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How do the "Rankings" work?


Simple really..............

Each time a player wins a frame they gain ranking points. Each time they lose, they will lose ranking points.


But how many points?

If a players takes a frame from another player who has won 80% of their matches, they will gain 80 points. If they lose to that player, they will lose 20 points (100 minus 80. In reality, you cannot gain or lose 100 points, since that player will no longer have a 100% winning or losing record. Which leads on to the other important point. Your ranking can (and most likely WILL) change, even if you have not played another frame. This is because the rankings are fluid. If you beat a player with an 80% win record, you will get 80 points. However, if that player subsequently loses a lot more times and drops to 60%, then your score against that player will also drop to 60 (even though you beat them when they were at 80%).


But, I have won more than half of my frames, surely my ranking should be better than zero?

Not necessarily. For example, let's say you have won 10 frames, but lost only 6. If all the frames that you won and lost were against players with a 30% win rate you would gain 300 (10 x 30) points but lose 420 (6 x 70) points. Basically, beating the better players gives you more points.

Hopefully that makes sense? But if you have any questions, buy me a pint the next time you see me at the Crucible, and I'll try and explain some more.

Rob Thomson, Webmaster

% win Win Lose
100 100 0
90 90 -10
80 80 -20
70 70 -30
60 60 -40
50 50 -50
40 40 -60
30 30 -70
20 20 -80
10 10 -90
0 0 -100