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Recent Match Reports (for NWN)

ADC 3 - 5 Shaw Raiders Submitted: 17/03/2018
No Report

Castle A 4 - 4 Document House Submitted: 17/03/2018
Match 1: Lee Gillingham (Castle A) v Dale Prout (Document House) The first frame was a bit nip and tuck to start with. Lee trying desperately to prevent Dale from getting any kind of rhythm but he only held his opponent back for a while. Dale got into his stride and easily won the frame. The second began quietly. Dale went for a red but left it over the far corner pocket. As Lee addressed the white, he touched a red and called a foul. From this Dale sunk the red and scored a magnificent break of exactly 100. With just the pink and black remaining Lee conceded. Well done Dale. Match 2; Dennis Doswell (Castle A) v Neil Winkworth (Document House) Winky surged ahead in the first frame and Dennis was rather pleased that he at least managed to pot a couple of reds. As Winky pulled ahead, Dennis started potting and amassed a total of 30 points but his opponent was too far in front. In the second, Dennis scored a few points to take the lead, but with a break of 46 plus further points later in the frame Winky easily won. Hard luck Dennis, you were matched against a really good player. Match 3 and Match 4. NO SHOW (WIN) for Castle A. With the half time score at 4-0 to the away team, Castle A set up the tables for the next two matches. Winky and Dale did say earlier that their other two players would be late but after twenty minutes, they had not shown up. Following discussions with John Apicella, the League Chairman, they were given a further fifteen minutes but they still had not appeared. John Apicella and Castle's captain Roy Young spoke to Document House's Winky and Dale and informed them that as their other players had not turned up, thirty-five minutes after the first four frames finished, the last four frames would be forfeited in favour of the home team. A sad end to what promised to be an enjoyable evening which on form, Document House would have probably won easily. Player of the Match was Dale Prout for his superb century break.

Crucible S&S Club 5 - 3 The OddBalls Submitted: 18/03/2018
Crucible played Oddballs in a very close and competitive match. Chris Rice played well against Macauley Fyffe with a comfortable 2 - 0 win with the help of a 46 break in the first frame. Paul Davis played Matty Fyffe, in the first frame Davis took a lead with a break of 30 but this was not enough to take the frame with Fyffe winning on the black. Davis started well again in the 2nd though this time there was no coming back for Fyffe 1-1. 3-1 Crucible. Up next Andy Bolter for the Crucible played Oddballs captain Rob Marks. Marks was in fine form but couldn’t get over the line in the close 1st frame 1 -0 Bolter. Marks showed his fine form in the 2nd scoring well and taking the 2nd frame 1-1. Match score 4-2 Crucible. Final match Crucibles Phil Bolter against Mike Mitchell. Bolter played well to take a lead in the 1st frame with 1 red and the colours remaining Mitchell needed to clear the table for the frame. A trade mark long pot by Mitchell got him in the balls though running out of position on the blue. The frame was going down to the final few ball, after a few safety shots from both player a fluked blue by Mitchell help him clear the final balls 4-3 Crucible. The final frame was one sided with the help of a 39 break Bolter took the frame closing out the match 5-3 Crucible and maintaining the lead at the top of the table

ESP A 4 - 4 Shaw Raiders Submitted: 19/03/2018
ESP A welcomed Shaw Raiders to Crucible for what was an enjoyable night of Snooker, first up saw Greg Neil play John Apicella, in the first frame John helped Greg with the scoring with a series of unlucky fouls allowing Greg to take the first frame, the second frame however was a lot closer with both players potting some good balls, eventually Greg took the frame on the pink to give ESP A a 2-0 lead, second match saw Chris Parsons face Mike Ainsworth, with a string of handy small breaks Mike soared ahead and claimed the first frame, the second frame was going the way of Mike but Chris made a nice break potting from green to pink, leaving a black ball game which eventually Mike nicked, this levelled the scores at 2 apiece, third match saw Josh Bosley square off against the impressive Mark Dunn, Mark didn’t seem to miss much in the first frame and comfortably took it, the second frame was a lot closer, Josh had a chance to take the frame but unfortunately went in off on the blue. Mark then slammed home the blue and pink to put the Raiders 4-2 ahead, last but not least stand in captain Shaun Amor took on Brian Leonard, Brian started off well, but Shaun woke up and knocked in a useful 29 break and go the first frame, the second frame was very close with Brian potting some good balls, but Shaun pinched the frame when he again woke up knocking in a 20 break from yellow to pink, this saw the score line level at 4-4 which was a fair reflection on the evening, man of the match went to Mark Dunn as he continues to impress throughout the season, thank you to Shaw Raiders for a good evening

Newb Cons Club 5 - 3 ADC Submitted: 17/03/2018
George/Rob. George and Rob at the start of the frame played some good safety shots. George took an early lead. Then Rob scored well to take the lead. George had his chances to come back, but Rob won the first frame 61-34. In the second frame it was completely reversed with George potting some very good balls. Rob tried hard to come back, but due to George playing some good safety shots. George won the frame 49-30. Dave/Lee. Both players played some very good safety shots at the start. Lee potted some very good balls. Very even scoring through out the frame, with none of them taking a definite lead. It all came down to the colours. Dave won 55-49. In the second frame Dave put on the pressure, by making lots of mini breaks. Lee had his chances to come back, but Dave was too strong winning again 58-29. Andrew/John. Andrew didn't make a good start, but made up for it making a 31 break. John potted some good balls and almost even the game. It all came down to the colours, but Andrew potted some good balls to the frame 55-41. In the second frame Andrew made lots of mini breaks, John had several chances to come back. Andrew won the second frame 84-22. Michele/Graham. Graham took an early lead by potting some very good balls. Michele wasn't up to his usual form of play. Graham continued to play well winning the first frame 67-18. In the second frame Michele potted some very good balls. Graham slowly took the lead in the scoring. Michele almost came back when it came down to the final pink and black. Graham came out on top winning the frame 43-24

Shaw Savages 2 - 6 Good Bad & Ugly Submitted: 20/03/2018
another good night had at shaw first game was sean and andy. andy was playing well and did not miss that much, sean wasn't playing well and missed everything. andy took both games easy next was eric and mark. eric took the lead in the first frame and mark could not catch him so eric won the first. the second however was role reversal and mark took it easy. one each. the third set never happened as the shaw player never turned up. very sorry to dave for traveling all that way and not getting a game. last was ady and Jason. Jason took the lead but ady pulled it back. Jason won on the black. the second frame was close but ady pulled away and took the frame. very enjoyable night

Southern Comforts 4 - 4 ESP B Submitted: 17/03/2018
First up was Captain v Captain. This is going to be a interesting game. Both players playing a standard game until Stephen stepped up a gear with some fantastic shots taking a nice lead and also keeping Steve off to table to take the win. Second frame was little like the first Stephen not giving Steve much chance but was a little closer but Stephen kept his head and took frame to win 2-0. First frame Mark played well potting some good balls. He potted the brown taking a 22 point lead me needing one snooker. I laid a great snooker behind the black got the Snooker and then the opportunity to knock blue and pink unfortunately did not manage to get on black. Played a good safety. Left a long black which mark potted. First frame to mark. Second frame was one way mark potting well and winning comfortably. It was Paul v Paul. First frame was a tidy start from both players and keeping it very close and playing there standard game but Crutchley having the upper hand which he clinched the frame. Second frame was different to the first with Crutchley in charge and taking a very nice lead leaving Godwin thinking on what to do but nothing was happening for him which ended frame to Crutchley. Sean was in control of first frame and leading by about 27 points and making a break of 27 in the frame. But Richard played well got a couple of snooker that also created him oppertunties and slowly clawed the frame back. Sean had few chance and was not able to close frame out Richard potted pink and black to win first frame. Second frame had the same pattern as first frame Sean leading most of the frame and Richard chipped away to pull the frame back again then potting Pink and Black to win second frame.

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