to the final black ball with both players having a chance to win! It was Davis who took the final point of the night dropping in a simple black. 1 a piece in the final match. Leaving a great 7-1 victory for the Crucible stretching their lead at the top of the table. Special mention goes to Craig from Andy(GBU's Capt.) for his excellent sports man ship he showed through out the match, a great night was had by all players @ the crucible.

ESP A 6 - 2 Castle A Submitted: 04/03/2017
ESP A won 6-2 hosting the always entertaining Castle A team. ESP's Tim Page shared the spoils in the first match with Rob East. A rare start for Tim which seemed to show in the first as Rob took control. But role reversal in the second frame as Tim ran away with the frame. Steve Cobb v Rob Thompson was a similar affair, with Steve starting well and taking the first frame comfortably. But Steve struggled in the second and with Rob playing much better, again the points were shared. ESP's Paul Godwin was seeking revenge over Roy Young for an early season defeat. And it was Paul who came out on top, ably assisted by Roy with a number of unfortunate fouls. The highlight coming late in the second frame when Paul outrageously fluked both brown and pink and switched to left-handed cueing on the blue in between. it was left to Mark Head and Lee Gillingham to battle out the final 2 points of the evening. Lee battled away and stuck Mark in a number of snookers all evening, the majority of which Mark escaped each time with great aplomb. However, Marks lead in both frames proved unassailable and with the two points won, came the final 6-2 score line and win for ESP A.

Newb Cons Club 6 - 2 Magnum Taxis Submitted: 03/03/2017
Michele/Neil.Both players did some very good safety shots. Neil started to play well, taking the lead. Michele had his chances to come back. Neil continued to play well winning the frame 68-50. In the second frame it was a lot closer with Michele potting some very good balls. Michele missed his chance on the final pink and black. Neil won the frame 51-37. Andrew/Dale. Andrew made a excellent start against Dale potting some very good balls. Andrew made a break of 25. Dale was unable to respond to Andrew's good play. Andrew won 75-43. In the second frame Andrew again took the lead, Dale almost came back with a good break of 22. It was all down to the colours. Andrew came out on top winning 56-46

Royal British Legion 2 - 6 Southern Comforts Submitted: 06/03/2017
first up was stuart and james where stuart took control of both games and never gave james much of a chance and took both frames easy next was ady and pat where pat took control of both games and ady never realy got in to it with pat taking both frames easy. then it was sean and steve where sean played like a donky and steve like a whirlwind taking both frames easy with at nice 36 break as well last was eric and alex where alex took the first frame easy but in the second eric fought back but lost it in the end. a good night had by all

The OddBalls 4 - 4 ESP B Submitted: 24/03/2017
In a rearranged fixture The Oddballs took on the mighty ESP B. Matty Fyffe kicked things off with Greg Neil. Matty was too strong in the first frame but Greg fought back in the second. He was ahead with only a few balls remaining before Fyffe fluked a pot and ended up winning by a single point. Duane Puttock then played Shaun Amor. Both players would admit to playing awful to begin with, cancelling each other out. Duane had a pot on the final pink to win the frame but it didn't sink. Shaun took advantage and won by a single point. Shaun stepped up his game in the second but Duane kept in touch. Infact Duane was 13 infront with 13 remaining. Shaun took the pink and Duane missed a half chance on the black leaving Shaun to take the final ball and into a respot. Shaun held his nerve taking the final ball of the match. Meanwhile Kelvin Loveridge faced Tex Gerrard. Kelvin struggled having not played all season, but that aside, Tex seemed to be on fire - potting everything in sight. He took both frames with ease. Finally, captains Rob Marks and Phil Craik hit the baize. Despite Phil's magic cue working wonders for Shaun, it unfortunately didn't do Phil many favours! Rob potted well, and didn't leave Phil many opportunities. Luck also favoured Rob slightly and a frustrated Phil ended the 2 frames empty handed. Final score 4-4. Always a fun evening with the ESP B boys.

ADC 1 - 7 Crucible S&S Club Submitted: 13/03/2017
ADC v Crucible S&S...1st pair up was Rob Hill v Andy Bolter. 1st frame Andy was potting well and keeping Rob off the table and with a 31 break easily took the frame 105-17. 2nd was much the same ROb able to pot a few more than the 1st but Andy still on form took it 72-28. Next was Lee Collis against Mark Alexander...1st frame Lee with a brand new tip began and only to have the tip fall off on his 2nd shot!!! borrowed cue didn't help and Lee was struggling with Mark potting took both frames 61-13 and 72-28 with a break of 38 in the last. Next was Mike Lucey v Chris Rice...Mike didn't get many chances to pot anything and Chris on form easily took it 88-7. 2nd frame Mike managed a few more pots but again Chris scoring well took it 68-27. ADC 6 nil down!! Last up was John Collis v Paul Davis. John was playing quite well with some good shots and Paul missing some which allowed John to slowly creep ahead and took the frame 67-30. Paul in the 2nd frame was back towards form and with a good clearance took it 69-21.....7-1 to the Crucible....

ESP B 2 - 6 Newb Cons Club Submitted: 13/03/2017
ESP B welcomed the Cons club to the crucible in the / cabco snooker league. In the opening match we saw Greg Neil play George Apperley. In the first game George played consistently well and took the frame 32-47. In the second game Greg played much better and kept in touch with George. George held strong and took the frame 32-47. In the second match we saw Phil Craik play Mike Paduano. The first frame was close until the colours where Mike made all the pots and took the frame 40-52. In the second frame Phil had no answer to Mikes potting as he comfortably took the frame 20-55. In the third frame of the evening Shaun Amor played Dave Aitkin. Shaun played out of his skin in the first frame and took the frame 55-22. In the second game Shaun continued as in the first and went on to take the frame 61-23. In the final match of the evening Sim Brown played Andrew Seymour. Andrew played some great snooker in both frames and with the highlight of a 48 break he comfortably took the frames 10-69 and 16-81. A fun evening as always and a well deserved 2-6 win to the cons club. A tough decision on who to make man of the match.... Shaun is my choice as he played well and saved us from the white wash!

Good Bad & Ugly 5 - 3 Castle A Submitted: 10/03/2017
GBU beat Castle A 5-3 in a very enjoyable match. Newcomer Sam played his best snooker to date beating fellow youngster Roy 2-0. Sam potted really well throughout including a break of 25 aided by some misfortune by Roy. Andy beat Nick 2-0. First frame was tight with Nick potting some excellent long shots before Andy edged ahead at the end. The second frame saw Andy potting everything including a break of 34. Dennis played some really good stuff beating the out of sorts Matt 2-0 to get Castle of the mark. Dennis was always in control and won both frames comfortably. The best match of the night saw Dave and Rob draw 1-1. Both frames were tight with both players playing some good snooker. Rob won the first frame on the pink and Dave won the second on the brown. Excellent match played in a good spirit.

Magnum Taxis 6 - 2 ESP A Submitted: 16/03/2017
Up first to play first was Dale Prout v Steve Cobb, with the reds open in hoth frames it was very hard to see any other score line with dale taking not frames relatively easy . Up next to play was Neil winkworth who was to battle against Paul Godwin, a very cagey opening saw neither player taking much initiative until finally Neil made a breakthrough producing some great pots to take the frame. Into frame 2 and this was over before Paul could manage to blink with Neil making a 40 break to take the frame easily......4-0 magnum. Next up and back from underneath the cupboard was Phil Simmons who was up against mark head, somehow Phil managed to take the first frame but was never taking the second, conceding with 5 reds on the table. 4-1 magnum. Last but not least to battle was Andy Upton v Richard Aldred which saw both players trying to play the same long game which showed in the final scoreline with them sharing the spoils. 6-2 magnum.

Shaw Raiders 5 - 3 Royal British Legion Submitted: 10/03/2017
Shaw Raiders versus Royal British Legion proved to be another entertaining evening between these old adversaries. Shaw's opener Mike Ainsworth took on Aidy Richardson and although he was frustrated by having few opportunities in the first frame Mike seldom looked troubled and won both frames 59-27 and 66-23. Meanwhile, Mike Parry played RBL's Andy Richardson in what were two different frames .In the first Mike failed to settle into any sort of rhythm and missed a number of easy chances, which boosted Andy's confidence enabling him to capitalise on his opponents errors and take the frame 54-28. Mike improved in frame two compiling a decent break of 19 providing him with a lead which he just managed to hang on to and clinch it 61-52. A frame apiece seemed a fair reflection of play. Next, Mark Dunn for Shaw was matched against Eric Roden in what was probably the most entertaining session of the evening. in the first mark seemed to have a few problems in judging the pace of the table and left too many chances for eric who obliged by taking full advantage in gradually building up an unassailable lead to win by 61-37. Mark controlled his play much better in the second frame and showed some good potting skills to run out a 60-31 winner. Lastly, John Apicella faced RBL's captain Sean Moxon who played steadily from the outset and it was obvious John was going to have his work cut out. The first frame was close and went down to the final black ball. Unfortunately, Sean went in-off whilst attempting a pot and handed the frame 39-38 to a much relieved john. The second frame saw the gap widen as Sean continued to pot consistently well and open up a sizable lead. Although John tried hard to make inroads into his opponents lead he ended up needing several snookers which proved unattainable and so the frame went to Sean 56-22. An enjoyable evening which saw Shaw Raiders just able to edge a 5-3 victory.

The OddBalls 3 - 5 Southern Comforts Submitted: 12/03/2017
A great win for Southern Comforts over The Oddballs. Tony Lyles faced Pat Patel in match 1. Tony was playing well whereas Pat was clearly under performing. Tony pulling away and taking frame 1. Pat played much better at the start of frame 2 and opened up a good lead. Tony was down and out but carried on despite needing 4 snookers. Tony played some great safety and suddenly players were exchanging fouls. Soon Tony only needed 1 more snooker and Pat looked nervous - missing a few pots he would normally get in his sleep. One mistake from Tony and Pat cleared the final 3 balls. Macauley Fyffe played Paul Crutchley in match 2. Both played well in the first but it was Paul that seemed to be in control and when he hit a break of 27 it was soon over. Macauley struggled to recover from this and couldn't compete in the second. Another good break of 28 from Paul gave him a good lead which he continued to grow until Macca conceded. Match 3 was between Rob Marks and Stephen Miles. Rob was potting some high value colours, and without making any decent breaks was soon ahead with Stephen needing a snooker. Rob was comfortable, and even escaping a number of snookers. Then suddenly, one missed snooker and Miles was back in the frame. He still needed all of the colours, then some amazing pots on the brown, blue and pink left him 6 behind with black remaining. Unfortunately for Miles his position from the pink left no obvious pot. He went for a full length double and managed to triple it in leaving Marks stunned! This gave Stephen the confidence he seemed to lack at the start of frame 1 and ran out the second with ease - including a great 31 break. Finally Duane Puttock played James Hearne. Duane didn't play his best snooker but James was unable to take advantage. Particularly in frame 2, both struggled to find any momentum. Duane had the edge in both frames and salvaged some pride for the Oddballs leaving the final match score 3-5 to the away team. Man of the Match was a toss up between Stephen and Paul, but his consistent high quality throughout the match meant Paul took the prize.

Castle A 1 - 7 Magnum Taxis Submitted: 20/03/2017
Dennis Doswell came up against Paul Thomas, who is better known around a pool table. Dennis was fairly comfortable in taking the first frame, but struggled in the second and Thomas took advantage. 1-1 Rob Thomson and Dale Prout had two identical frames. Thomson had chances, but didn't make the most of them. Prout took both frames by the same margin, potting the blue in each frame to seal them. Lee Gillingham struggled to keep in touch with a consistent Harry Upton who ended a comfotable winner in both frames. Magnum's Neil Winkworth earned the Player of the Match award with a convincing victory over Castle's in-form player, Rob East.

Crucible S&S Club 6 - 2 The OddBalls Submitted: 20/03/2017
The Crucible claimed their revenge over the Oddballs this week, after losing to them in the first half of the season which made the league all that little bit tighter at the time. The home side were quick off when Mark Alexander took on Duane Puttock, Alexander was in firm control through both frames taking out a 34 in the second frame getting the early points on the board. Andrew Bolter stepped up next and claimed the next 2 points of the evening, seeing off Tony Lyles. The second frame was tight until it got to the last red when Bolter wiped out the existing balls claiming a 34 break also. Craig Marsh's return to the fold proved to be quite a task, when he was matched against the solid Rob Marks. Every time Marsh seemed to get near Marks, he seemed to kick clear at the vital point. Similar pattern for both frames. Last but not least, the in form Chris Rice was paired up against Matty Fyffe. Goldenballs Rice punished Fyffe for taking a frame off him earlier in the season, Rice seemed to be growling throughout both frames, with saliva and dribble pouring out onto his Ralph Lauren Polo. Fyffe was heard to have apologised with 'I'm sorry' half way through, but Rice was having none of it. At one point it was thought that Rice was having respiratory problems towards the end, but Fyffe ending up giving him his bone back and all was cleared off with a firm handshake. Enjoyable evening indeed. 6-2 to The Crucible.

ESP A 5 - 3 Shaw Raiders Submitted: 20/03/2017
ESP A hosted Shaw Raiders and came out on top with a 5-3 win. Mark Head won his first frame comfortably against John Apicella to get ESP up and running. But John is having a good season, and this was reflected in the second frame when he took his scoring opportunities well and left Mark feeding off scraps. Another good point for Mr Apicella and a 1-1 start to the match. Richard Aldred and Mark Dunn played out a very scrappy first frame when all the balls seemed to have a magnetic attraction to the cushions. It was nip and tuck all the way and Richard was odds on to take the frame as they went into the colours. A missed brown let Mark back in though, but he needed pink and black to steel the frame. A good pot on the pink, was followed by taking the black and the frame............but no, in goes the white, and hands frame one back to Richard. Into the second frame, and Richard never got going, so Mark took the frame with ease and again the points were shared. ESP's Paul Godwin fancied his chances against Mike Parry, but Mike played well and this was another frame that went down to the black. Over the season ESP have not had much success on black ball frames and this was backed up again as Mike nicked it. Paul got his eye in during the second frame though and restored parity in the match by winning it with something to spare. Final match was ESP's Steve Cobb and Shaw's Brian Leonard. Steve played well and was not prepared to give Brian many opportunities, opting for safety when out of position. Brian battled well and picked out some decent pots, but Steve took both frames and ESP won through 5-3.

Newb Cons Club 7 - 1 ADC Submitted: 18/03/2017
Michele/Rob. Both players played some very good snooker, Michele took the lead.Rob came back winning the first frame 50-38.Michele took full control of the game.Rob had his chances in the game to come.Michele won 64-32. George/John.George played extremely well playing good safety.John potted some good balls & had several chances. George won 56-17.John started well but George was too strong winning the frame 55-34. Simon/Mike.Both players were not up to their usual standard of play.Mike potted some good balls.Simon won both games just 65-34 and 55-28. Dave/Lee. Both games were very evenly matched.Lee potted some good long balls.Dave won both games 49-41 & 53-45.

Royal British Legion 1 - 7 Good Bad & Ugly Submitted: 21/03/2017
first up was eric against markwhere the first game was close but mark managed to take it in the end the second was much the same but mark took it a bit easier. next was stuart and david where david took the first frame easy potting without fail.the second frame stuart dug deep and managed to pull of a win. now it was ady and the first ady potted some good balls and was starting to look good but andy just took over and claimed the frame. the second frame andy just took control of the game from the start winning easy and left ady with nothing last was sean and matt. in the first frame sean took a nice lead but matt just picked it back and took the frame in the end. the second was much the same with matt potting steady and taking it in the end. another good night at the legion

Southern Comforts 6 - 2 ESP B Submitted: 17/03/2017
Paul took on Greg in the opening match. It was one of those sloppy frames where neither player was taking any advantage and it was all square going into the colours, Paul then finally woke up and put in a little flurry to seal the win. In the second frame Greg opened up with a break of 16 and took an early lead, only for Paul to knock in a break of 43 (we won't mention the fluke pink). Paul then had the confidence to go on and win the second frame. Pat played Sim and in the first frame and it was 'Steady' Pat that took the lead with Sim always on the catch up but looking dangerous. In the second frame is was pretty much a role reversal of the first frame. So both players took a point and had their moments. James and Hannah battled it out in the next match. The first frame was nip and tuck as both players tried to dominate. James making the most of a few misses from Hannah and not really allowing her to catch up. In the second frame James suddenly realised he can pot in the middle pockets and got himself a nice big lead early on. Hannah tried her hardest to fight back but James was just too strong on the day. The final match saw Sarah play Shaun. Sarah has been out for quite a few weeks but it didn't show as she powered ahead in the first frame. Shaun was on a mission though determination and luck managed to pull back 4 snookers and make it a nail biting end. A very unlucky foul on the pink left if over the pocket for Shaun with the black hanging over the opposite pocket. Desperately unlucky for Sarah. In the second frame Sarah started off with the same determination as the first frame and got the lead. No way was she going to let the same thing happen but as it got to the final few colours Shaun was trying every trick in the book to make it so. A solid pink into the middle pocket by Sarah gave her the frame win though. A good night was had by all, some really good snooker was played and a battle it was.

Castle A 0 - 8 Crucible S&S Club Submitted: 27/03/2017
Nick Greetham v Mark Alexander Nick's match against Mark was nice to watch. Mark's positional play and potting were very good, and it is to Nick's credit that he did manage to pot a few balls and make it look more respectable and kept fighting to the end. He missed a couple of easy pots and left Mark with opportunities, which he took. Roy Young v Andy Bolter It is hard to believe that Roy actually took a frame off Andy last season, and when they met again with Crucible being the home team earlier this season, Andy took the first easily and although Roy made a late charge in the second Andy got it. This match was completely different and Andy never let Roy in at all. The first frame was a right thumping with lots of good breaks from Andy (highest 42) and Roy chalking his cue quite a lot. Second frame was slightly less of a hammering. At least Roy restricted Andy to less than a ton score. Pat Shaw v Paul Davis Very similar to Nick and Mark's tussle, Pat came up against a player who was steadily knocking the balls in and although Pat tried he just couldn't lift his game to compete and Paul's superior skills won through, leaving Pat on the back foot all the time. Rob East v Chris Rice Oh dear! This was another one-sided couple of frames in favour of the Crucible but not because of any fault by Castle's best player Rob East, it was the sheer accuracy and concentration of Chris. Players on adjoining tables stopped to watch as he got close to a 100 break but he ran out of position and had to settle for a very good 91. Well done Chris. Rob did manage to pot a few balls himself at the end of the frame to get some points on the board. Second frame saw Rob struggling to score and Chris knocking in 30 and 40 breaks to win easily. All players competed sportingly and it was so good the respect the Crucible lads showed to the Castle team, whose skills were far below theirs. Player Of The Match was unanimous with Chris Rice taking the honour.

ESP A 3 - 5 Newb Cons Club Submitted: 24/03/2017
ESP A remain rooted to the bottom of Division 1 after another defeat, this time going down 5-3 to the Conservative Club. Many close frames have slipped from ESP's grasp over the season and that proved to be the case in the nights first frame between Wayne and George. Wayne ahead until a couple of fouls late on proving the difference and George winning out 58-49. Wayne played well to take the second frame so 1-1. ESP's Tim Page started well against Andy Seymour, but Andy took control with a number of small breaks to take the first, and turned the screw in the second to extend Con Club's lead to 3-1. Steve Cobb took on Mike Paduano, and played well to keep Mike's opportunities to a minimum, and taking 2 points for ESP. Dave Aitken and Mark Head played out the final match of the evening. Dave played sensibly and brought is safety A game to the table. Mark found himself in many snookers, but managed to escape from most. But in between struggled to take his chances and Dave did enough to take both frames and seal the win for Con Club.

Good Bad & Ugly 5 - 3 ESP B Submitted: 24/03/2017
GBU beat ESP B 5-3 in a very enjoyable match. Dave Brown drew 1-1 with Greg Neil. First frame saw Dave pot everything in sight giving Greg no chance. The second frame was much closer with Greg eventually taking it on the black. Mark Brewin and Shaun Amor shared two really good quality frames. The first saw Mark build up a good lead leaving Shaun just too much to catch up.The second frame was similar leaving Shaun needing a snooker. Despite a really good attempt Mark eventually took it on the pink. Phil Craik beat Andy Fair 2-0. After a slow start Phil really potted well and was far too good for Andy.The second frame was a very slow before Andy eventually led by 13 with pink and black left. However Andy failed to take his chances and Phil potted both requiring a rare re-spotted black. Again Andy had his chances but it was Phil who potted the black with a fine pot. Sadly esp were unable to have a fourth player gifting the points to gbu. Overall a very enjoyable evening played in a great spirit,

Magnum Taxis 5 - 3 The OddBalls Submitted: 29/03/2017
On paper a very close encounter took place between 2nd place magnum and The oddballs,. First to play was Neil winkworth, who after having lost 1 frame all season was looking to see off Tony Lyles to maintain his fine record. First frame and Tony knew what was needed to prevent Neil from continuing his streak, building a commanding lead of 27 points with only 1 red left. With a very unlucky in off from the last red Tony could only hope Neil would miss but this wasn't to be and with a outstanding clearance of 31 hook the first frame. Into the second, a very different frame altogether with Neil having plenty of opportunities which he obliged in making every 1 count and running out an easy winner. 2-0 magnum. With Neil securing the first 2 frames for magnum it was down to Rob Marks to reduce the deficit, standing in his way was magnums new addition Paul Thomas who occasionally this season has swapped the pool for the snooker. First frame and with Paul trying so hard not to give rob a chance in the balls experience took control taking every opportunity from Paul's mistake. Second frame and rob just didn't take his foot off the pedal, in fact he went up another gear with some outstanding pots comfortably taking the frame. 2-2. With the scores all square it was down to the captain Dale Prout to at least make sure of the draw against Macauley fyffe. This was a David v Goliath encounter and this truly showed with Dale having many chances and he took every 1 running out an easy 2-0 winner. Last but not least was the rather rejuvenated Andy Upton up against a very solid player in Sam storey. Each players style of play frustrated the other and this showed in the frame scores with 2 very closely matched frames with both players sharing the spoils. Final score....Magnum Taxis 5-3 The Oddballs with man of the match going to Neil winkworth for his unbelievable clearance in his first frame.

Royal British Legion 2 - 6 ADC Submitted: 25/03/2017
our last match at the legion and what a good night. first up was eric and john. the first frame eric seemed to have control of the frame and john missed a few easy shots so eric took the frame. The second john seemed to get his eye in and it was like a reversal of frame with john winning in the end. Next up was ady and mike the first frame went all adys way with mike missing about everything. ady did some great shots and picked up his first win of the season. the second however mike seemed to get going but ady gave him a battle. mike came out top in the end. third was Grahame and lee. grahame never really got a look in as lee played some great snooker and took both frames easy. last was sean and rob sean was holding his own in the first frame while rob couldn't pot anything to start with. then rob suddenly started and sean had no chance. the second rob started from the of this time and sean tried to fight back but rob took the second as well, thanks for a good night and a good few laughs

Southern Comforts 7 - 1 Shaw Raiders Submitted: 24/03/2017
With the league season coming to an end Southern Comforts were looking grad every point they could. Pat took on Bob in the first game. Now Bob was potting but only reds, some many colours rattled in the pockets he just couldn't get out of first gear. Pat on the other hand was not running away with it but was managing to gain a bit on momentum and take with frame with relative ease. The second frame went the same way as the first with Pat finding his form and leaving Bob frustrated for the night. Paul played Mark in the second match. Paul having not played much snooker at all this season started off well despite the lack of table time. Mark playing well as always meant it was a tight frame. Paul needed a run on the colours and a flukey pink to take the frame to a black ball game. Mark almost fluked the black but ultimately it was Paul that did it. The second frame, Mark took a much firmer grip on the game and Paul was always playing catch up. 1 frame each which seemed to be a fair result. James them played Brian. The first game was uneventful with it being fairly tight until the colours. James then decided he did know how to play and proceeded to despatch them with ease. The second frame say Brian in control for the early part of the frame. It wasn't until the colours again where James decided to get down to business. Neck and neck going from green, to brown, to blue, to fluked pink by James (sorry about that). Leaving a black ball game where both players had their chances but James managed to actually pot it. The final match was Garry against John. Garry was in the right mood for potting and without too much of a struggle, pretty much potting at every visit to the table. John put up a valiant fight but it was to be Garry's day. Final result 7-1 against a team the should inspire us all to keep playing no mater what your age is. Cheers guys.

ADC 2 - 6 ESP A Submitted: 03/04/2017
ADC v ESP A.....1st up was John Collis v Wayne Racey. 1st frame John was giving plenty of fouls away and Wayne slowly moved ahead with some very good shots taking it 61-35. 2nd was lot closer all the way and came down to pink and black with john ahead. Wayne cleared up and won 53-50. 2nd pairing was Mike Lucey against Tim Page. Mike was potting in the first but Tim had more mini breaks. Towards the end of the frame Mikes tip parted company from him so he had to borrow Robs cue!! 2nd frame Mike seemed to be potting better with the borrowed cue but Tim came through again to take it 53-36. 4-0 to ESP. 3rd up was Lee Collis against Paul Godwin. 1st frame was nip and tuck but Lee even with a very sore right arm managed to take it 40-32. 2nd was similar to the 1st all the way Paul taking it 43-33. Last up was Rob Hill against Mark Head. 1st frame Rob was potting well and Mark not so Rob came through to take it 47-37. Last frame of the evening Mark was back on form romping ahead and easily took it 78-32. 6-2 to ESP

Crucible S&S Club 6 - 2 Southern Comforts Submitted: 04/04/2017
The Crucible only required 3 frames for the 3rd title on the spin, first up stepped Mark Alexander who took a very fast couple of frames from the Legend that is Dharmendra Patel. Alexander claimed a 30 in the first a never really let Pat get a sniff, Pat put up more of a fight in the second but wasn't enough. One more frame to go.... Andrew Bolter takes on Paul Crutchley, with the latter receiving MOM award, Crutchley displayed why he is one of the most improved players in the league, he managed to take both frames from the in form Bolter by displaying a tidy match game. Well played Paul! Then enters Golden Boy Chris Rice, Player of the season elect, pretty fitting that he takes the 3rd and crucial frame to claim the title, he took on a solid Stephen Miles who this time couldn't take anything for The Comforts. Craig Marsh played solid against James Hearne, knocking in a 23 in the first frame. Marsh was comfortable in both and kicked on clear at the vital points in both frames. a convincing 6-2 win and another league trophy for the Crucible shelf! Another enjoyable evening.

ESP B 0 - 8 Magnum Taxis Submitted: 05/04/2017
ESP B welcomed Magnum Taxis to the Cruicble for the / Cabco league encounter.... ESP B hoping they can repeat their previous result of 3-5 against the first division title contenders....... Hmm where do i start..... BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM, wtf..... 1 hour in ESP B 7-0 down...... Neil Winkworth destroyed Simeon Brown 15-75 in the first whilst notching up a cheeky 37 and in the second 7-75 with another decent break of 41...... Paul Thomas (rookie of the year) played Shaun Amor and fed on Winky's performance and matched him in the first frame 21-70 with a nice break of 20. In the second frame Shaun fought well, but the "Rookie" held strong leaving Shaun feeling a little battered and wondering what did i do wrong ??? 33-43... 30 mins in and at the half way stage ESP B 0 - 4 Magnum Dale Prout was not going to let Winky and paul take all the limelight and showed Tex how they play snooker in the top of the A division....... 5-100 with a break of 37, followed by 2-90 in the second with a break of 46........ Ouch In the final match Phil Craik played the very capable, yet some times erratic Harry Upton.... Phil tried all the tricks in the book to stop Harry, at times the mind games were a bit under hand.... Harry, not wanting to be the one to let the team down destroyed Phil in the first 19|69 with a break of 42. The second frame was a lot closer..... Harry did give Phil chances, but Harry took the frame 28|60..... Hmmmmm, we came, we saw, we got battered by a very talented group of snooker players....... ESP B 0-8 Magnum Taxis Man of the match is awarded to the rookie Paul! Well done lads....

Newb Cons Club 3 - 5 Royal British Legion Submitted: 01/04/2017
Dave/Graham. Graham was totally out classed by David's good potting. Graham had his chances, but Dave was too strong winning both games 61-11 and 56-33. Michele/Eric. First game both players potted some very good balls with lots of safety. The game was very even throughout. Eric won 42-34. Second game was very similar to the first. Michele missed his chance to won the game. Eric won 56-45. Simon/Adrian. Simon wasn't up to his usual standard. Adrian took the advantage winning both games 45-37 and 58-38. George/Sean. Both games were very close. George and Sean potted some good balls, with excellent safety by both players. George won 46-39. Sean won the second 55-48.

Shaw Raiders 5 - 3 Castle A Submitted: 05/04/2017
Shaw Raiders entertained Castle A in this re-arranged match. First up for the home side was Mike Parry who was up against Dennis Doswell. Mike was in the lead for a good part of the first frame but steady potting by Denis brought him back and he went on to win the frame 41-25. Dennis upped his game in the second frame and Mike did not get a look in as Dennis won 58-8 to give Castle a winning start. Next up was the consistent Mark Dunn against the silver fox Roy Young. Mark was playing really well in the first frame which he won 62-7. The second frame was more competitive but a tidy 22 break by Mark allowed him to go on and win the frame 53-37 to level match. Next up was Bob Low against Rob East. Rob was in the lead for much of the frame but Bob clawed his way back and forced a black ball finish. Unluckily for Rob he left the black over the middle pocket giving Bob an easy pot to take the frame. In the second frame Rob again took the lead but this time Bob was unable to get back and Rob won easily 51-17 to level the match at 3-3. The final match was between Shaw's Mike Ainsworth and Pat Shaw. The first frame was a scrappy, low scoring affair with Mike winning 34-15. The second frame saw Pat needing the last three colours to win. However, Mike managed finally to finish the frame 50-33 and give Shaw Raiders a 5-3 win. As always whenever these two teams meet the atmosphere is very friendly and everybody enjoys a good, sociable evening. A match to always look forward to.

The OddBalls 5 - 3 Good Bad & Ugly Submitted: 31/03/2017
Congratulations to Good Bad Ugly who have (barring a miracle) sealed the Division 2 title. Duane Puttock started off against Mark Brewin. After a few weeks struggling with form Duane was back to his usual self. Mark struggled and the result was a 2-0 win to Duane. Meanwhile Macauley Fyffe and Andy Fair played a marathon match. A mixture of safety play and missed pots resulted in a lot of frustration all round. The first frame could have gone either way, and all that separated them was a good finish on the final few ball by Andy. Frame 2 was very similar with Andy taking a few more balls and gradually opening up a lead which Macca could not make up. 2-0 to Andy. Tony Lyles and Matt Colley then played and Tony controlled the first. Matt turned things around in the second to level things up. The final match was between Rob Marks and David Brown. Both started a little cagey and when Rob finally found a chance and made a great 41 break. Sadly he missed an easy red and with balls in great positions it could have been a lot more. The second frame was a lot more scrappy but could have gone either way. David was always playing chase but there was only ever around 10 points in it. Blue, pink and black left and both players were in with a shout. Unfortunately David then fouled on the blue and needed a snooker from then onwards. He eventually potted the blue, and when the pink went down by mistake it was game over. 2-0 to Rob. Final score 5-3 to The Oddballs.

Castle A 8 - 0 Royal British Legion Submitted: 07/04/2017
Rob Thomson v Eric Roden. A close first frame with both players hitting some good shots coupled with some silly misses. No big breaks but good entertainment for the onlookers. Rob took it and then went on to win the second by a greater margin as Eric revealed his wild side with a few hearty whacks which unfortunately for him didn't pay off. Eric must learn to do his whacking in a more controlled way. Nick Greetham v Adrian Richardson. Both these players blatantly refused to do any whacks and in fact it was the very opposite to the tussle on the first table. There were some jolly good miscues and a few spectacular in-offs as they tried to get some rhythm going in their potting. Nick took the first frame quite comfortably but Ady came back at him in the second but a disastrous miscue on the final pink scuppered his chances. Although Ady lost he was the best giggler of the evening and added to the brilliant atmosphere of the night. Rob East v Sean Moxon. With the score at 4-0 to the home team at the halfway mark, the alcohol started kicking in and the noise level increased as Rob and Sean commenced their match. The first frame was a nip and tuck affair with a little nip here and a little tuck there. Anyway Rob took it on the black. In the second with both players discarding the nip and tuck tactics and playing steadier, Sean surged ahead only for Rob with a good 25 break to take the lead. Later with the scores level at 35 points each, Rob sank all the colours from green to black producing another 25 break to win it. Lee Gllingham v Stuart Alderton. Lee and Stuart started their first frame while Rob and Sean were on their second. It was a much more reserved couple of frames with Lee taking the first quite convincingly and Stuart not as sharp as he has been in recent matches. By the time the second frame started all the games on the other tables had finished and the noise level reached a crescendo with lots of banter and laughter plus Ady going into giggle overdrive. Stuart tried desperately to get a point for the Legion team but it wasn't to be. Lee cleared the final three colours to give the home team an unexpected 8-0 victory. It would have been nice to give Player Of The Match to everyone in The Caste A team for finally getting a result after a poor run of form in the second half of the season. However, thanks to his splendid performance against Sean the honour went to Rob East. Well done Rob and well done to both teams for a really good evening. This is my last report this season as Captain of Castle A and although our league position does not truly reflect our capabilities, it has all been very enjoyable . . . . and fun!

ESP B 1 - 7 Crucible S&S Club Submitted: 10/04/2017
ESP B welcomed the Crucible to the Crucible in the league encounter. The Crucible already crowned as first division champions was always going to be a tough challenge for the slightly bruised ESP B following the previous weeks result. In the first game Greg Neil played Mark Alexander. Mark took control early with a couple of nice breaks of 25. Taking the frame 27|90. In the second frame Mark again proved to strong for Greg and helped along the way with 2 magical breaks of 17 he comfortably took the frame 23|81. In the second game Phil Craik played the gooner Andy Bolter. Not much between the players initially, but Andys experience helped him pull out a lead which Phil couldn't respond to. 29|59. In the second game it was a similar story and Andy took the frame 25|47. At the half way stage ESP B 0 - 4 - Cruicible. In the third match of the evening Hannah Martin played Chris Rice. Hmmmmmm..... Chris is playing exceptionally well at the moment and made this a little one sided game. Chris notched up 2 breaks of 31. Hannah had a 15 but was not enough to stop Chris taking both frames 24|93 and 13|80. In the final match of the evening Shaun "David" Amor played Paul Davis. No one saw this coming.... .Shaun was running around the table and missing very little in the first and comfortably took the frame 73|20. In the second frame Shaun again played well, but this time Paul dug deep and grinded out a win 44|54. As always a great evening and a well deserved victory to the league champions 7-1. Player of the day goes to Shaun for saving the white wash!

Good Bad & Ugly 5 - 3 Southern Comforts Submitted: 07/04/2017
GBU clinched the league 2 title beating Southern Comforts 5-3. Youngster Dave Brown beat James Hearne 2-0. Both frames were very scrappy but David always had the edge in clinching both frames' Mark Brewin lost 0-2 to Stephen Miles. Again both frames were scrappy but it was Stephen who took both frames. Andy Fair drew 1-1 with Gary O'Donnell in two one sided frames. Gary thrashed Andy in the first but Andy took the second comfortably. Matt Colley beat Pat Patel 2-0 in two uneventful frames. Both frames lacked any real quality but it was Matt who took both frames on the black and pink. But despite a real lack of quality from either side,the match was played in a good sporting way with a few good laughs. Congratulations to GBU.

Magnum Taxis 8 - 0 ADC Submitted: 18/04/2017
NO MATCH REPORT SUBMITTED BY DALE PROUT. FOLLOWING TEXT PLEASE IGNORE (ONLY INPUT TO ALLOW RESULT TO GO THROUGH WITHOUT A FULL WRITE UP) We should follow rules to have a disciplined society. If one does not follow rules and do whatever he/she wishes to do then there will be a chaos all around. For example on roads if we don't follow the traffic rules then no one will be able to reach his/her destination on time and several accidents will take place. Rules are made to facilitate the smooth working of society. Rules are also made to maintain uniformity in some places. For example in schools it is a rule to wear uniform which is same for all students, if there were no system of uniforms then the students would have concentrated more on their attire rather than on their studies, also students who belong to low income groups might have a sense of inferiority when they see their batch mates wearing expensive outfits. Therefore rules are important and must be followed in order to maintain the tranquility of the society.

Shaw Raiders 2 - 6 Newb Cons Club Submitted: 08/04/2017
In the first tie of the evening Mike Ainsworth got off to a good start against George Apperley and with good potting took the first frame 64-27. George got his act together in the second frame and controlled it from start to finish the winner 57/11 to gain a draw. The second tie was between Brian Leonard and Mike Paduano. The first frame was low scoring and Brian could not get any rhythm and Mike secured the frame 38-15. Brian led briefly in the second frame but Mike upped his game with a series of mini breaks and went on to win 64-34 to give his team a 3-1 lead at the halfway stage. The third tie saw John Apicella up against the high flying Dave Aitken. John's recent good form deserted him and Dave won the first frame comfortably 70-27. The second frame followed the same pattern and with a good break of 37 Dave took it 77-17. The final tie of the evening proved to be the best of the night. It featured Mark Dunn against Andy Seymour. The first frame was nip and tuck and ended on a black ball finish in which Andy took to win 63-53. The second frame was of the same good quality but this time Mark prevailed 55-47 earning himself "man of the match". So the end result was a 6-2 win for the Conservative Club after a match enjoyed by both teams.

The OddBalls 5 - 3 ESP A Submitted: 07/04/2017
An important final match of the season for the Oddballs who could finish 3rd, 4th or in relegation place 5th. Tony and Mark played first and Tony started well, but Mark finished the first frame strongest. Tony then kicked off frame 2 with a mid 20 break to take control, but Mark never gave up. Tony held a 20 lead with only 25 remaining on the table. Suddenly Mark started potting - good green & brown, easy blue and pink but fluffed position on the black. With a chance to snatch the frame he chose to attempt a full length double and the black didn't touch the sides. A great finish by Mark leaving Tony speechless. Duane Puttock played Steve Cobb - a clash of the titans. Duane was taking his chances but Steve was struggling to pot anything. A convincing win for Duane. Frame 2 started the same, when suddenly Steve put together a break of 24 - which could have been a lot higher. Unfortunately this was all Steve could manage, and Duane gradually pulled away. Man of the Match for Duane for a commanding performance. Matty Fyffe played Paul Godwin and Matty kept up his good form, taking the first frame on the colours. Paul stepped up in the second and held a 31 lead going into the colours. Matty decided to pot yellow, green and brown and attempt a snooker on the blue. Paul missed a few pots he would normally have taken, but eventually sank the blue to take the frame. Finally Rob Marks faced Richard Aldred. 2 very scrappy frames where Rob slowly pulled clear. Richard never really got going and struggled to make headway into an increasing gap. Final score 5-3 to the Oddballs. Oddballs finish the season on 100 points and await scores from the other matches to understand their final table position.

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