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Doubles Competition 2005/2006
Winners - James Hearne and Andrew Seymour

The Finalists (From left) Andrew Seymour, James Hearne, Steve Fennel, John Apicella

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Thursday 11th May 2006 saw the final of the doubles played between James Hearne and Andrew Seymour and Steve Fennel and John Apicella. Like many doubles finals the quality of play was affected by some tension and a desire to play well and not leave the opponents on the table! In a game that went as expected James and Andrew came out worthy winners by 3 frames to nil. It was agreed that none of the finalists played well, each of us missing silly shots that normally would be put away with ease and only Andrew really threatened to take the match by the scuff of the neck yet even by his standards he found it hard to do. Nevertheless they went on to a well deserved win, all the frames being close and the final frame down to a black ball.

The match was played as it should be with a desire to win by both teams but played in a friendly spirit and scattered with errors! Well done to James and Andrew and they will no doubt be looking forward to the Presentation evening in due course.

John Apicella


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